Reading Rainbow

Season 15 Episode 4

Someplace Else

Aired Weekdays 2:30 PM Oct 10, 1996 on PBS

Episode Recap

LeVar is in his travel room. LeVar loves to travel, so he has decided to fill one of the rooms in his house with things that remind him of all the places he visited and how he got to those places. When it comes to leaving one place and traveling to another, you know where to find it. What LeVar loves most about traveling is maps. Different maps show you different parts of the world. A globe is a map of the whole world that you can take for a spin--literally. Maps can tell you lots of things, but they can't tell you the whole story. If you want to experience a certain place in the world, you have to actually go there. In today's book, a character named Mrs. Tilby finds that out. Carol Kane narrates the story, Someplace Else. In the story, Mrs. Tilby wanted to know what it would be like to live someplace else away from her home in an apple orchard. So one day, she plans to visit her son's brother in the city. As soon as she arrives in the city, Les welcomes his mother, In the city, Mrs. Tilby goes to a museum, restaurants, and theaters. But Mrs. Tilby wanted to live someplace else besides the city. So she goes to see her Daughter, Tes, who lived by the sea. Tes's house was on stilts by the ocean. At the seaside, Mrs. Tilby collects seashells with her grandchildren. The sounds of the waves soothed her to sleep at night. Mrs. Tilby still wanted to see what it's like to live someplace else besides the city and the seashore. Mrs. Tilby goes to the mountains to visit her son, Jackson, whose house is on the edge of a cliff. In the mountains, Mrs. Tilby learns how to ski. Mrs. Tilby still wanted to move on and live someplace else. After trying out different places to live in, Mrs. Tilby finally realizes that the best place to live in is at home. She goes back to her apple orchard where she buys her own trailer to live in and take with her. So whenever and wherever she travels, her trailer goes with her. LeVar states that he's crazy about maps. He collects maps from his friends, and he has just got a new map. The map LeVar gets is not like any other one. It is a puzzle map of the United States. It is also a pop-up map. LeVar shows the viewers some parts of the US. The first place he shows is New York City, where he has traveled many times in the series. New York City is known for it's tall buildings, crowds of people, and its street music. The city is so alive, many people want to live there. Even city lovers need a place to go to escape all the action. Val Gary lives in New York City where she has a garden on the roof. Ever since she was little, Val was interested in gardening. So when she grew up, she moved to New York. One thing about having a garden on the rooftop is trying to grow everything in soil, making sure the pots are as light as possible. Danny Murry lives in New York where his friends are pigeons. When Danny was young, he found there were lots of pigeon coops on the rooftops of New York. He has a knack to raise birds of all kinds. Danny raises birds because they are beautiful to him. Watching the birds fly around in the blue sky is what makes Danny feel good. Back in his travel room, LeVar is putting his puzzle map together. LeVar tells the viewers that some people like being up on their tar beaches, the rooftops of New York. For people who live near the sea, there's nothing like listening to the sound of waves against a rocky shore or seeing a schooner sailing across the water. There are lots of places for people to go if they want to live near the ocean. If mountains strike your interest, you can find the biggest ones out west. To LeVar, he enjoys the mountains out on the islands of Hawaii where those mountains are volcanos. Whenever one of those famous volcanos erupts, the island grows and changes. The volcanos create new shapes for the Hawaiian islands. For information on an artist who turns lava rocks into works of art, see the episode recap for "Hill of Fire". LeVar says that there are times you feel like going someplace you've never been. That's when a book can be your passport to that very place. A book reviewer named Amanda from Brookbyn Bshares with the viewers a book called Me on the Map. In the book, a girl makes a map of her room and her whole house. Another reviewer talks about a book called Town Mouse Country Mouse. This is a fable about two mice who live in different places. The town mouse is invited to visit his country cousin. The country mouse wanted to get a glimpse of the town himself. The third reviewer talks about a book entitled Somewhere in the World Right Now. Somewhere in the world apart from where you live, it is tomorrow. LeVar has one more piece of his puzzle map to put in. It is the state of California, where he grew up in the city of Los Angeles. It is also where lots of TV shows and movies are produced. Since LeVar is an actor, he knows L.A. very well. What LeVar loves most about his travel room is that it is filled with dreams of where he has yet to go.