Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

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Episode Guide

    • Episode 159
      Episode 159
      Season 15 - Episode 6
      In the first segment Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden is profiled. In the second segment chess prodigies in Brownsville are interviewed. In the third segment rugby player Gareth Thomas is interviewed. In the forth and final segment the issue of racism in professional soccer is analyzed.
    • Episode 2 - Lenny Dykstra / NFL Injuries / Player Agents
      A profile of the Phillies' Lenny Dykstra. A report on player agents. A look at injury problems in the NFL. Also, a tribute to recently departed Howard Cosell.
    • Episode 156
      Episode 156
      Season 15 - Episode 3
      In the first segment coach Tom Izzo is profiled and his champion Spartans basketball team and why he continues to be the best man for the job of bringing home another NCAA win. In the second segment trans-gendered sports journalist and their struggles personally and professional is showcased. In the third segment Mike May who was once blind and recovered his sight after stem cell surgery is profiled and his former life as a champion skier is examined. In the fourth and final segment Boby Duval and his journey back to Haiti to help the earthquake ravaged children though soccer is profiled.moreless
    • Episode 117 - 2006 Recap
      Episode 117 - 2006 Recap
      Season 12 - Episode 12
      We are treated to recaps of four stories previously aired: Jockeys without health insurance, the proliferation of 300 pound linemen in high school football, a con-artist who excelled as a runner and a profile of Bill Johnson, the USA's first downhill skiing gold medalist.
    • Episode 116 - Floyd Landis
      Episode 116 - Floyd Landis
      Season 12 - Episode 11
      Bryant Gumbel interviews Floyd Landis, who after winning the Tour de France, had his urine sample turn up a positive reading for high levels of testosterone. Also, Las Vegas card counters, drug addicts who are kicking the habit through marathon training and a feature on the career of Jack LaLanne.
    • Episode 130
      Episode 130
      Season 14 - Episode 1
      The first segment investigates alcohol consumption at football games and the leagues efforts to control unruly behavior. The allegations of Reggie Bush excepting illegal contributions during his collage years are explored. Jon Frankel interviews football wives and shows how on field injuries can result in off field strife for the players families. Finally Mark Roberts the prolific streaker made famous by his nude runs at high profile sporting events is interviewed.moreless
    • Episode 90 - Attila Ambrus
      Episode 90 - Attila Ambrus
      Season 10 - Episode 9
      An interview with the Hungarian hockey player Attila Ambrus. A report on athletes playing with pain. The story of the discrimination suit filed against a San Diego country club.
    • Episode 113 - Dick Ebersol
      Episode 113 - Dick Ebersol
      Season 12 - Episode 8
      Bryant Gumbel interviews NBC sports chief Dick Ebersol. Also: a report on the rare 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card, one of the most sought-after treasures among sports collectors.
    • Episode 118 - NFL Pensions
      Episode 118 - NFL Pensions
      Season 13 - Episode 1
      A story about former NFL players who are fighting for pension and disability benefits. A story about tragic death of college football's Bryan Pata. A profile of NFL Films. A profile of former Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin.
    • Real Sports: Drugs in Surfing
      Real Sports: Drugs in Surfing
      Season 16 - Episode 11
      An investigation into the proliferation of drug use in the world of surfing.
    • Episode 163
      Episode 163
      Season 15 - Episode 10
      In the first segment debate over the proposed Marlins baseball stadium is discussed. In the second segment Josh Luchs and his actions as a NFL agent are profiled including the events that lead to him being suspended from the sport. In the third segment Marc Buniconti and Jacob Hermann are profiled and the life changing tackle that altered their lives is discussed. In the final segment George Karl and his sons struggle with cancer is revisited.moreless
    • Episode 111 - Prison Baseball
      Episode 111 - Prison Baseball
      Season 12 - Episode 6
      A story on a California baseball league that includes a team of convicts from San Quentin State Prison.
    • Episode 149
      Episode 149
      Season 14 - Episode 19
      In the first segment, Nick Schuyler, the lone survivor of the fishing trip that took the lives of three football players gives his first interview since the incident. A homeless man who has brought baseball back to Compton and a special needs student who became a basketball hero are the other stories covered in this episode.moreless
    • Episode 154
      Episode 154
      Season 15 - Episode 1
      In the first segment the collapse of the Dallas Cowboys' practice facility during the 2009 training camp is looked at. In the second segment golfer Ken Green is profiled. In the third segment concussions in the NFL are analyzed.
    • Episode 166
      Episode 166
      Season 16 - Episode 2
      Segments include a profile of FOX NFL analyst Troy Aikman, sportswriter Peter King, how some football players blow through their money, and the lifelong injuries suffered by linemen.
    • Episode 173
      Episode 173
      Season 16 - Episode 9
      Stories featured in this episode include the downward spiral of American tennis.
    • Episode 178
      Episode 178
      Season 17 - Episode 1

      Stories featured in this episode include coaching brothers Stan and Jeff Van Gundy, a high school football team that refuses to punt the ball and a profile on former football player Barret Robbins.

