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  • Real Sex 31: Am I Good in Bed?
    HBO's adult documentary series presents this white-hot edition that looks at how men and women are losing their inhibitions and exploring their most extreme fantasies! Segments include a visit to a workshop for couples seeking to explore their anal interests; and an erotic masquerade party where couples unmask, unclothe and unveil their uninhibited sexuality.moreless
  • Real Sex 23
    Real Sex 23
    Episode 23
    Think you've seen it all? Then tune in to this eye-popping, adults-only video magazine that will introduce you to places and people you'd never believe existed. This edition includes an erotic African-American dance troupe, a former-porn-star-turned-performance artist, a sizzling Paris sex club and, for fans of onanism, a Tampa club designed exclusively for masturbators!moreless
  • Real Sex 22
    Real Sex 22
    Episode 22
    Tune in, turn on and get primed for more cutting-edge sexuality in this adults-only special. Among the erotic enticements: a Holland farmhouse that serves fantasies to couples, an L.A. workshop specializing in full-body orgasms, and a factory that produces the world's finest, most expensive sex doll.
  • Real Sex 21
    Real Sex 21
    Episode 21
    Where else can you visit a resort catering to the experienced voyeur, where every room has glass doors and no curtains; or meet an 80-year-old female director who's a true pioneer of adult films and still going strong? Our researchers travel the globe, sparing no expense to present the latest in adult erotica, guaranteed to intrigue, inform and inspire.moreless
  • Real Sex 20
    Real Sex 20
    Episode 20
    Join the ladies at a Philadelphia strip show where the male dancers always provide
  • Real Sex 19
    Real Sex 19
    Episode 19
    From San Francisco to Jamaica to the California desert, 'Real Sex' explores the ever-changing face of sex in our world! Attend an all-nude black beauty pageant in the tropics...sit in on a workshop for couples looking for new partners...and discover the sensuous delights of mud. It all happens in this wild adults-only video magazine!moreless
  • Real Sex 18
    Real Sex 18
    Episode 18
    A Seattle peep show business run entirely by women. An erotic art auction in our nation
  • Real Sex 17
    Real Sex 17
    Episode 17
    From San Francisco to Indiana to Africa, HBO spans the nation, the world and the imagination to uncover more fun and unusual sexual practices of real people! Visit a San Francisco 'fantasy house' where exotic dreams come true. Attend a Nudes-a-Poppin' festival in America's heartland. And go on safari with a photographer who poses his sultry models with African wildlife.moreless
  • Real Sex 16
    Real Sex 16
    Episode 16
    In this episode, you'll take part in a savory seminar that spices up sex with food, attend a wacko swingers' convention where just about anything goes, and get an insider's peek at the fourth annual 'Miss Black Nude Beauty Pageant.'
  • Real Sex 15
    Real Sex 15
    Episode 15
    In this episode you'll learn how to make your own erotic video, visit a San Francisco street fair dedicated to the kinky virtues of leather, go along with a photographer who immortalizes the unclothed beauties of Rio.
  • Real Sex 12
    Real Sex 12
    Episode 12
    In this edition, you'll meet one of Europe's most successful marketers of amateur erotic videos, visit a trucker's brothel in Nevada, meet some cybersex junkies and get a ringside table at Detroit's most famous black strip club.
  • Real Sex 9
    Real Sex 9
    Episode 9

    An adults-only look at the fun and unusual sexual practices of real people around the world! From the 'Mr. Nude World' competition to a group of sexy girls who masquerade as guys; from the wild Swedish hostess of an erotic cable show to a couple whose business it is to listen while others talk dirty, it's the kind of adult programming you can only see on HBO.

  • Real Sex 8
    Real Sex 8
    Episode 8

    Visit a striptease school in newly liberated Russia. Join a group of naked male.

  • Real Sex 7
    Real Sex 7
    Episode 7

    From a first-time journey to Russia in search of naked perfection, to a visit with a Chinese septuagenarian lover in Sweden, to a porno-movie seminar conducted by the uninhibited Susie Bright, to an all-nude photo shoot in the streets of Manhattan during rush hour, HBO spans the nation, the world and the imagination to uncover fun and unusual sexual practices of real people.

  • Real Sex 6
    Real Sex 6
    Episode 6

    In this episode, you'll attend a 'Sex Maniac's Ball' in London, join a group of naked travelers on a 'pleasure bus' in Brazil, and play 'Virtual Valerie,' the world's first interactive computer sex game.

  • Real Sex 5
    Real Sex 5
    Episode 5

    In this episode, you'll meet a German grandma who runs a multi-million dollar sex shop empire, a popular Nevada stripper who moonlights as a boxer, a yuppie couple who are into S&M and lots, lots more!

  • Real Sex 4
    Real Sex 4
    Episode 4

    The adults-only video magazine that spans the nation and the world to uncover more of the fun and unusual sexual practices of real people. From the Miss Nude World International contest to a European TV show where people strip for big prizes, 'Real Sex 4' proves once again that sex is the most fun you can have without laughing!

  • Real Sex 3
    Real Sex 3
    Episode 3

    From California to Italy, real people show and tell their private practices in an adults-only special. Sexy, funny and fascinating, this documentary magazine profiles the Italian porno star turned politician, Cicciolina, visits a house of domination in the South, peeks at the late-night TV craze of visual phone sex, and more.

  • Real Sex 2
    Real Sex 2
    Episode 2

    How do real people express the urge to merge? Get the provocative story in HBO's adults-only special as it takes you on a tour of America's mating habits, '90s style. This edition uncovers new ways to make sex fun and exciting. Segments include: a 'sluts and goddesses' workshop, a lunchtime peep show, the making of how-to videos and an "'exotic circus' stripper.

  • Real Sex 1
    Real Sex 1
    Episode 1

    No fooling, no faking--this provocative adults-only video magazine criss-crosses the country to look at the mating methods of the '90s. Both frank and funny, it covers such titillating topics as phone sex, a stripping class, an auto-erotic workshop and the increasing popularity of explicit home videos. From Peoria to New York to Denver, find out what's 'normal' in sex styles.