Ready or Not - Season 4

Global (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • What's Yours is Mine
    Amanda, anxious to get into a prestigious art camp, enters one of Stephen's son, Gregory's set models, as her own and doesn't know what to do when she wins.
  • Girls Night In
    Girls Night In
    Episode 12
    Busy and Amanda, anxious to spend a night alone watching a movie, end up stuck at home in a blackout with Sheila, who reveals she's pregnant.
  • Warts And All
    Warts And All
    Episode 11
    Amanda is anxious to befriend a clique of girls and drags Busy along to a dinner club meeting, where Busy accidently reveals a secret about Amanda to the other girls.
  • Heroes
    Episode 10
    Busy reluctantly befriends the new boy in school, who's in a wheelchair, but soon learns Aidan has a tough life and she really connects with him.
  • First Serious Party
    Amanda, now living with her mom at Stephen's place, is ecstatic when they go away for the weekend. Amanda throws a party that gets out of hand and she regrets it.
  • Family Album
    Family Album
    Episode 8
    Amanda immaturely implies that she has a much better time with her dad than with her mom. Whilst spending the weekend with her father, Amanda is told that her father has named his latest (Gameboy™) game after her: "AMAZIM". Amanda is then asked to demonstrate the game next week at a convention. Amanda borrows her father's jacket and is shocked by what she finds in the pocket. Consequently, we discover for the first time the plausible reason for the breaking up of Amanda's parents' marriage. With this on her mind, Amanda becomes upset and storms out of the "AMAZIM" demonstration. Feeling guilty of the way she treated her mom, Amanda indirectly apologises to her mom. The episode concludes with an emotional confrontation between Amanda and her father. Some time later, we see Amanda writing a letter to her dad; trying to put into words how she feels about him.moreless
  • Prince Charming
    Prince Charming
    Episode 7
    Amanda faces the prospect of moving out of her home and into the home of her mom's boyfriend. Distraught, Amanda seeks the advice of her art teacher, Mr.Sark, but soon becomes smitten with him when she realises they both share something in common.
  • The Girlfriend
    The Girlfriend
    Episode 6
    Busy gets jealous when Sag's former girlfriend, Colleen keeps hanging around. Amanda convinces Busy that she's jealous of Colleen because she likes Sag and wants to be his girlfriend. Busy and Sag do start dating but things get really awkward between the two of them and they break up. They're left with a tentative friendship in need of repairing. Meanwhile, Sag's hyper friend Henry inspires Amanda to test her limits by bungee jumping but it's Amanda's mom who ends up taking the plunge.moreless
  • I Do, I Don't
    I Do, I Don't
    Episode 5
    Busy's brother, Manny's wedding is approaching and Busy must struggle to find a date when she learns Amanda is bringing one. Amanda asked out her crush after acting like she was interested in everything he did. After two attempts at wrangling her own date, Busy gives up and lets Amanda set her up with her date's friend. On their pre-wedding double date Busy can't stand her guy Matt because they disagree on music, and Amanda's date, Cam discovers Amanda is not who he thought she was. Turns out he wanted her to be her own original self, like Busy was being with Matt when they totally clashed. In the end both girls decide to go together to Manny's wedding.moreless
  • Glamour Girl
    Glamour Girl
    Episode 4
    After her play is a bomb, Amanda tries to reboost her ego by starting a modelling career, but after one nasty comment, she's plunged into a world with low-self-esteem and thoughts of plastic surgery.
  • Where Do I Belong?
    Where Do I Belong?
    Episode 3
    Busy's brother Manny gets engaged. Amanda gets a part in The Wizard of Oz---as the tornado. Manny and Sheila move into the basement where Busy practiced her drums causing her to feel like an outsider in her family. To make matters worse, Busy is ousted from her band when their old drummer returns. While Amanda and Busy are at odds with one another, Busy meets an intriguing young man named Sag who has a very interesting view on life and music. Later on Amanda and Busy make up and Busy reconnects with Sag, making it the beginning of another beautiful friendship.moreless
  • The Grass is Greener
    Convinced the other has an easier family life, Amanda and Busy switch families for the weekend.
  • First Day of Junior High
    Amanda and Busy begin the ninth grade at a new school and meet up with some old friends and make some new ones.