    • Episode 160
      Episode 160
      Season 15 - Episode 7
      In the first segment women's body building is explored. In the second segment golfer Erik Compton is profiled. In the third segment sports agent Lloyd Lake is interviewed and in the final segment of the show Seattle Sea hawks head coach Pete Carroll is interviewed.
    • Episode 161
      Episode 161
      Season 15 - Episode 8
      In the first segment the link between concussions and Lou Gehrigs Disease is discussed and what the medical community is doing to help athletes. In the second segment the infamous Salahis couple and their crashing of the White House dinner and how the incident has affected their Polo Club of America fund raising is discussed. In the final segment of the show Robbie Tolan and his life since the trial of the Bellaire police officer who shot him is discussed. Plus we find out how he's faring with his return to minor league baseball despite his injuries.moreless
    • Episode 164
      Episode 164
      Season 15 - Episode 11
      In this episode topics include the ancient sport of Falconry, University of Connecticut coach Aurimma, hazing by marching bands and revisiting the Hoyt family from earlier episodes.
    • Episode 162
      Episode 162
      Season 15 - Episode 9
      In the first segment New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia is profiled. In the second segment Jim Thorpe's son Jack Thorpe is profiled and his struggle to move his fathers burial place is discussed. In the third segment the on and off field antics of sports mascots are discussed. In the fourth and final segment the return to baseball of the troubled once up and coming star Josh Hamilton is discussed.moreless
    • Episode 165
      Episode 165
      Season 16 - Episode 1
      The correspondents have a round table discussion recapping their most memorable stories of 2010.
    • Episode 167
      Episode 167
      Season 16 - Episode 3
      Segments include a profile of former steroid distributor Victor Conte, the website, what Mike Tyson is currently up to and if Jimmie Johnson's success is bad for NASCAR.
    • Episode 168
      Episode 168
      Season 16 - Episode 4
      A roundtable discussion on the state of college athletics.
    • Real Sports: Chess Kids
      Real Sports: Chess Kids
      Season 15 - Episode 6
      A visit to Brownsville, TX where young chess prodigies have given the impoverished town national recognition.
    • Real Sports: Erik Compton
      Real Sports: Erik Compton
      Season 15 - Episode 7
      An interview with golfer Erik Compton who has played through two heart transplants.
    • Real Sports: Women
      Real Sports: Women
      Season 15 - Episode 8
      A look at the good, the bad and the bizarre in the world of women
    • Real Sports: Jim Thorpe
      Real Sports: Jim Thorpe
      Season 15 - Episode 9
      The story of Jim Thorpe and his son's mission to move the sports legend's final resting place.
    • Real Sports: Hoyt Family
      Real Sports: Hoyt Family
      Season 15 - Episode 16
      An update on the inspiring story of road-race regulars Dick Hoyt and his wheelchair-bound son Rick.
    • Real Sports: Soccer Racism
      Real Sports: Soccer Racism
      Season 11 - Episode 12
      Updating a story on racism in pro soccer, Bryant Gumbel talks to three U.S. World Cup players who have experienced racism in Europe.
    • Episode 175
      Episode 175
      Season 16 - Episode 11
    • Episode 169
      Episode 169
      Season 16 - Episode 5
      Segments include a profile of Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins, paralympic track superstar Marlon Shirley, Dr. Focazio's efforts to help disabled ex-athletes and a story on mini-cheer-leading.
    • Episode 170
      Episode 170
      Season 16 - Episode 6
      Segments include a profile of baseball announcer Bob Uecker, a story on smokeless tobacco in baseball, the story of how injured baseball fan Bridgett Johnson unified Red Sox and Yankees management and Donald Trump's latest golf course.
    • Episode 171
      Episode 171
      Season 16 - Episode 7
      In the first segment Tiki Barber's return to pro-football after a failed television career is examined. In the second segment La Rue Martin and his path from failed NBA first draft pick to successful company executive is discussed with host Bryant Gumbel. In the third segment Saadi Qaddafi son of the besieged Libyan dictator discusses his attempt to become a professional footballer and his return to Libya to assist his father in the current conflict. In the forth and final segment boxing trainer and former women's champion Ann Wolfe is revisited. An update on her life since being the first woman to train a man for a boxing championship her and her protegee are reexamined.moreless
    • Episode 172
      Episode 172
      Season 16 - Episode 8
      Stories featured in this episode include: A profile of NFL head coach brothers Jim and John Harbaugh, a softball team consisting entirely of players who suffered serious injuries at war, the first ever extreme sport and an update on a woman who continues to set world records.
    • Episode 174
      Episode 174
      Season 16 - Episode 10

      Stories in this episode include the profitability of college football bowl games and a profile of Jay Glazer and his interest in football and MMA.

