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  • It My Be Unorignal But Its Funny!

    Shore Its Werid But I Give It An 8. Why? One Reason (Ors Is It 2? No, One.) Its Because The Girls Are Waky!!! My Be Wakier Then Flavs Girls! I Like Risky. She Goes Hard :D. Rabbits A Rabbit. Bubbles Is A.....A.... D*** How Do U Discribe Bubbles......Retared! But Tahu.... Were Did The Name Stalinares Come From? But Dont Get Me Wrong There Good Singers. "Does She Love Me" Is My Ring Tone! Ya, I Recored It On My Phone Cuz I Go Hard. Ya Hard. Im Not Good At Reviews So To Cut It Short, I Give It A 8.
  • Yet another 'Insert something catchy that has to do with the main characters, name or otherwise word(s) of Love' show. This time we are working with I Love New York rejects: Chance and Real!


    The 'of Love' shows that keep sprouting up on VH1. This time we're working with Real and Chance, two brothers who were contestants on the first season of I Love New York. Which also happened to be a spin off starring Tiffany Polland aka New York, a contestant from both Flavor of Love seasons 1 and 2.

    Like all spin offs or new 'of Love' shows, this one has pretty much the same guidelines and gimmicks: the lead of the show is 'looking for love' and thusly so, invites a certain number of contestants (usually about 20) who will then vine for the affections of said lead until ultimately, one of the them wins, supposedly becoming said lead's love interest. And you pretty much have your 'usual suspects' in the form of the contestants: The Normal Girl. The Nice Girl. The Witch Girl. The Runner Up Witch. The Girl That Gets Eliminated Unfairly. The Average Girls that Never Stood a Chance. The Witch's Lackies…they're all here.

    Then of course, there is the rest of the formula: the girls perform challenges for a chance to win dates with the leads, some girls try to start drama with other girls to get them eliminated, the leads pretend to be oblivious to most of the more horrible antics that should have gotten said contestants eliminated and instead, eliminate someone that didn't deserve it. The finale three, where usually one of the more rotten of the contestants or only other good guy left is eliminated. This is usually the 'meet someone's parents' episode. The 'look back' or flashback episode. And finally, the finale, where one girls acts overly 'witch' and thus, secretly tells you she's not going to win, even though all the odds are stacked in her favor, leaving the other girl to look like the complete underdog.

    So how does Real Chance of Love stand out?

    Well, to begin with, there are two leads, not just one. And they couldn't be more opposite: Real is the nice guy, who'd you actually like to see get with a great girl. And then there's Chance, who you pretty much assume will end up with a second season, considering he can't even pretend very well to be looking for 'love' and honestly, is kinda villain in some instances himself.

    They divide up the girls and said girls then try to win the affections of each individual guy they are after. Out of the usual suspects, the differences kind of vary: one of the bigger villains and girls you suspect that would get all the way to the final three was eliminated rather early on. The 'nice' girl isn't that emotional this go round and actually got the final two. One of the lead's finalist aren't even really that bad and weren't that bad in the entire show, though their actions in the finale may vary. And the unfairly eliminated girl was actually done in by--Chance, one of the leads.

    The leads don't actually end up meeting the girl's parents, instead they only meet Chance and Real's, who in turn, help them with their elimination that episode. And…well heck, that's really about it. I guess the only other reason this show stands out is this: it has this thing with being so unintentionally funny at times, that it's actually entertaining to watch. The girls are by far, some of the wildest to date and actually have different sub-types of crazy personalities. You tend to only really root for Real to find his 'love interest' as he comes of as more serious and genuine about wanting to do it (even if this is fake) while Chance is just, for lack of a better word, a nut. And tends to be the funniest thing about this show honestly: but in the mean, 'you really shouldn't be laughing with him' type of way. He can be down right disrespectful to his ladies, to point of ridiculing and insulting them. It's truthfully appalling but some of things he says and does will make you laugh and ask "Did he REALLY just do that?!" Sure, you feel guilty. But you laugh all the same.

    Overall, this show is guilty pleasure and humorous. As long as people watching it don't take it seriously, it's entertaining. More of the same honestly, but the slight differences make it entertaining to watch all the same.

