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Ready or Not

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Welcome to TV Tome's Ready or Not guide. SHOW DESCRIPTION: Follow the ups and downs of life with best friends Amanda Zimm and Busy Ramone as they deal with adolescence, boys, family, school and friends. The series began with the girls in the seventh grade but later progressed to the eighth and the ninth grades. FILMING LOCATION: Ready or Not was filmed entirely on location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. THEME SONG: The lyrics: Ready or not Can't wait another day A little in shock What'll your mother say? But here we go anyway Now I'll see what you got Give it your own style Give me a little smile Everything's better now When we go Ready or not. The theme song can be downloaded at Sound America under TV Themes. BROADCASTING: CANADA: The series aired on Global. Currently, reruns of Ready or Not are airing on YTV, Monday to Thursdays @ 11:00pm (repeats @ 2:30am) and Sundays @ 11:30pm (with repeats @ 2am). UNITED STATES: The series aired on the Disney Channel (and several episodes were left unaired). SHOW STARS: The only stars of this series were listed in the opening theme credits (Busy and Amanda only). Everyone else is to be listed as a guest star in the episodes they appeared in. CONTRIBUTING TO THE GUIDE: Please read the thread in the forum before contributing to the episode guide or posting in the forum: FORUM RULES & EPISODE GUIDE CONTRIBUTIONS Anything submitted that doesn't follow the guidelines listed, will be rejected. EPISODE AIRDATES: Currently there are no listed airdates, as that information is hard to come by. If someone knows where to find that info please email Kristhetvgirl. Please provide the source of this info (preferably a website url). Thanks!moreless
Lani Billard

Lani Billard

'Busy' Elizabeth Maria Teresa Carlita Ramone

Laura Bertram

Laura Bertram

Amanda Zimm

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  • The best Canadian pre-teen/teen show of the 90's ever. It's about two girls who were best friends forever since they were little. They have a lot of issues like growing up, divorce, families, dating, friends, cliques, school, and peer pressure.moreless

    I love this show very much. I was a fan of the show for a long time. I was twelve years old and a sixth grader in junior high school, when the show started. I was sixteen and a sophomore in high school, when the show ended. One of my favorite characters are Amanda Zimm (the spunky boy-crazy JAP) and Elizabeth "Busy" Ramone (the Italian-American Catholic girl and a tomboy). They come from differen backgrounds, Amanda and Busy remain good friends since childhood. During the show's 5 year run, the girls went from the seventh grade through the ninth grade. On the show's series finale where Amanda Zimm has to move to the west coast. Her best friend, Busy Ramone stays back. They will be BFF (Best Friends Forever). They'll maybe write to each other and call each other on the phone. I hope they will be a tv movie reunion. I used to watch it when it was reruning on Global TV years ago. It's now reruning on YTV.moreless
  • Just the best teen series ever made.

    Amazing. I watched this while growing up, helped me a lot back in the hard days, even though I'm a male. Okay, I'll admit it: started watching it just for the fact that I had a crush with Amanda (Laura Bertram). She was the prettiest girl in the world to me back then, and I still kinda have a crush for the beautiful Laura. But soon learned that I could relate to a lot of the situations portrayed in the show, and from that moment I could never let it go. Amanda was my love, but Busy was my inspiration because of her temper. STILL LOVE IT, I've even downloaded the whole series and I'm now watching it all again. It is fantastic how much more meaning you get from watching this, now that I'm grown up.

    I'll recommend it to anybody, teen or adult, who's searching for a responsible, completely realistic, beautifully written and produced, WONDERFULLY acted approach to a young person's life struggles.moreless
  • Way better than the stuff that is now on TV for kids.

    Who needed parents when you had shows like this when you were younger? You'd learn everything from shows like this, and they weren't afraid to address topics like sex, homosexuality, anorexia, drinking, whatever it is this show had it. TV shows today that are aimed at kids are terrible. They act like the only things teenagers go through is boys and friend trouble when there is so much more than that. This show tackled the issues of peer pressure in a very tasteful way and in my opinion Ready Or Not is a lot better than the more popular Degrassi. Very underrated and they should air this on more channels. I feel bad for kids today, they have really missed out.moreless
  • Ready or Not is a great show for kids because it shows two girls the age of the viewers dealing with problems many viewers have faced.

    Ready or Not was an awesome show that allowed young viewers (including myself) an example of two best friends, Laura Bertram (Amanda) and Lani Billar (Busy), facing many of the issues that young teens face nowadays. As we watched them grow up through the years we got a chance to realize how much people change and therefore could properly appreciate how life's challenges shape who we are as people. I still watch this show almost every day - it comes on BBCKIDS (satellite channel 552) at 8:00 PM (in Toronto at least... Iunno about other places). It's so weird to think that this show was filmed in the early 90's because now, more than 10 years later, it's still being broadcasted and people (me atleast) still watch it ^_^. I can't believe Amanda's actress is 29 now - she's so pretty! I wish the shows they make nowadays could be as heartwarming as this show. Overall: this show rocks and should be aired 4EVER! =Dmoreless
  • I'm worried I'll never see this show again.

    Ready or Not is a great show. I used to watch the reruns on YTV, but it got cancelled now. I like how this show is realistic, and the characters deal with realistic things such as growing up, friendship, family issues, peer pressure, boys, ect.

    If a DVD ever comes out, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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