Reading Rainbow - Season 8

PBS (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Sunken Treasure
    Sunken Treasure
    Episode 5
    LeVar has a suspicious-looking treasure map, which he uses to help track down something of immense value to–who knows? Robert Morse reads Sunken Treasure, about the search for the sunken Spanish merchant ship The Atochia, and how it was recovered centuries after it sunk. In another featured story, news footage of the raising of the Titanic is shown.moreless
  • Florence and Eric Take the Cake

    LeVar visits the Movieland Wax Museum in California, where an expert wax artist makes a statue of him.

    Julia child reads the story of two children helping their grandmother plan a party, and how they accidentally mistake a fancy decorated hat for a cake decorated in the same way.

  • The Bicycle Man
    The Bicycle Man
    Episode 3
    Wheels are set in motion for this program. In-line skating, then a brand-new commodity, get featured side-by-side with bicycles. Tom Matsusaka narrates The Bicycle Man, a story about an American soldier who visits Japan and performs amazing tricks on a bicycle.
  • Jack, the Seal and the Sea
    LeVar takes a journey aboard a fishing boat to explore small ocean wildlife, such as plankton, sea horses, and small sharks as he learns information from oceanographers about caring for the seas and oceans. Leslie Uggams reads the featured story of a fisherman who decides to educate his neighbors about prevention of water pollution after he must rescue a small seal trapped in debris.moreless
  • The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth
    LeVar goes on a spelunking adventure inside a cave. In those caverns, we see all the different cave formations and learn about what lies beneath the earth's surface. Keshia Knight Pulliam narrates The Magic Schoolbus: Inside the Earth, in which a class goes on an unusual fieldtrip underground where they learn what is hidden under the Earth.moreless