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Real Humans

Sunday 9:00 PM on SVT Play Premiered Jan 22, 2012 Between Seasons



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Real Humans

Show Summary

Real Humans (Äkta människor) created by Lars Lundström and directed by Harald Hamrell and Levan Akin, takes place in a parallel world to our own where people's lives have been completely transformed by a new generation of robots, the Hubots. The Human Robot (HUBOT) is so human like that it's considered a perfectly good substitute, but with that comes new problems and dilemmas. Legal questions plaguing people are numerous. Who is responsible for the actions of a hubot and do hubots have some form of "hubot rights"? Should they be paid for their work? As people form relationships with hubots, the boundaries are becoming blurred. The big question that surfaces is what does it really mean to be human and what happens when robots become so human that they can barely be distinguished from real people?

Real Humans is produced by SVT and Matador Films in collaboration with Danmarks Radio and YLE, with funding from Nordisk Film and TV Fond and Nordvisionsfonden.

In season two, some time has passed since the end of the first season but the story of a world in transition continues. The boundaries between human and machine are being erased. An extremely malignant virus spreads like a pandemic making infected hubots uncontrollable and dangerous. People are urged to have their hubots tested and not to download programs or updates via the net. This threat will have a serious effect on our main characters.


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AIRED ON 2/2/2014

Season 2 : Episode 10

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  • Best TV show about Robots and Humans

    The Swedes really understand how to make good TV, crime, Sci Fi, whatever. Here with kta mnniskor they give a credible world where almost humans Hubotar interacting with people go through real problematic in society and how it affect everyone. There are no good or bad sides here.
  • Beep-boop-bawp

    Just caught an eps today. Pretty interesting and looks promising. Over here the local scifi channel just started showing of the shows. Over all I don't mind too much that the show is in a different language but the subtitles should be a bit larger for us glasses wearing nerds. ;)
  • Defend Hub Battle Land

    What.. Nothing ? No comment about a third season ?

    Despite some flaws, one of the best, creative series, one so far from family, country, god, I love you, evrything will be allright, god, family, god, I'm sorry, god and god again ends up like this, with no kickstarter campaign, no facebook page, no fans commitee harrassing swedish television ?

    My nas is "de-raiding" !
  • Fantastic Show from Sweden

    In an alternate world, humanoid robot workers and servants, call "hubots", are widespread. But a group of robot have attained free will and want their freedom from human ownership.

    The show follows the social and emotional consequences of human like robot ownership in several families. It also examines ethical questions as regard free will and ultimately raises the ultimate question : what does it mean to be human?

    Writing, directing, acting, everything is amazingly well done. The show has received enthusiastic reviews (check the Wiki page).

    No brainer. Amazing.moreless

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Drama, Science Fiction