Real Husbands of Hollywood

Tuesday 10:00 PM on BET Premiered Jan 15, 2013 In Season





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  • Does it count as a reality show?

    Various humor, exaggerations, and sitcom like situations hit the show. Each ep will probably give at least a hilarious joke. It has a minor conflict with being tied to reality, maybe make it more surreal? Sort of how Modern Family lacks humor due to it being a mockumentary for no good reason. Probably too focused on Kevin, maybe change up some of the cast? Overall, pretty decent. I wouldn't mind seeing more parody reality shows.

    7-10 various ep (2014-June 2015) BET
  • Was too extra and tried too hard to be funny.

    JB needs to be removed ASAP, just irrelevantirrelevant as can be. Kevin hart was doing way too much leading to a contradiction of him being the main comedian/character to being the doing-too-much, trying-to-hard to be funny guy. The cameos were GREAT! Chris rock's by far the best to me. The plots I understand are suppose to be comedic but they were very half-baked and in a sense, childish a lot of the time.

  • Oh My God!

    I never knew this show was funny until I saw the season 2 premiere and it was none stop laughing!! I will admit I didn't think these guys were going to be that Hilarious but boy was i wrong. I had to go and get the entire season 1 and honestly I couldn't stop watching. It's a really funny show and the guys are amazing. Kevin Hart is one funny sob lol
  • Extremely Funny

    Real Husbands of Hollywood is such a funny show. The cast is over-the-top funny. They play exaggerated versions of themselves and it's hilarious. I like how the stars can make fun of themselves and do all kinds of ridiculous things. This show is a must watch for comedy fans.
  • Funny,Playful and Great

    Real husbands of Hollywood is a great show there making fun of the housewives it's funny as hell Kevin hart is great robin thick is also great there are a lot of A+ Listers in the show it's has adult humor which the young crowd loves the grown adults don like watching it where i live but's it funny i can't help myself