Real Humans

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Episode 2.10
      Episode 2.10
      Episode 10

      Florentine’s future is being settled in court with Mimi called as a witness. Kevin and a group of Real Humans Youths decide to destroy hubots at Hub Battle Land. Rick endeavors to do all that he can to defend Hub Battle Land from humans. Bea gets Roger involved in the search for the code.

    • Episode 2.9
      Episode 2.9
      Episode 9

      Mimi's condition is getting worse. Determined to destroy Florentine, Petra turns to the police and the Real Humans. Claes and Inger fight hard to save her. Jonas continues his plan to transfer his consciousness into his clone. Jonas begins to doubt David's clone after a disclosure from Bea.

    • Episode 2.8
    • Episode 2.7
    • Episode 2.6
      Episode 2.6
      Episode 6

      Although Therese wants to move to more liberal Holland, she first tries to convince Kevin to accompany her.  Without any knowledge of the consequences it might bring, Tobias, Betty and Matilda decide to program David’s code into Lennart. Douglas and Florentine are placed on a three-year waiting list for adoption.

    • Episode 2.5
    • Episode 2.4
      Episode 2.4
      Episode 4

      Douglas and Florentine plan their wedding but Claes interferes. Lennart’s clone becomes increasingly stubborn. Mimi is hired at the law firm. The conflict between Real Humans and the Transhumans grows increasingly hostile.

    • Episode 2.3
      Episode 2.3
      Episode 3

      Bea and Cloette have locate David’s clone. Tobias and Matilda investigate the code on the USB drive. When Roger is sent out to pick up a hubot, he’s in for an unpleasant reunion. Florentine is finally going to marry her Douglas.

    • Episode 2.2
      Episode 2.2
      Episode 2

      Bea continues searching for the code that makes machines human. Tobias struggles with his trans-human sexuality. The Engman family receives a package containing their Granddad’s clone. At Hub Battle Land, Silas works to get the business off the ground and Roger shows up for a job interview.

    • Episode 2.1
      Episode 2.1
      Episode 1

      The story picks up six months after Leo's death. Tobbe's accidental opening of the Eischer Code has released the incomplete code onto the internet, where it acts like a malware virus, infecting Hubots and causing serious malfunctions. Inger must accept the government's version surrounding Leo's imprisonment and death. Flash starts a relationship with a human named Douglas. Silas is released from prison after serving time for the extortion attempt and reunites with Jonas. Odi is still at home waiting for them. Bea visits Ove's home in search of the USB stick. Kevin becomes more involved with the Real Humans group, for whom Eva is also now working. Mimi asks Tobbe to test her in case she is infected. Bea asks Mimi for the last part of the code.

  • Season 1
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