    • Episode 158
      Episode 158
      Season 15 - Episode 5
      The first segment discusses the current anti-sports shoe movement which advocates abandoning high price footwear in favor of barefoot running. The second segment controversial college football coach Lane Kiffen is profiled and the fans reactions to his constant leaving for better coaching opportunities is discussed. In the third segment dog racer Lance Mackey is profiled and his journey from troubled kid living in his famous fathers shadow to Iditarod champion is discussed. In the final segment Kyle Maynard who's manged athletic prowess despite being born without legs or arms is revisited.moreless
    • Episode 157
      Episode 157
      Season 15 - Episode 4
      Tonight's episode is devoted entirely to boxing. In the first segment Arturo Gatti is profiled. The legendary fighter's career and unexpected July 2009 death are examined in the story. In the second segment the shooting of Vernon Forrest is looked at and how it impacted his son, who was with him at the time. In the third segment Alexis Arguello is profiled. The feature looks at how he balances boxing, and a political career as the mayor of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua.moreless
    • Episode 129
      Episode 129
      Season 13 - Episode 12
      A recap of the top sports stories from 2007.
    • Episode 136
      Episode 136
      Season 14 - Episode 7
      NFL coaching legend Bill Parcells discusses life after retirement. Then women's gymnastics and the rigors these young girls endure to compete are highlighted. Next we have the virtually unknown but deadly sport of equestrian eventing and it's high horse and rider mortality rate explored. Finally long distance runner Lopez Lomong and his path from war prisoner to Olympic athlete is discussed.moreless
    • Episode 137
      Episode 137
      Season 14 - Episode 8
      The surprising trend of tennis based Internet gambling and it's impact on the sport is explored. Then Donald Trump's battle with locals to build an exclusive golf resort is showcased. Next we have interviews with season ticket holders and team General Managers over the rising cost of attending sport events. In the final segment Josh Hamilton's comeback after ten years of personal and professional failure to Major League Baseball is discussed.moreless
    • Episode 139
      Episode 139
      Season 14 - Episode 10
      Stories include a profile on Usain Bolt, star of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Angola Prison Rodeo, a profile on Dr. James Andrews and performance-enhancing drugs in horse racing.
    • Episode 138
      Episode 138
      Season 14 - Episode 9
      Correspondent Bernard Goldberg highlights the problem of child labor in India and it's impact on the sports world. Ten years after an industry ban Goldberg shows us how western companies like Wilson benefit from the cheap cost of low paying and sometimes free child slave labor.
    • Episode 128
      Episode 128
      Season 13 - Episode 11
      Stories include T. Boone Pickens and his love of Oklahoma State University.
    • Episode 135
      Episode 135
      Season 14 - Episode 6
      China's view of children in sports is investigated on the verge of the 2008 Olympic games. In another Olympic related the story the ending of woman's softball as an Olympic sport and the reasoning behind the decision are explored. Cyclist David Millar recounts his rise and steroid related fall from competitive bike racing. Finally Triple Crown horse racing horse Storm Cat and his life as a stud are showcased.moreless
    • Episode 127
      Episode 127
      Season 13 - Episode 10
      The dangers of being a public sports figure in Iraq. The bond of former Cowboys teammates Ron Springs and Everson Walls.
    • Episode 131
      Episode 131
      Season 14 - Episode 2
      Stories include a profile of driver Dario Franchitti who after 20 years of Indy and Daytona racing tries his hand at Nascar. Next a profile of Sister Madonna Buder who at the age of 77 has ran in over 300 triathlons to promote faith and healthy living. Next segment profiles the El Capitan High School basketball program and it's efforts to dispel stereotypes about Mormon culture though sports. In the final segment Pat Summitt and her winning Tennessee ladies basketball team are profiled.moreless
    • Episode 132
      Episode 132
      Season 14 - Episode 3
      Stories include a profile of coach Bruce Pearl from the University of Tennessee men's basketball program. Mike Marshall former baseball great is profiled for his second career. Now a doctor of Kinesiology he believes he's discovered a way to end elbow injuries due to constant baseball pitching. Lenny Dykstra is profiled as the most unlikely success story to come out of Major League Baseball. From drug using and boozing party boy to one of the most respected stock analyst in the country. Bernard Goldberg showcases his rise and riches thanks to his new career. Finally C. Vivian Stringer and her journey from unknown to one of the top winning female basketball coaches is explored.moreless
    • Episode 133
      Episode 133
      Season 14 - Episode 4
      Stories include Barack Obama's love of basketball and how his journey from Honolulu to Chicago to the national stage been influenced by it. Then correspondent James Brown talks with Torii Hunter and the absence of blacks from Major League Baseball. Frank Delford explores the life and death of Mike Coolbaugh. Who was killed during a minor league baseball game from a ball hit by a non regulation wooden bat. Finally Bernard Goldberg catches up with Lee Benson, Jr. who in 1992 was sent to prison ending his dream of basketball fame but was given a second chance and is now playing in Europe.moreless
    • Episode 134
      Episode 134
      Season 14 - Episode 5
      Matt Walsh former New England Patriots video assistant is interviewed. In the second segment the fate of former thoroughbred racing horses is investigated. Next we get an in depth interview with tennis star Venus Williams and finally the political ambitions of basketball star Kevin Johnson are explored.
    • Episode 140
      Episode 140
      Season 14 - Episode 11
      In the first segment Bryant Gumbel interviews Tim Montgomery. Former top U.S. track sprinter now in prison for drug and weapons possession and distribution charges. In the next segment Frank Deford showcases Andrew Lawson. A high school athlete born with Downs Syndrome but despite the disease is an accomplished tri-athlete. The next segment is about Stephen Murray and his journey from top BMX athlete to paraplegic due to a horrible in game accident. In the final segment we revisit Odyssey House and it's program of taking drug addicts from addition to marathon runners.moreless
    • Episode 141
      Episode 141
      Season 14 - Episode 12
      The correspondents break from their usual multi-storied episode format and dedicate the entire hour to their favorite stories of the past year.
    • Episode 151
      Episode 151
      Season 14 - Episode 21
      In the first segment Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and his story of triumph and tragedy is discussed and his tragic death at the cause of a drunk driver is explored. In the next segment the issue of high schools closing their sports programs due to lack of funding is explored. In the third segment Ashrita Furman and his life long history of setting world records is showcased. In the final segment Detroit Tigers broadcasting legend Ernie Harwell is revisited from his 2002 featured story. Now that he's been diagnosed with inoperable cancer his life and career is reexamined.moreless
    • Episode 152
      Episode 152
      Season 14 - Episode 22
      In the first segment Bryant Gumble interviews Jimmy Battista and they discuss his relationship with ex-NBA referee NBA referee Tim Donaghy. In the second segment Chris Canales and his father's football players with injuries organization Gridiron Heroes is showcased. In the third segment Matthew Long and his story of comeback from a near fatal accident to winning triathlete is discussed. In the fourth and final segment an update to the 2008 story of the NFL's efforts to curb drinking at their sporting events is revisited.moreless
    • Episode 153
      Episode 153
      Season 14 - Episode 23
      Bryant Gumbel and the correspondents of Real Sports have a round table discussion of their most memorable stories of 2009.
    • Episode 1 - Dennis Rodman / MLB Strike / The Masters
      Bryant Gumbel hosts a look at the serious side of contemporary sports. The premiere edition of this series features a report on the Major League Baseball strike, a profile of the NBA's Dennis Rodman, and a behind-the-scenes look at The Masters. In addition, Billy Crystal discusses sports memorabilia in an "Extra Point" segment.moreless
    • Episode 155
      Episode 155
      Season 15 - Episode 2
      In the first segment American figure skater Johnny Weir is profiled as he prepares for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. In the second segment surprise drug testing by Olympic officials and their D.C.O doping control monitors. In the third segment the unique and lesser known sport of curling is profiled. In the final segment former top skier Bill Johnson and his decline from skiing champ to victim of accident related mental illness is profiled.moreless
    • Episode 150
      Episode 150
      Season 14 - Episode 20
      The first segment of the episode deals with the seriousness and rising number of concussions in high school football. In the second segment Cullen Jones Olympic swimming champion is showcased to discuss the low rate of African American swimmers. In the third segment the closing of news papers around the country and it's impact to sports writing is analyzed. In the final segment of the episode a revisit to the 2007 expose on dog-fighting with updates is discussed.moreless
    • Episode 148
      Episode 148
      Season 14 - Episode 18
      In the first segment Barret Robbins is profiled and his battle with mental illness. The story of how the once star center missed the super bowl due to an anxiety attack is explored. In the next segment prolific boxing trainer Freddie Roach is profiled and his struggle with Parkinson disease. In the next segment Jaclyn Murphy and her struggle with cancer and how it inspired the Northwestern women's Lacrosse team to succeed is explored. In the final segment Jorge Posada and his son's struggle with a fatal brain disease is discussed.moreless
    • Episode 143
      Episode 143
      Season 14 - Episode 13
      The first segment showcases Robbie Tolan a promising minor league baseball player who was wrongfully shot by Bellaire Texas police. In the next segment Tonya Harding is interviews and we revisit the scandal that made her a house hold name and what she's doing now to support herself. In the last segment Kyle Lograsso is revisited and we see what the young golf prodigy is doing now.moreless
    • Episode 144
      Episode 144
      Season 14 - Episode 14
      In the first segment Brandon Jennings is interviewed about his choice to play basketball in Europe after being rejected by the NBA. Next James and Maggie Dixon are profile as the first brother and sister coaching team at the same college. In the next segment Bode Miller world champion skier is interviewed and his decision to stray away from Olympic competition is discussed. In the final segment Rayna DuBose is profiled. Once a promising college women's basketball player her career and almost her life were cut short by a skin disease.moreless
    • Episode 145
      Episode 145
      Season 14 - Episode 15
      In the first segment controversial Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel is profiled. Next the trend of young athletes from the ghetto being murdered is examined. In the third segment Ann Wolfe ex female boxing champ, current coach of an up and coming middle weight champion, and at risk youth activist is profiled. In the final segment the 2002 story of the nationwide move to ban dodge ball is revisited.moreless
    • Episode 146
      Episode 146
      Season 14 - Episode 16
      In the first segment DeMaurice Smith is profiled and his story of an outsider representing the NFL players against the players union is showcased. The next segment profiles professional bull riders and the dangers they face. In the third segment sports parents and their zeal for their children s athletic accomplishments is showcased. In the final segment the issue of former Thoroughbred horses being slaughtered is revisited.moreless
    • Episode 147
      Episode 147
      Season 14 - Episode 17
      In the first segment sports and cultural icons Jim Brown and Bill Russel. Discuss their activist past and how the current generation of athletes are handling social responsibility. In the next segment the scuba passion of Guantanamo prison guards and how they help wounded vets recover from injuries with their off duty past time. In the final segment Lenny Dykstra is revisited in the aftermath of the world economic meltdown.moreless
    • Real Sports: Geno Auriemma
      Real Sports: Geno Auriemma
      Season 15 - Episode 17
      A one-on-one conversation with the top women's head basketball coach today: Geno Auriemma of the UCONN Lady Huskies.
    • Real Sports: Falconry
      Real Sports: Falconry
      Season 15 - Episode 18
      A journey to Falkenstein, Austria for a look at the ancient sport of falconry.
    • Real Sports: Band Hazing
      Real Sports: Band Hazing
      Season 15 - Episode 19
      An investigation into the troubling issue of hazing in collegiate marching bands.
    • Episode 200
      Episode 200
      Season 19 - Episode 11
    • Episode 201
      Episode 201
      Season 19 - Episode 12
    • Episode 202
      Episode 202
      Season 0 - Episode 1
    • Episode 202
      Episode 202
      Season 0 - Episode 1

      Stories featured include Frank Deford and Boomer Esiason talking about their children with cystic fibrosis, the use of marijuana in football, a profile of Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive and a look at the world of bull riding.

