Reading Rainbow

Season 20 Episode 1

Visiting Day

Aired Weekdays 2:30 PM Dec 15, 2004 on PBS

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  • This is practically the worst Reading Rainbow episode they ever produced. They should up the rating of this episode to TV-PG. Parental/viewer discretion advised!

    The subject for this episode of Reading Rainbow is too sensitive for even viewers under age 12 to watch alone. LeVar talks about what happens when parents are taken to jail and how it changes the way a family used to live together. The episode shows what happens on the day the family goes to the jail to visit their inmate spending his/her sentence.

    I suggest this episode, which has a different TV rating than all the rest, should have a different rating. I say they should up the rating to TV-PG, but that wouldn't be possible. If this episode was rated TV-PG, besides having visual images of jail cells and inmates, it would have contained mild language. Language (especially strong language) is not appropriate at all, even for PBS Kids shows. If this episode had it, they would never want to broadcast it ever again...EVER!!! Otherwise, the inappropriate sections would have to be sensored/edited.

    Don't even think about watching "Visiting Day" from Reading Rainbow. Check your cable or satelite listing schedule in hopes you don't tune in.