Reading Rainbow - Season 7

PBS (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Sports Pages
    Episode 10
    LeVar narrates Sports Pages in addition to fronting a hodgepodge of sports activities.
  • Bored--Nothing to Do!
    Focusing on planes in this episode, LeVar takes a flying lesson and flies a plane himself. Also included: the activities of a top-notch airline in flight, as well as a look at the people who made the dream of flying come true, like Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindburgh. Alex Borg and David Hyman read the story of two boys who decide to build their own airplane, using household items, after their mother sends them outside to play when they complain of being bored.moreless
  • Tooth-Gnasher Superflash
    LeVar, the jack of all trades, becomes a garage mechanic for this episode. Much of it fantasizes about dream cars. Then comes a real dream car, which a man has decorated, followed by stock footage of an assembly line and a piece on a solar-powered car named the Sunraycer. Victoria Jackson narrates Tooth-Gnasher Superflash, the story of a family that buys a car that is not like any other.moreless
  • Desert Giant: The World of the Saguaro Cactus
    LeVar explores the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, photographing its natural environment and learning about how animals in the desert adapt to this kind of climate. Philip Basco narrates the feature book on the natural world of the famous desert cactus, the giant saguaro.
  • Dive to the Coral Reefs
    Within the sea, lies a combination of scuba diving and (just slightly) snorkeling as LeVar and a friend of his dive beneath the ocean to explore a living coral reef and the life around it. Fran Brill narrates Dive to the Coral Reefs, a book that shows the life and structures of the beauty that lies beneath the sea.moreless
  • Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures With the Family Lazardo
    It's spring 1989, and LeVar gets in the training camp of the Oakland Athletics (back when it was Tony LaRussa, Dave Stewart, Mark McGwire and Terry Steinbach) for a program on baseball. Edward Asner reads the story of a family who meets a dinosaur who they soon find out loves to play baseball.moreless
  • Ludlow Laughs
    Episode 4
    LeVar is assigned a comedy makeover to learn more about comedy. Phillis Diller narrates Ludlow Laughs, a tale about a man who never smiled at all until one strange night when he started to laugh out loud.
  • 7/5/89
    LeVar takes a shot at making his own pizza. He gets the yeast right, but he underestimates just about everything else. (That includes the volume of "vox pops" shots.) Josh Saviano reads Little Nino's Pizzeria, a story about a boy who works with his father at a neighborhood pizzeria when one day his father closes it up to work at a more fancy restaurant.moreless
  • Stay Away from the Junkyard!
    LeVar decides it's time to clean out the things cluttering up his house. What he finds is only memories of his entire life. None of this is junk, as it turns out. Michelle Mariano reads the story of a young girl visiting relatives who befriends the local junkyard manager, even though the rest of the town avoids him and spreads rumors.moreless
  • Humphrey the Lost Whale: A True Story
    LeVar sailing on the Atlantic coast whale watching. He and a team of scientists learn about how whales eat and how they live in their habitats in the ocean.

    Jane Pauley narrates the true story of Humphrey, the Lost Whale, all about a humpback whale who gets separated from his pod and gets stuck under a bridge over the Sacramento River.moreless