Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel - Season 11

Tuesday 10:00 PM on HBO Premiered Apr 02, 1995 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Episode 105 - 2005 In Review
    The program revisits four stories from 2005, including a father's bond with his physically-challenged son; a special-ed student's desire to play high-school basketball; a visit with Storm Cat, Thoroughbred racing's top sire; and a report on racism in European soccer.
  • Real Sports: Soccer Racism
    Updating a story on racism in pro soccer, Bryant Gumbel talks to three U.S. World Cup players who have experienced racism in Europe.
  • Episode 104 - Monday Night Football
    A behind-the-scenes look at the 35-year run of Monday Night Football; a report on sports groupies; a profile of photographer Neil Leifer; a follow-up visit with racecar driver Alex Zanardi.
  • Episode 103 - Hyponatremia
    A visit with the NBA's Ron Artest; a report on hyponatremia, which can be caused by drinking too much water; an interview with skateboarder Paul Rodriguez Jr.; a profile of a Florida golfer with cystic fibrosis.
  • Episode 102 - Kurt Busch
    A profile of NASCAR's Kurt Busch; a report on racism among European soccer fans; a visit with a special-education student-athlete; an update on baseball in the Dominican Republic.
  • Episode 101 - Randy Moss
    A visit with Raiders WR Randy Moss; a report on home-schooled athletes; a look at a father's efforts to help his physically challenged son; a report on benefits extended to same-sex partners at a California golf club.
  • Episode 100 - Tyer Hamilton Suspension
    A report on the suspension of cyclist Tyer Hamilton; a profile of Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully; an interview with Evander Holyfield; a visit with agent Drew Rosenhaus.
  • Episode 99 - Basketball Recruiting Scandal
    An examination of a basketball recruiting scandal at Ohio State; a report on alternative thinking regarding the effects of steroids; and a look at the sport of wheelchair rugby.
  • Episode 98 - Poker
    Episode 98 - Poker
    Episode 5
    A look at the poker craze; a report on the business of horse breeding; an interview with Wally Backman, who was fired four days after being named Diamondbacks manager; and an update on former NBA player Kermit Washington.
  • Episode 97 - 10th Anniversary Special
    The 10th-anniversary special revisits the show's top stories, including an interview with Juan Antonio Samaranch, a report on children used as camel jockeys and the Miracle League baseball program for disabled kids.
  • Episode 96 - Doug Christie
    A report on the rising number of "Tommy John" surgeries on young pitchers; a visit with NBA player Doug Christie and his wife, Jackie; and a profile of boxer Kassim Ouma, who was forced to serve as a soldier in Uganda at age 7.
  • Episode 95 - Vijay Singh
    A profile of golfer Vijay Singh; visits with disabled-soldier-turned-skier Kirk Bauer and banned track-and-field star Kelli White; and an update on basketball coach Willie Davis, who was once a custodian.
  • Episode 94 - Joe Buck
    An interview with second generation play-by-play announcer Joe Buck and a story on sports gambling.