Ready or Not - Season 1

Global (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Tricky Kisses
    Tricky Kisses
    Episode 13
    Amanda decides to throw a party where she plans on having her first kiss with her crush, Justin. Busy becomes worried when she sees her parents fight and then her mother announces she will be visiting Busy's grandmother for a couple weeks. Busy keeps this from Amanda who when she finally figures it out and confronts Busy tells her to drop it and that it's no big deal. Amanda mistakenly mentions it to Troy the boy Busy has a crush on and Busy explodes at her best friend and refuses to attend the party. However, they make up later at the party when Busy calms down. The party is initially a dud until a game of spin the bottle livens things up. Amanda's first kiss is not what she thought it would be when she must kiss Monkey Ears! Busy runs out on her kiss with Troy but later shares a private kiss with him away from prying eyes, except for Amanda's who sees the whole moment.moreless
  • Wild Life
    Wild Life
    Episode 12
    When Amanda and Busy both try out for a garage band called Neon Vomit, and Amanda is hurt when only Busy gets in.
  • Origins of Man
    Origins of Man
    Episode 11
    Monkey Ears begins to experience puberty. Meanwhile, Amanda has to wear headgear, and when she wears it to school she suffers teasing from her classmates.
  • Black or White or Maybe Grey
    When Manny decides to take a trip, the Ramone Butcher Shop is short on staff. Busy suggests her friend Troy but upon discovering his race, Sam vetoes the idea. He finally comes around only to jump to conclusions when money goes missing.
  • Double Talk
    Double Talk
    Episode 9
    Amanda is crushed when she spies Chrissy and Justin making out.
  • He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
    Busy develops a crush on her karate instructor, and Amanda declares her love for a rock star. Both girls must come to terms with reality when they discover that the rock star is a jerk and their karate instructor is gay.
  • The Worst Thing That Happened And The Best Thing That Didn't
    Busy's mom announces she is having a baby. Busy objects to the good news, fearing that she will no longer have a bedroom all to herself, as it is planned that the baby will sleep in Busy's bedroom. Meanwhile, Amanda develops a crush for Justin, when he accidently knocks her over whilst driving his sister's car on a car park.moreless
  • Members Only
    Members Only
    Episode 6
    Amanda tries to win an essay contest, in which Busy is already spending the prize money. Chrissy decides to start a club and Amanda is the only other member. But things go awry when Chrissy influences Amanda to shoplift and then blackmails her into not saying anything after Chrissy steals the essay and enters it as her own.moreless
  • The Big Gulp
    The Big Gulp
    Episode 5
    When Busy and Amanda get caught spying on Chrissy's slumber party, they inadvertantly get invited into Chrissy's house. But when a group of boys from Junior High gatecrash the party, alcohol is consumed, and things start to get out of hand.
  • Model Perfect
    Model Perfect
    Episode 4
    Amanda goes on a diet because she wants to be a model.
  • Busy's Curse
    Busy's Curse
    Episode 3
    When Busy gets her first period very unexpectantly, she must rely on her father to help her out. Later on, she talks with her mom about this new development in her life and insists it's no big deal especially when Amanda hears of it. Amanda is completely excited and jealous, for she has not gotten her period yet. Busy continues to call it no big deal but it really is, especially when she has a conversation with her mom about womanhood and the beauties of motherhood.moreless
  • Smoke Screen
    Smoke Screen
    Episode 2
    When Frankie tries out for the school basketball team and fails to get selected, he rebels by starting to smoke in an effort to give himself a cool image. Busy tries to get closer to Frankie by using cigarettes as a common medium.
  • Thirty-Two Double A
    When Amanda becomes the first girl in her class to start wearing a bra, the reaction of her friends is not what she had anticipated.