    For those confused about the arch types I was speaking of when it came to the usual suspects of girls seen in this show, here's a mini guide to a few of them:

    1. The 'Normal' Girl
    This usually is one of the only 'normal' or 'realistic' girls in the house, who actually managed to stand out to the lead of the show for some reason: either they are pretty, have a great personality, and usually, is the one that doesn't get along with the 'witch' of the show. She's usually the main 'good' guy out of the contestants and doesn't take any bull crap from the others, but is down to earth and nice, which results in the crowd liking her.

    2. The 'Nice' Girl
    This girl is usually so incredibly nice that the crowd roots for her because she's just so likable. But she's also usually quite emotional and weak willed, which results in her getting picked on by the 'witch' of the season and her crowd. She's usually friends with the 'normal' girl and roams around with 'the good guys' of the show. But alas, no matter how awesome the girl is, they usually never win. Usually…but I get back to that.

    3. The 'Witch' Girl
    The Queen Bee. The Mean One. This is usually the girl who, for the life of the crowd, gets into the top three if not the finale two. She causes all of, if not at least, most of the drama that goes on in the house. Her personality stinks. And depending on how bad she really is, she ends up betraying at least one of her 'friends' on the show that were silly enough to trust and hang out with her. Her eyes are on the prize and she usually will do anything and everything to win. There's usually a few of this girl in these type of show and they usually form a tight group, picking on the 'normal' girl the most who is their competition and usually only real threat, considering their conniving ways can't seem to get her kicked off. However, in the end, one of them tend to stand out more than the rest, making them the main one. They usually NEVER win, I suppose to send off the message of "The good guys always win" or "Karma always catches up with you" routine. 4. The Runner Up 'Witch'
    Usually the main witch's best friend in the show. She's usually just as bad as the witch and usually sides with her about everything. She usually gets eliminated close to the end as well, sometimes even getting in the top three, because of the lead *finally* realizing how bad they actually are (and yet, doesn't seem to realize this in the main 'witch') or they're betrayed by the 'witch' or in a move that's 'suicide' for these type of shows, tries to betray them.

    5. That One Girl that Got Eliminated Unfairly
    There's always that one elimination that gets the crowd up in arms and angry. She's the girl, usually part of the good guys, that got eliminated that honestly didn't deserve it. (And one of the 'bad guys' usually does.) And it's usually in a way that makes the crowd question just how 'real' the show is, considering it's obvious that the girl should not have gotten the axe. It's always a wonder how far the girl could have gone if she didn't have to be sacrificed just to make the bad guy(s) (in most cases) seem worse and thus, add more drama (and ratings) to the show.
  • just another of love show

    this is basically a toned down version of flavor of love except this time it stars 2 people who were eliminated from other "love" shows its basically the same thing as flavor of love except that a cetain group of ladies are here for one man and the other group for the other. just like any brothers, real and chance have their squabbles and brotherly drama but of coursde the REAL drama is between the ladies competing. honesty the more i watch this the more imstarting to think it's staged. chances reatipons and emotions are a little too fakefor me and u can almost tell that hes acting. now i just watch it for entertainment and i already know that whoever wins wont end up a permanent partner because anyone u find from atv show NEVER ends up staying withu for good (as far as i know anyways)
  • overall a pretty entertaining show but, it's not the next flavor of Love.

    A great show, I don't think it's a perfect 10 but, close to it, I think the girls in this show aren't as entertaining as the girls from Flavor of Love, and I think the show dosen't have as much fighting or drama as Flavor of Love also. I do think though that the show is different, and that being two girls will ein at the end, and two girls always land up going home. That's one brand new addition. the show is great, the girls are great, overall a pretty entertaining show but, it's not the next flavor of Love.
  • Real and Chance (I Love Money, I Love New York), are back and out for love with 17 (mostly) beautiful. Will Chance's stupidity take away his chances or will Real finally get the girl of his dreams?

    I think this show is absolutely related to the other shows on VH1. (I Love Money, I Love New York, Flava Flav, Rock of Love). But this revolves around the two brotha's Chance and Real. I personally like Real better because I have the same tastes as him. There's 17 girls, and my Top 3 are ( Bubbles, Milf, and Promo) although not in that order. The other girls, I hope lose, like (Lusty, So Hood, Ki Ki). And others I want to know a but more about on the show, (K.O, Cali, and Risky).
    I think this is a good show, and I hope they have the best of luck!