    • Episode 199
      Episode 199
      Season 19 - Episode 10
    • Episode 198
      Episode 198
      Season 19 - Episode 9
    • The Ultras
      Fiery Egyptian soccer fans known as the Ultras helped lead the country's revolution and are still fighting for democracy.
    • Episode 194
      Episode 194
      Season 19 - Episode 5

      Stories featured in this episode include:

    • Episode 195
      Episode 195
      Season 19 - Episode 6

      Stories featured in this episode include:

    • Episode 196
      Episode 196
      Season 19 - Episode 7

      Stories featured in this episode include:

    • Episode 197
      Episode 197
      Season 19 - Episode 8

      Segments include:

      - An energy drink with a unique marketing strategy.
      - Profile of former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page and his outside the ring ventures.
      - Interview with retired tennis player Andy Roddick.
      - Controversy around the latest Donald Trump golf course.

    • 2/23/2016 12:00:00 AM
      2/23/2016 12:00:00 AM
      Season 22 - Episode 2
      Segments include an interview with Kobe Bryant; a chat with Rick Welts, the openly gay president of the Golden State Warriors; a profile of archer Matt Stutzman, who was born without arms; and another look at safety issues in extreme sports.
    • 3/22/2016 12:00:00 AM
      3/22/2016 12:00:00 AM
      Season 22 - Episode 3
      The dangerous Titans of Mavericks surf competition in Half Moon Bay, California; profiling fashion trailblazer and NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager who has been battling leukemia since 2014; exploring allegations against Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson.
    • 12/20/2016 12:00:00 AM
      12/20/2016 12:00:00 AM
      Season 22 - Episode 12
      A roundtable discussion on the most memorable stories of 2016, including an examination of the IOC; the challenges faced by female sports reporters; and a profile of broadcaster Craig Sager.
    • 01/24/2017 12:00:00 AM
      01/24/2017 12:00:00 AM
      Season 23 - Episode 1
      Segments include an extended profile of former NFL player Kevin Turner, who battled ALS until his death in 2016, and his son Nolan, a redshirt freshman for the Clemson Tigers. Also: lineman John Urschel, who is pursuing a Ph.D in math from MIT.
    • 02/21/2017 12:00:00 AM
      02/21/2017 12:00:00 AM
      Season 23 - Episode 2
      Topics include a profile of Patriots owner Robert Kraft; a chat with baseball manager Joe Maddon, coming off a World Series triumph with the Cubs; a report on cockfighting; and a visit with Ashrita Furman, the world-record holder for world records, as recognized by Guinness.
    • 03/21/2017 12:00:00 AM
      03/21/2017 12:00:00 AM
      Season 23 - Episode 3
      Segments include a report on former Maryland Terps basketball player Juan Dixon; a profile of 2004 top MLB draft pick Matt Bush; and an examination of the "yips," including a chat with former baseball player Rick Ankiel.
    • 04/18/2017 12:00:00 AM
      04/18/2017 12:00:00 AM
      Season 23 - Episode 4
    • 11/22/2016 12:00:00 AM
      11/22/2016 12:00:00 AM
      Season 22 - Episode 11
      Topics include a report on concussions in young football players; a segment on former executive Chuck Blazer and the FIFA soccer scandal; and a visit with Punjabi broadcasters of NHL games in Canada.
    • 10/25/2016 12:00:00 AM
      10/25/2016 12:00:00 AM
      Season 22 - Episode 10
      A chat with Bikram Yoga creator Bikram Choudhury; a report on former Australian runner Peter Norman, who appeared in the black power salute photo from the 1968 Olympics; and a report on African refugees playing high-school soccer in Lewiston, Maine.
    • 4/19/2016 12:00:00 AM
      4/19/2016 12:00:00 AM
      Season 22 - Episode 4
      Segments include a report on foul-ball related injuries at ballparks; a look at unchecked spending in Division I athletics; and another look at Donald Trump's problems with a golf course in Scotland.
    • 5/24/2016 12:00:00 AM
      5/24/2016 12:00:00 AM
      Season 22 - Episode 5
      Segments include a profile of golf commentator David Feherty; a look at the marketing of the AR-15 combat rifle to U.S. consumers; and a report on a polo program for disadvantaged kids in Philadelphia..
    • 6/21/2016 12:00:00 AM
      6/21/2016 12:00:00 AM
      Season 22 - Episode 6
      Segments include a one-on-one interview with Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians; a report on mental competitions for youth in the U.S.; and another visit with long-lost sisters Dominique Moceanu and Jen Bricker.
    • 8/23/2016 12:00:00 AM
      8/23/2016 12:00:00 AM
      Season 22 - Episode 8
      Segments include a report on the challenges faced by female sports reporters; a visit with adopted sisters and Paralympians Hannah and Tatyana McFadden; and another visit with Cancellor Lee Adams, the unwanted son of former wideout Rae Carruth, who is in prison for masterminding the murder of Adams' mother.
    • 9/27/2016 12:00:00 AM
      9/27/2016 12:00:00 AM
      Season 22 - Episode 9
      Segments include a report on the national anthem at sporting events; a look at pitching technology that determines balls and strikes; and a second visit with Eagles long snapper and magician Jon Dorenbos.
    • NASCAR Pit Crew Star
      CrossFit star Christmas Abbott sets her sights on becoming the first woman on a NASCAR Sprint Cup pit crew.
    • Marlins Stadium Scandal
      The city of Miami is furious with the Marlins after what some say are a string of broken promises.
    • Fighting to Walk
      Pro boxer Boyd Melson gives every penny he earns in the ring to cure paralysis -- and the woman he loves.
    • Real Sports: College Bowls
      Real Sports: College Bowls
      Season 16 - Episode 12
      An extended report on college football's bowl system and the massive money trail it generates.
    • Episode 180
      Episode 180
      Season 17 - Episode 3

      Stories featured in this episode include a profile of New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, Steve Delabar and the Seattle Mariners and the tragic plane crashes that hit Oklahoma State.

    • Episode 181
      Episode 181
      Season 17 - Episode 4

      Stories featured in this episode include profiles of Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon and Los Angeles Lakers player Pau Gasol as well as a report on backcountry skiing.

    • Episode 182
      Episode 182
      Season 17 - Episode 5

      Stories featured in this episode include a profile of track and field athlete Lolo Jones, the nephew of boxer Mickey Ward, a fireman who overcame a serious accident to become an athlete and why Korean women dominate the LPGA tour.

    • Episode 183
      Episode 183
      Season 17 - Episode 6

      Stories featured in this episode include a profile of former NBA coach Phil Jackson, US Olympic weightlifter Holly Mangold, the Isle of Man race and Lopez Lomong, who escaped tragedy in the Sudan to become one of the world's best athletes.

