Reading Rainbow - Season 6

PBS (ended 2006)



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Episode Guide

  • 3/31/89
    LeVar celebrates the culture of Africa in New York City's Central Park where he learns how African drums are made. He also plays some authentic African instruments and joins in the festival fun with an African dance troupe, Forces of Nature. Phylicia Rashid narrates Mufaro's Beautiful Dauters, an African tale about a villager who has two beautiful daughters with completely different personalities. Mufaro presents his daughters to the king who is looking for a wife.moreless
  • 3/30/89

    A camel is out of place in the city, but LeVar rides one in preparation for a show that takes a close look at mummies. Corrine Orr narrates Mummies Made in Egypt, a book that gives all the facts about what mummies are, how the ancient Egyptians were mummified, and what they resembled.

  • 3/29/89
    What's a handicap to a determined individual? With LeVar camping out by himself, the show banks itself on a news anchor who had been born with deformed hands and feet. The featured story, Knots on a Counting Rope, tells about how a boy who is blind faces his own fears.
  • Duncan and Dolores
    Episode 7
    There's more to the cat that meets the eye. It culminates with one of the stars of what was then believed to be Broadway's permanence: CATS.

    Jane Curtain narrates the featured book about a girl who wants a cat. In the story, Duncan and Dolores learn how to be themselves and earn each other's friendship.moreless
  • Barn Dance!
    Episode 6
    LeVar is in Tennessee where he is going to a barn dance. Along the way, he meets the band who will be playing their Bluegrass music and meets a man who makes his own fiddles. At the barn, LeVar also learns a few dance steps for the big night Roy Clark narrates Barn Dance!, a story about a hoedown that is unlike any other.moreless
  • The Purple Coat
    Episode 5
    In New York again, LeVar goes to get a tailor-made jacket. In between comes a visit to the Fashion Institute of Technology.
  • Brush
    Episode 4
    Can inanimate things come to life, as the feature book suggests? LeVar finds out for himself in a factory where all the goods for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade are stored.
  • 8/17/88
    LeVar tries to have lunch at a diner, but soon finds himself thrust into work. For some reason, he just doesn't understand luncheonette lingo.
  • Bugs
    Episode 2
    With microorganisms under his belt, LeVar now goes on the lookout for insects.
  • 8/15/88
    LeVar launches into the television production process during the filming of Star Trek: The Next Generation, on which he played a major role.
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