Real Chance of Love - Season 2

VH1 (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Welcome To Miami, Beeotch
    The final five girls fly with Real and Chance to Miami Beach for the show's second season finale. Deep, dark secrets are uncovered and force one brother to make a decision with lasting consequences. Never fear though, romance is in the air and a whirlwind of exotic dates and steamy nights await the girls with Real and Chance in Miami. The two Stallionaires have difficult choices to make. Which girls, if any, will be left with a Real Chance of Love?moreless
  • Clip Show 2.0
    Clip Show 2.0
    Episode 11
    Real and Chance host a clip show of events from the second season.
  • Poca Face
    Poca Face
    Episode 10
    The guys have narrowed it down to their top three choices in females, and now it's time for the toughest test of love yet. The girls will have to get to know the guys' folks, and they soon find out who has the best poker face when it comes to meeting mom and dad. The ladies are poised for the parents, but beneath the surface, tension is brewing and the women soon find out its easier to please dad than mom. After accompanying the guys on dates with their parents, one of the ladies becomes convinced that there is more than meets the eye with a supposed favorite, and she is determined to uncover the truth about who is hiding something and who is there for Real.moreless
  • Whine's and Cheese
    Whine's and Cheese
    Episode 9
    In order to loosen up the girls and take their minds off the competition, Real and Chance take their final eight ladies to Paso Robles, CA for a little wine tasting. Later on that evening, each guy chooses two of his girls to spend a romantic dinner with. Chance proves to be overly critical towards one girl, while Real spends his meal trying to bring out the fun side in his girls. With elimination nearing, the remaining girls take their best shot at leaving a lasting impression on the guys. Ultimately, two more girls are sent packing as they guys get closer to finding love.moreless
  • Stallionaire Court
    Stallionaire Court
    Episode 8
    Real and Chance are sick of all the storytelling happening in the house, so they decide to take the girls to court. All nine ladies are divided up into three teams and must build a case against somebody in the house in order to win a date. After a courtroom full of accusations and denials, Real and Chance make their decision. As the winning team enjoys a date under the stars, the rest of the girls are still fuming over the day's accusations. Will the truth set them free or send them home?moreless
  • Animals Are Awesome
    The ten remaining girls get the opportunity to raise awareness for endangered animals by raising their voices in song. However, things take a crazy turn when one of the girls finds herself at odds with the entire house for lying and snitching. In the end, Real and Chance must decide if one of their potential Stallionettes can keep getting by on her looks or if it's time to turn her out to pasture.moreless
  • Pushin' Product
    Pushin' Product
    Episode 6
    It's down to eleven women, and the competition has some ladies upset about who is and isn't there for the right reasons. Supposed flip-floppers are called out for switching brothers in an explosive exchange of words. Meanwhile, Real and Chance are sizing up the ladies themselves, and they want to know who really has their backs. The ladies are asked to show their support by helping out the guys with their independent business ventures; however some of these women are professionals, and some are not. Only the pros can win a date with the guys, and the results have some girls asking for a second chance. It's a war of the Real girls versus the Chance girls, but can each camp of competing women put aside their differences to prove their love?moreless
  • Take A Chance Or Get Real
    In fine tradition, Real and Chance have the ladies perform wrestling matches to duke out their frustrations. The ladies who impress at the throwdown win dates with the Stallionaires. One date takes the girls onto the set of a television show, while the other ends early after an unfortunate liquid refreshment incident. In the end, the patience of one girl is taken to the brink as she must decide if she really wants to remain in the house, while yet another girl is put on the spot by Real and Chance. Ultimately, Real and Chance send two girls packing.moreless
  • Yeti Set Go
    Yeti Set Go
    Episode 4
    After a tear jerking elimination, Real and Chance have finally given their individual chains. But the celebration is short lived after Blonde Baller finds out that her "best friend" has died. Drama ensues as the girls speculate the validity of Blonde Baller's convenient story. The next morning, the girls meet the boys in a remote location deep in the wilderness where they find out their next challenge is a hunt for a fabled creature! After the winners receive a "sole" revealing date and a "walk on the wild side," a fight erupts and causes alarm throughout the house. Will Real and Chance look beyond the bickering or will they eliminate the drama?moreless
  • Girls Gone Viral
    Girls Gone Viral
    Episode 3
    The fifteen remaining girls have their booty shaking skills put to the test when they audition for the Stallionaire's viral music video. Later, things get fishy in the house when one girl goes off the deep end. In a surprise twist, the brothers make a startling revelation that will change the game and have every girl in the house wondering if they have a Real Chance of Love.moreless
  • Love Is In The Stallionaire
    With 16 girls left, the Stallionaires have more ladies than they know what to do with, and its time to find out exactly what all these women have to offer. The guys ask them to give a door-to-door sales pitch about their best qualities, and show what they have to bring to the table. The lucky ladies with the best pitch win a date, but some girls have come more prepared than others. Whose heartfelt presentations are looked over? And will a midnight visit to the guys' room be enough to steal their eyes back after the Stallionaires return from a romantic rendezvous?moreless
  • Back In The Saddle Bros
    The dynamic duo, Real and Chance are back in the saddle on their quest to find true love. Unfortunately, Season 1 found Chance unlucky in love and Real's connection with Cornfed fizzled. Now, in Season 2, the "Stallionaires" have twenty hot new ladies vying for their love and are more determined than ever to find their "Stallionettes". The season quickly proves to be filled with surprises when the brothers announce there will be no "Real girls" or "Chance girls". Realizing this means double the competition for their men, some of the women turn to calculated game-play. As the night grows late and the drinks flow fast, tempers flare between the ladies forcing Real and Chance to make some shocking decisions regarding the fate of their suitors. In the end, sixteen ladies remain for a Real Chance of Love.moreless