    • Real Sports: Horse Eventing
      Real Sports: Horse Eventing
      Season 16 - Episode 10
      An update on the surprisingly dangerous sport of horse eventing and what's been done to improve safety.
    • Real Sports: U.S. Tennis
      Real Sports: U.S. Tennis
      Season 16 - Episode 9
      A probing look at the recent decline of professional tennis in the U.S.
    • Real Sports: Money Game
      Real Sports: Money Game
      Season 15 - Episode 21
      A look at the question of financial compensation for college athletes in light of the pro-type revenue they generate for their schools.
    • Real Sports: 1-Leg Runner
      Real Sports: 1-Leg Runner
      Season 15 - Episode 22
      An update on the amazing story of two-time paralympic track champion Marlon Shirley.
    • Real Sports: Mini-Cheerleaders
      Real Sports: Mini-Cheerleaders
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      Inside the little-known world of Mini-Cheerleading in which girls ages five to eight compete on the national stage.
    • Real Sports: Qaddafi
      Real Sports: Qaddafi
      Season 15 - Episode 24
      The strange quest of Saadi Qaddafi--third son of Libyan ruler Muammar Qaddafi--to play pro soccer.
    • Real Sports: Ann Wolfe
      Real Sports: Ann Wolfe
      Season 15 - Episode 25
      An update on boxing trainer Ann Wolfe as she tries to become the first woman in boxing history to train a man for a world title.
    • Episode 184
      Episode 184
      Season 17 - Episode 7

      Stories featured in this episode include profiles on Los Angeles Dodgers player Matt Kemp and former Olympic athlete Dominque Moceanu and a feature on hazing in school marching bands.

    • Episode 185
      Episode 185
      Season 17 - Episode 8

      Stories featured in this episode include a profile of football coach-turned-broadcaster Jon Gruden, New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason and his battle with ALS, and golfer Erik Compton who has had two heart transplants.

    • Episode 186
      Episode 186
      Season 17 - Episode 9

      Stories featured in this episode include a profile of NBA legend Magic Johnson, the growing trend of violence at sporting events, a behind-the-scenes look at Cirque du Soleil and a town with "pay to play" school programs.

    • Episode 193
      Episode 193
      Season 18 - Episode 4

      Stories featured in this episode include:

      - A group of loyal soccer fans in Egypt.
      - Interview with Christmas Abbott.
      - The first woman to work on a NASCAR pit crew.
      - Interview with the Miami Marlins President David Samson.

    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Season 18 - Episode 3
    • Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
    • Extreme Sports
      Extreme Sports
      Season 19 - Episode 3
      Brutal injury and death in extreme sports beg the question: are they too extreme?
    • Lolo Jones
      Lolo Jones
      Season 19 - Episode 4
      Renowned Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones looks to take part in the 2014 Winter Games--on the U.S. bobsledding team.
    • Episode 192
      Episode 192
      Season 18 - Episode 3

      Stories featured in this episode include:

      - Interview with retired boxer Mike Tyson about his one-man show.
      - Profile of transgender athlete Gabrielle Ludwig.
      - Visit with Olympian Lolo Jones and her new career in bobsledding.

    • Episode 191
      Episode 191
      Season 18 - Episode 2

      Stories featured in this episode include:

      - Interview with MMA fighter Ronda Rousey.
      - Profile of squash player Maria Toor Pakay.
      - Conversation with rugy player Gareth Thomas, who came out as gay while active in his career.

    • Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel 187
      Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel 187
      Season 17 - Episode 10
      Segments: Former NFL star Michael Strahan opens up on his new day job as co-host of 'LIVE with Kelly and Michael'; an in-depth look into why no active athlete in America's major sports has ever come out of the closet; how the Iowa City West High School volleyball team overcame tragedy to achieve a Hollywood ending; a retrospective look at the late Steve Sabol of NFL Films.moreless
    • Episode 188
      Episode 188
      Season 17 - Episode 11
    • Episode 189
      Episode 189
      Season 17 - Episode 12

      The show looks back at the biggest stories of 2012.

    • Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel 190
      Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel 190
      Season 18 - Episode 13

      Segments: Suspended Houston Rockets rookie Royce White opens up about the anxiety disorder that he claims makes playing in the NBA unsafe for him; Inside the two lives of Luther Campbell: 2 Live Crew rap legend by night, high-school football coach by day; Meet football's Harbaugh family as NFL head-coaching brothers John and Jim prepare to face off in the Super Bowl.

