Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Tuesday 10:00 PM on HBO Premiered Apr 02, 1995 In Season





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  • Horse kids learn to lose as well as win

    I think that Bryant Gumble's Real Sports is not only one of the best sports programs, but is great investigative journalism period. I was particularly fascinated last week with the piece on the Trophy Culture in youth sport's programs. I am a proud mother of a 'B' graduate United States Pony Clubber. What I love about Pony Club is that you have to pass skill sets in order to advance and the competitions (Rallys) are for teams and parents are not even allowed to talk to their kids once the Rally begins.

    The only individual awards are for the Stable Managers of the teams involved. Horse sports in general only give trophies for first place and ribbons usually to 6th place. Kids learn to lose, and what it takes to improve and maybe win.
  • A pretty good investigative sports show.

    A pretty good investigative sports show. I'm glad bryant Gunble doen't do a lot of the stuff because i can only take him so much. I do however like that they take on a lot of the subjects that other people don't want to. This would be one of the first shows to talk about subjects like steroids or other controversial type subjects. It's good that reports aren't like they use to be ... like in the days of Mickey Mantle and his hard living and hard drinking. Everything was covered up for years while he was playing. If things would have been reported he would not have been nearly as popular as he was.