Reading Rainbow - Season 17

PBS (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Worksong
    Episode 5
    All different types of jobs are explored in this episode. David Canary reads the poem Work Song, about how different types of jobs are needed throughout the day and at all types of hours, and how some jobs are dependent on others.
  • When Aunt Lena Did the Rhumba
    LeVar explores Broadway as he looks at live entertainment options. Lucie Arnaz reads the feature story, about a young girl who decides to put on a show for her aunt, who usually treats her to Broadway play matinees, but now Aunt Lena is laid up in bed following a fall, and she gets depressed because she's missing her "stories."moreless
  • Saturday Sancocho
    Episode 3
    LeVar attends a rummage sale to observe how people sometimes barter for items when they don't have money to buy them. He also makes some trades of his own to get some items he wanted. Josie de Guzman reads the feature story about a girl who follows her grandmother around the farmer's market to trade items to get the ingredients for their weekly chicken stew after they discover they are out of all the groceries they need and don't have cash to buy them.moreless
  • 10/6/98
    Scott Irby Ranier tells a tale of a boy who is followed home by a wave of water after a vacation at the beach, and how he and his family must convince the wave it is better off living in the ocean than in his bathtub.
  • Math Curse
    Math Curse
    Episode 1
    LeVar is working all alone in a mail room, where everything is disorganized. Question: How do you get everything in order? Answer: Use math. Michelle Tractenberg reads the story of a girl who feels she is under a "math curse" after her math teacher mentions that every situation can be described as a math equation. Suddenly, she can't seem to stop herself from converting every event in her life into a complicated word problem, and fears she will never figure out how to escape!moreless