    • Episode 126
      Episode 126
      Season 13 - Episode 9
      James Brown interviews Eagles QB Donovan McNabb. The tragic true story of the Old Christians rugby team. The dark side of pro wrestling veterans. Lopez Lomong's quest to make the US Olympic team heading to Beijing.
    • Episode 125
      Episode 125
      Season 13 - Episode 8
      The Michael Vick scandal sparks a look at dogfighting and the culture that goes with it. Also featuring, retired tennis players Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, the tragic story of Broncos CB Darrent Williams as related by Javon Walker, and an interview with the suspended "Pacman" Jones.
    • Episode 92 - Pete Carroll
      Episode 92 - Pete Carroll
      Season 10 - Episode 11
      An interview with Southern California head football coach Pete Carroll. A story about former baseball slugger Cecil Fielder. A look at greyhound racing. Profile of explorer Ranulph Fiennes.
    • Episode 93 - 2004 in Review
      Episode 93 - 2004 in Review
      Season 10 - Episode 12
      Updates on segments from 2004. An interview with football announcer Pat Summerall. A report on former NBA player Jayson Williams. Profile of wrestler Kyle Maynard, who was born with a rare disorder called congenital amputation.
    • Episode 71 - Johnny Tapia
      Episode 71 - Johnny Tapia
      Season 9 - Episode 2
      An interview with five-time world champion boxer Johnny Tapia. A look at drug-testing policies in high-school athletics. Report on safety concerns at ski resorts. Changes made to the pro-bowling tour.
    • Episode 72 - 2003 Masters
      Episode 72 - 2003 Masters
      Season 9 - Episode 3
      A look at the impact of this year's Masters controversy on Augusta, Ga. Profiles of former high-school-to-NBA phenom Darryl Dawkins and state trooper turned NBA referee Bob Delaney; and a report on U.S. Olympic Committee controversies.
    • Episode 73 - Toughman Competitiions
      Reports on Toughman competitions, the frequency of head injuries in soccer, and law suits in youth sports. A look at Carver Academy, a private school founded by the NBA's David Robinson.
    • Episode 91 - Camel Racing
      Episode 91 - Camel Racing
      Season 10 - Episode 10
      An expose of the dangerous world of camel racing. The debate over Native American mascots. Cheerleader injuries.
    • Episode 89 - Kellen Winslow
      Episode 89 - Kellen Winslow
      Season 10 - Episode 8
      An interview with Kellen Winslow and his son. Profile of African-American motocross racer James Stewart Jr.. Story about a surfing camp for autistic children.
    • Episode 84 - College Basketball Scandals
      College basketball scandals at Missouri and St. Bonaventure. A story on sports at a facility for juvenile offenders. Update of a 2001 story of basketball player Amare Stoudemire.
    • Episode 85 - Bobby Valentine
      Episode 85 - Bobby Valentine
      Season 10 - Episode 4
      A story about former Mets skipper Bobby Valentine, now managing the Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan. A profile of middleweight boxing champ Bernard Hopkins.
    • Episode 86 - Athens Olympic Preparations
      A look at Athens' preparations for the upcoming Olympic Games. A profile of Olympic triple-jump contender Yuliana Perez. An update to a 2003 report on Iraqi Olympic hopefuls, including the Iraqui soccer team.
    • Episode 87 - Drug Advertising in Sports
      The spread of erectile-dysfunction drugs advertising in sports. Interview with NFL broadcaster Pat Summerall. Profile of Florida Marlins pitcher Dontrelle Willis.
    • Episode 88 - Steroids
      Episode 88 - Steroids
      Season 10 - Episode 7
      A report on the BALCO steroid investigation. Profiles of K-1 fighter Bob "The Beast" Sapp and former Olympic fencer Peter Westbrook. An update on baseball's Miracle League for disabled youths.
    • Episode 74 - Bud Selig
      Episode 74 - Bud Selig
      Season 9 - Episode 5
      An interview with baseball commissioner Bud Selig. A look at the sports-talk program Pardon the Interruption. An interview with Terry Bradshaw. A look at the treatment of Iraqi athletes.
    • Episode 75 - Ted Williams' Remains
      The controversy surrounding the remains of baseball legend Ted Williams; a report on the emergence of international basketball talent; and an examination of the lives of professional wrestlers.
    • Episode 76 - Alex Zanardi
      Episode 76 - Alex Zanardi
      Season 9 - Episode 7
      Profiles of auto racer Alex Zanardi and soccer player David Beckham. A report on "serial streaker" Mark Roberts.
    • Episode 61
      Episode 61
      Season 8 - Episode 4
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 62
      Episode 62
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 63
      Episode 63
      Season 8 - Episode 6
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 64
      Episode 64
      Season 8 - Episode 7
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 65
      Episode 65
      Season 8 - Episode 8
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 60
      Episode 60
      Season 8 - Episode 3
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 59
      Episode 59
      Season 8 - Episode 2
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 77 - Michelle Wie
      Episode 77 - Michelle Wie
      Season 9 - Episode 8
      A profile of 13-year-old golfer Michelle Wie; an update on former heavyweight champ Riddick Bowe; a visit with former NFL TE Johnnie Mitchell; and a report on a soccer team comprised of homeless men.
    • Episode 78 - Jorge Posada
      Episode 78 - Jorge Posada
      Season 9 - Episode 9
      A look at the Yankees' Jorge Posada, his son and his father, who was a promising prospect himself before being jailed in Cuba in the 1960s. A profile of Tampa Bay LB Derrick Brooks.
    • Episode 79 - Freediving
      Episode 79 - Freediving
      Season 9 - Episode 10
      A profile of Ed Agre, sole reporter for a small-market TV station in Montana. A look at the sport of freediving. A visit with an NFL-lineman-turned-minister. The controversial sentencing of a convicted high school football star.
    • Episode 80 - Controversy at ESPN
      Episode 80 - Controversy at ESPN
      Season 9 - Episode 11
      A look at the controversial ESPN series Playmakers. A report on the lack of black golfers on the PGA Tour; A profile of former UCLA hoops coach John Wooden; A look at a polo team made up of disadvantaged youths in Philadelphia.
    • Episode 81 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
      Episode 81 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
      Season 9 - Episode 12
      A report on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's search for an NBA coaching job; a look at a harrowing mountain-climbing expedition in Peru; a report on the popularity of throwback jerseys; and a profile of Dottie O'Connor, an exercise enthusiast who has battled health problems.
    • Episode 83 - Bev Kearney
      Episode 83 - Bev Kearney
      Season 10 - Episode 2
      A look at University of Texas women's track coach Bev Kearney and her struggle to recover from injuries suffered in a car accident. Behind the scenes at the Westminster Dog Show. Story about the financial standing of the Milwaukee Brewers. Follow-up report on former pitcher Denny McLain.
    • Episode 112 - Terrell Owens
      Episode 112 - Terrell Owens
      Season 12 - Episode 7
      Features a visit with wide receiver Terrell Owens; a profile of James Hogue, an imposter who conned his way into Princeton; and a visit with skier and disabled veteran Kirk Bauer.
    • Episode 105 - 2005 In Review
      Episode 105 - 2005 In Review
      Season 11 - Episode 12
      The program revisits four stories from 2005, including a father's bond with his physically-challenged son; a special-ed student's desire to play high-school basketball; a visit with Storm Cat, Thoroughbred racing's top sire; and a report on racism in European soccer.
    • Episode 46 - Fran Tarkenton
      Episode 46 - Fran Tarkenton
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      Included in this episode are profiles of ex-Viking star Fran Tarkenton and golfer Mallory Code.
    • Episode 58 - Super Bowl Gambling
      Episode 58 - Super Bowl Gambling
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      Installments include Super Bowl gambling, Pop Warner football and religion and prayer in the locker room.
    • Episode 70 - Frank Warren
      Episode 70 - Frank Warren
      Season 9 - Episode 1
      Included is a look at the health concerns for retired NFL linemen. Profile of former NBA star Bob Love, who overcame a speech impediment to become Director of Community Affairs for the Chicago Bulls.
    • Episode 82 - Dexter Manley
      Episode 82 - Dexter Manley
      Season 10 - Episode 1
      This episode includes an interview with former NFL player Dexter Manley. A look at athletic opportunities at a facility for juvenile offenders. A report on rewards and risks for NFL linemen. A profile of a physically-challenged high school wrestler.
    • Episode 94 - Joe Buck
      Episode 94 - Joe Buck
      Season 11 - Episode 1
      An interview with second generation play-by-play announcer Joe Buck and a story on sports gambling.
    • Episode 34 - ACL Injuries &Super Bowl Rings
