Ready Steady Go!

Season 1 Episode 9

October 4, 1963: The Beatles (1st RSG! appearance), Helen Shapiro, Dusty Springfield

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1963 on ITV

Episode Recap

RSG! opening titles (music: "Wipeout")
--Keith Fordyce introduces Dusty Springfield who, in turn, introduces the Beatles.
--The Beatles - "Twist and Shout" (Beatles' 1st RSG! appearance)
--The Beatles - "I'll Get You" & "She Loves You"
--Patrick Kerr and Theresa Confrey demonstrate a dance called "The Hitchhiker" (music: "Gonna Make Him Mine" by the Orchids)
--Helen Shapiro - "Look Who It Is" (with cameos by John, Ringo and George)
--Mime Time - Paul McCartney judges a lip-synch contest: Four girls mime to Brenda Lee's "Let's Jump the Broomstick."
--Dusty Springfield interviews Theresa Confrey (as amateur DJ) - audience members dance to "Fools rush In" (by Rick Nelson)

Throughout show, Dusty Springfield interviews the Beatles (individually) with questions sent in by viewers:
--Dusty asks George how he felt when he was in an airplane and the door flew open, if his hair is real, etc.
--Dusty asks Ringo about his rings, the Beatles' individual shoe , why he likes/dislikes Donald Duck, what he has written on his bracklet.
--Dusty asks Paul if he has a racing Greyhound, if he sleeps with his eyes open, if he "pluck his well-shaped eyebrows", and if he minds girls screaming through his act. (Followed by The Beatles - "I'll Get You")
--Dusty asks John Lennon how the Beatles got their name, if his teeth are false and is it true, that as a kid, he got shot at for stealing apples. (followed by The Beatles - "She Loves You")

--Keith Fordyce asks the Beatles the winning questions sent in by viewers: (1) Would the Beatles prefer £1,000 or an evening out with Brigitte Bardot. (2) their views on dialetic materialism.

Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
--Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers
--Tony Meehan
--Eden Kane

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