      Included in this episode is a report on the ACL injuries to NFL running backs Jamal Anderson and Terrell Davis, a up-close look at Super Bowl rings, and a profile of NBA Star Kevin Garnett.
    • Episode 16 - Lawrence Phillips / Indy 500 / Boxing
      An interview with Lawrence Phillips, the controversial Nebraska back drafted by the St. Louis Rams. How does the battle between the Indy Racing League and the Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) effect the Indianapolis 500? A report on risks in boxing.
    • Episode 3 - Jerry Jones / College Recruitment / Nike
      A profile of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. A report on the recruitment of college athletes. A look at Nike and its impact on various sports.
    • Episode 4 - John Thompson / Brian Blades
      Spike Lee presents a profile of Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson. An interview with Seattle Seahawks Brian Blades, charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of his cousin. A report on "runners" who funnel money from sports agents to college athletes. Also, a look at the year's most memorable sports moments.moreless
    • Episode 5 - Hakeem Olajuwon / 1966 Texas Western / Women's College Basketball
      A profile of basketball player Hakeem Olajuwon. A look at the 1966 Texas Western team, first all-black team to win the NCAA basketball championship. A report on women's college basketball.
    • Episode 10 - Steffi Graf / Sergei Kobozev / Super Bowl Commercials
      Segments include: the financial turmoil of Steffi Graf and her father. The disappearance of boxer Sergei Kobozev. Super Bowl commercials. Also, a visit with the NHL's Florida Panthers.
    • Episode 22 - Internet Gambling / 85 Bears
      An story about Internet gambling and legal offshore bookmaking operations. A report on NFL assistant coaches. NFL Players who have committed crimes. A visit with Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan of the 1985 Chicago Bears.
    • Episode 106 - Staph Infections
      Episode 106 - Staph Infections
      Season 12 - Episode 1
      Stories include staph infections in sports.
    • Episode 107 - Ozzie Guillen
      Episode 107 - Ozzie Guillen
      Season 12 - Episode 2
      An interview with Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillenis included in this episode.
    • Episode 108 - Billy Packer
      Episode 108 - Billy Packer
      Season 12 - Episode 3
      A profile of Billy Packer and his 31st consecutive NCAA basketball championship as a television analyst.
    • Episode 100 - Tyer Hamilton Suspension
      A report on the suspension of cyclist Tyer Hamilton; a profile of Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully; an interview with Evander Holyfield; a visit with agent Drew Rosenhaus.
    • Episode 101 - Randy Moss
      Episode 101 - Randy Moss
      Season 11 - Episode 8
      A visit with Raiders WR Randy Moss; a report on home-schooled athletes; a look at a father's efforts to help his physically challenged son; a report on benefits extended to same-sex partners at a California golf club.
    • Episode 102 - Kurt Busch
      Episode 102 - Kurt Busch
      Season 11 - Episode 9
      A profile of NASCAR's Kurt Busch; a report on racism among European soccer fans; a visit with a special-education student-athlete; an update on baseball in the Dominican Republic.
    • Episode 103 - Hyponatremia
      Episode 103 - Hyponatremia
      Season 11 - Episode 10
      A visit with the NBA's Ron Artest; a report on hyponatremia, which can be caused by drinking too much water; an interview with skateboarder Paul Rodriguez Jr.; a profile of a Florida golfer with cystic fibrosis.
    • Episode 104 - Monday Night Football
      Episode 104 - Monday Night Football
      Season 11 - Episode 11
      A behind-the-scenes look at the 35-year run of Monday Night Football; a report on sports groupies; a profile of photographer Neil Leifer; a follow-up visit with racecar driver Alex Zanardi.
    • Episode 99 - Basketball Recruiting Scandal
      An examination of a basketball recruiting scandal at Ohio State; a report on alternative thinking regarding the effects of steroids; and a look at the sport of wheelchair rugby.
    • Episode 98 - Poker
      Episode 98 - Poker
      Season 11 - Episode 5
      A look at the poker craze; a report on the business of horse breeding; an interview with Wally Backman, who was fired four days after being named Diamondbacks manager; and an update on former NBA player Kermit Washington.
    • Episode 109 - Darren Daulton
      Episode 109 - Darren Daulton
      Season 12 - Episode 4
      Included in this episode is an interview with former Major League catcher Darren Daulton. Today his lives in the strange world of out-of-body experiences, vibrating energy, and the limitations of linear time.
    • Episode 110 - Ryan Leaf
      Episode 110 - Ryan Leaf
      Season 12 - Episode 5
      A profile on ex-NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf 8 years after he was the second pick in the first round of the 1998 NFL Draft.
    • Episode 95 - Vijay Singh
      Episode 95 - Vijay Singh
      Season 11 - Episode 2
      A profile of golfer Vijay Singh; visits with disabled-soldier-turned-skier Kirk Bauer and banned track-and-field star Kelli White; and an update on basketball coach Willie Davis, who was once a custodian.
    • Episode 96 - Doug Christie
      Episode 96 - Doug Christie
      Season 11 - Episode 3
      A report on the rising number of "Tommy John" surgeries on young pitchers; a visit with NBA player Doug Christie and his wife, Jackie; and a profile of boxer Kassim Ouma, who was forced to serve as a soldier in Uganda at age 7.
    • Episode 97 - 10th Anniversary Special
      The 10th-anniversary special revisits the show's top stories, including an interview with Juan Antonio Samaranch, a report on children used as camel jockeys and the Miracle League baseball program for disabled kids.
    • Episode 66
      Episode 66
      Season 8 - Episode 9
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 67
      Episode 67
      Season 8 - Episode 10
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 114 - Danica Patrick
      Episode 114 - Danica Patrick
      Season 12 - Episode 9
      An interview with Danica Patrick, a female Indy car driver who is looking for her first win. A look back at the 1985 Pittsburgh Pirates drug scandal. A study of the phenomena of 300-pound football players in the high school system. Also a visit back to the story of a homeless soccer team in New York City.moreless
    • Episode 6 - Dick Vitale / MLB Finances
      The show looks back at the UCLA-Houston basketball game held in the Astrodome in January 1968. A profile of Dick Vitale. Insight into Major League Baseball's economic structure.
    • Episode 7 - Olympic Preview
      Episode 7 - Olympic Preview
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      A profile of IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch. A profile of US weightlifter Mark Henry. The show speaks to Olympic champions Mark Spitz and Bruce Jenner. A report of sponsorship of the US decathlon team.
    • Episode 8 - Albert Belle / NFL Drug Policy
      Spike Lee presents a profile of Albert Belle, a successful ball player who has been suspended five times in his turbulent career. Also featured, a report on the NFL's drug abuse policy.
    • Episode 9 - Shaquille O'Neal / Packers
      A report about the Los Angeles Lakers offseason signing of Shaquille O'Neal. A visit with Green Bay Packers shareholders. A report on a high school football player afflicted with Down Syndrome.
    • Episode 11 - Curt Flood / Tim Duncan / Womens Boxing
      Spike Lee presents a profile of Curt Flood, the former St. Louis Cardinal who started baseball on the road to free agency. Also, the show profiles Tim Duncan, Wake Forest All-American. A report on women's boxing.
    • Episode 18 - Jack Lalanne / Sports Radio / Diamondbacks
      A profile of fitness expert Jack LaLanne. A report on sports-talk radio stations. A visit to the Arizona Diamondbacks' stadium. A report on smokeless tobacco.
    • Episode 27 - John McEnroe / Venus and Serena Williams
      An interview with John McEnroe. A report on Major League umpires. Sexual harassment in women's sports. A profile of Venus and Serena Williams.
    • Episode 26 - NHL Tough Guys / Elvir Muriqi
      A report on NHL tough guys. Also, a look at sports-induced riots. A profile of pro boxer Elvir Muriqi, whose father and sister are in the Kosovo Liberation Army.
    • Episode 25 - Counterfeit Golf Equipment / Jason Williams
      A report on counterfeit golf equipment. An interview with NBA rookie Jason Williams of Sacramento. Report about the lack of blacks in NASCAR racing.
    • Episode 24 - Sports Memorabilia / Unruly Fans
      A feature on the sports memorabilia business. Profiles of former Dallas Cowboy Duane Thomas and Elizabeth O'Donnell, who now teach disabled people to skate. A look at efforts to stop unruly fan behavior at stadiums.
    • Episode 23 - ESPN-ABC Rivalry / Salt Lake Olympic Scandal
      The rivalry between the Fox network and Disney, competition between ABC and ESPN. The recent Salt Lake City Olympics scandal. The new NBA labor agreement. A profile of Kentucky Wildcats coach Tubby Smith.
    • Episode 12 - Alan Eagleson / Charles Barkley
      A report on indictments facing Alan Eagleson, the former President of the NHL Players Association. A profile of Charles Barkley. A look at the vacancy in baseball's commissioner's office, and its effect on the game.
    • Episode 13 - Scalping / Womens Basketball / Colorado Rockies
      A report on ticket scalping. A look at the competing women's pro basketball leagues, the ABL and WNBA. A story about the Colorado Rockies.
    • Episode 14 - Sports Handicappers / Racism in Private Clubs
      A revealing report on sports handicappers. Discrimination in certain country clubs. Prairie View A&M's football team, which has lost 68 straight games prior to this season.
    • Episode 120 - Lou Piniella
      Episode 120 - Lou Piniella
      Season 13 - Episode 3
      An interview with Chicago Cubs skipper Lou Piniella. A profile of the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball program. A story of the success of New York Islanders head coach Ted Nolan. A look at prep school basketball programs.
    • Episode 121
      Episode 121
      Season 13 - Episode 4
      Stephon Marbury's affordable line of shoes. Horseback riding as therapy for children. The increasing cases of "Tommy John" surgery. The strange case of Jeff Reardon.
    • Episode 124
      Episode 124
      Season 13 - Episode 7
      Included in this episode is an interview with MLB star Gary Sheffield who makes accusations towards his former manager, Joe Torre, of the New York Yankees treating black players differently than white players.
    • Episode 123
      Episode 123
      Season 13 - Episode 6
      Bryant Gumbel interviews Johnny Miller, the 1973 U.S. Open winner on the PGA Tour.
    • Episode 122
      Episode 122
      Season 13 - Episode 5
      Stories include an investigation into head injuries in the NFL due to helmet to helmet contact.
    • Episode 119 - Ryan Howard
      Episode 119 - Ryan Howard
      Season 13 - Episode 2
      An interview with Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard, one of baseball's brightest young stars. A visit with a family of referees an umpires. High school wrestling brothers who experienced the death of both parents. An interview with Mark Cuban.
    • Episode 115 - College Gameday
      Episode 115 - College Gameday
      Season 12 - Episode 10
      Behind the scenes at ESPN's College Gameday. A story about a man who is determined to fulfill his brother's last request. An update on prescription drug use by athletes.
    • Episode 15 - John Gillette / Grant Hill
      A reports on financial advisor John Gillette. NBA All-Star Grant Hill. Minority sports agents.
    • Episode 17 - Jeff Gordon / Vladimir Konstantinov / Arizona State Scandal
      Segments include a look at the 1994 Arizona State basketball point-shaving scandal. Former Detroit Red Wings star Vladimir Konstantinov, who was injured in a June 1997 car crash. A profile of NASCAR's Jeff Gordon.
    • Episode 19 - Pete Rose / East German Steroid Use / Tony Ayala
      The effort to remove baseball's lifetime ban on Pete Rose and "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. Also, a report on alleged steroid use by East German athletes in the 1970s. A profile of former boxing contender Tony Ayala. Finally, a look at the post-racing fate of thoroughbreds.
    • Episode 20 - John Madden / Randy Moss
      A profile of John Madden. A report on baseball's pension plan. Minnesota Vikings WR Randy Moss. A look at former tennis star Andrea Jaeger and her work with children.
    • Episode 21 - John Daly / Extreme Racing
      A profile of golfer John Daly. A look back at the 1958 NFL Championship game between Baltimore and the New York Giants. A report on NCAA academic eligibility. A look at extreme racing in Leadville, CO.
    • Episode 28 - Tank Black / Derek Jeters / Marion Jones
      A profile of sports agent Tank Black. A look at the academic scandal affecting the Minnesota men's basketball team. Profiles of baseball's Derek Jeter and track and field's Marion Jones.
    • Episode 29 - Jimmy Johnson / Androstenedione
      Profiles of football coaches Jimmy Johnson and Lou Holtz. A look at the supplement androstenedione. A report on coach George Scholz's racial discrimination suit against the Orlando Magic.
    • Episode 30 - Bill Parcells
      Episode 30 - Bill Parcells
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      A profile of Jets coach Bill Parcells, a look at baseball's commitment to hiring minorities, Ronney Jenkins' departure from the BYU football team, and coaches accused of improper sexual conduct.
    • Episode 52
      Episode 52
      Season 7 - Episode 7
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 53
      Episode 53
      Season 7 - Episode 8
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 35 - Kobe Bryant
      Episode 35 - Kobe Bryant
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      A profile of the NBA's Kobe Bryant, a look at gender discrimination at country clubs, an examination of anorexia among male athletes and a visit with Jeanette Lee.
    • Episode 54
      Episode 54
      Season 7 - Episode 9
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 55
      Episode 55
      Season 7 - Episode 10
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 51
      Episode 51
      Season 7 - Episode 6
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 50
      Episode 50
      Season 7 - Episode 5
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 68
      Episode 68
      Season 8 - Episode 11
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 69
      Episode 69
      Season 8 - Episode 12
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 47
      Episode 47
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 48
      Episode 48
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 49
      Episode 49
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 56
      Episode 56
      Season 7 - Episode 11
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 57
      Episode 57
      Season 7 - Episode 12
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 36 - Bobby Knight
      Episode 36 - Bobby Knight
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      Profiles of Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight and former player Luke Recker, a report on an athlete's on-court assault and a visit with pool player Jeanette Lee.
    • Episode 44
      Episode 44
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 45
      Episode 45
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 33 - Peyton Manning
      Episode 33 - Peyton Manning
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      A profile of Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning. A look at concussions in the NFL. Lehigh University RB Ronald Jean. Also a report on trading card collecting .
    • Episode 32 - Cynthia Cooper
      Episode 32 - Cynthia Cooper
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      A look at the 1966 college-football classic between Notre Dame and Michigan State. A profile of the WNBA's Cynthia Cooper.
    • Episode 31 - Denny McLain / Tim Duncan
      Profiles of former Detroit Tigers pitcher Denny McLain and San Antonio center Tim Duncan. A look at cockfighting. A report on Title IX.
    • Episode 43
      Episode 43
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Summary coming soon...
    • Episode 42 - Daniel Snyder
      Episode 42 - Daniel Snyder
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      A profile of Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins. Also, stories about gymnastics coordinator Bela Karolyi and Cuban high jumper Javier Sotomayor. Finally, a story about Sammy Sosa and his charitable foundation.
    • Episode 37 - Alonzo Mourning
      Episode 37 - Alonzo Mourning
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      A profile of Alonzo Mourning of the Miami Heat. A look at former Nebraska football coach Tom Osborne's congressional campaign and a report on a female high-school wrestler.
    • Episode 38 - Sean Elliot
      Episode 38 - Sean Elliot
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      An interview with the NBA's Sean Elliott following his return from a kidney transplant. A report on homosexuality in women's sports. A profile of NHL coach Roger Neilson. A report on fantasy baseball camps.
    • Episode 39 - Spencer Haywood / Andre Agassi
      Story about a bill that would ban betting on amateur sports events. Also a profile of former basketball phenom Spencer Haywood, a look at baseball in the Dominican Republic and an interview with Andre Agassi.
    • Episode 40 - Barry Bonds / Laila Ali
      Profiles of Giants All-Star Barry Bonds, former Blue Jays manager Tim Johnson and boxer Laila Ali. who discusses her lackluster opponents and her relationship with her famous father.
    • Episode 41 - Keyshawn Johnson / Teresa Weatherspoon
      We see profiles Andy Morales, Keyshawn Johnson and Teresa Weatherspoon. Also, a story about soccer in Haiti.
    • 05/23/2017
      Season 23 - Episode 5
      Segments include a report on abuse in youth soccer programs in England; a profile of the Dodgers' Spanish broadcaster Jaime Jarrin; and a visit with Robert Gagno, the autistic defending winner of the World Pinball Championships.
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