Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel - Season 14

Tuesday 10:00 PM on HBO Premiered Apr 02, 1995 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Episode 153
    Episode 153
    Episode 23
    Bryant Gumbel and the correspondents of Real Sports have a round table discussion of their most memorable stories of 2009.
  • Episode 152
    Episode 152
    Episode 22
    In the first segment Bryant Gumble interviews Jimmy Battista and they discuss his relationship with ex-NBA referee NBA referee Tim Donaghy. In the second segment Chris Canales and his father's football players with injuries organization Gridiron Heroes is showcased. In the third segment Matthew Long and his story of comeback from a near fatal accident to winning triathlete is discussed. In the fourth and final segment an update to the 2008 story of the NFL's efforts to curb drinking at their sporting events is revisited.moreless
  • Episode 151
    Episode 151
    Episode 21
    In the first segment Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and his story of triumph and tragedy is discussed and his tragic death at the cause of a drunk driver is explored. In the next segment the issue of high schools closing their sports programs due to lack of funding is explored. In the third segment Ashrita Furman and his life long history of setting world records is showcased. In the final segment Detroit Tigers broadcasting legend Ernie Harwell is revisited from his 2002 featured story. Now that he's been diagnosed with inoperable cancer his life and career is reexamined.moreless
  • Episode 150
    Episode 150
    Episode 20
    The first segment of the episode deals with the seriousness and rising number of concussions in high school football. In the second segment Cullen Jones Olympic swimming champion is showcased to discuss the low rate of African American swimmers. In the third segment the closing of news papers around the country and it's impact to sports writing is analyzed. In the final segment of the episode a revisit to the 2007 expose on dog-fighting with updates is discussed.moreless
  • Episode 149
    Episode 149
    Episode 19
    In the first segment, Nick Schuyler, the lone survivor of the fishing trip that took the lives of three football players gives his first interview since the incident. A homeless man who has brought baseball back to Compton and a special needs student who became a basketball hero are the other stories covered in this episode.moreless
  • Episode 148
    Episode 148
    Episode 18
    In the first segment Barret Robbins is profiled and his battle with mental illness. The story of how the once star center missed the super bowl due to an anxiety attack is explored. In the next segment prolific boxing trainer Freddie Roach is profiled and his struggle with Parkinson disease. In the next segment Jaclyn Murphy and her struggle with cancer and how it inspired the Northwestern women's Lacrosse team to succeed is explored. In the final segment Jorge Posada and his son's struggle with a fatal brain disease is discussed.moreless
  • Episode 147
    Episode 147
    Episode 17
    In the first segment sports and cultural icons Jim Brown and Bill Russel. Discuss their activist past and how the current generation of athletes are handling social responsibility. In the next segment the scuba passion of Guantanamo prison guards and how they help wounded vets recover from injuries with their off duty past time. In the final segment Lenny Dykstra is revisited in the aftermath of the world economic meltdown.moreless
  • Episode 146
    Episode 146
    Episode 16
    In the first segment DeMaurice Smith is profiled and his story of an outsider representing the NFL players against the players union is showcased. The next segment profiles professional bull riders and the dangers they face. In the third segment sports parents and their zeal for their children s athletic accomplishments is showcased. In the final segment the issue of former Thoroughbred horses being slaughtered is revisited.moreless
  • Episode 145
    Episode 145
    Episode 15
    In the first segment controversial Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel is profiled. Next the trend of young athletes from the ghetto being murdered is examined. In the third segment Ann Wolfe ex female boxing champ, current coach of an up and coming middle weight champion, and at risk youth activist is profiled. In the final segment the 2002 story of the nationwide move to ban dodge ball is revisited.moreless
  • Episode 144
    Episode 144
    Episode 14
    In the first segment Brandon Jennings is interviewed about his choice to play basketball in Europe after being rejected by the NBA. Next James and Maggie Dixon are profile as the first brother and sister coaching team at the same college. In the next segment Bode Miller world champion skier is interviewed and his decision to stray away from Olympic competition is discussed. In the final segment Rayna DuBose is profiled. Once a promising college women's basketball player her career and almost her life were cut short by a skin disease.moreless
  • Episode 143
    Episode 143
    Episode 13
    The first segment showcases Robbie Tolan a promising minor league baseball player who was wrongfully shot by Bellaire Texas police. In the next segment Tonya Harding is interviews and we revisit the scandal that made her a house hold name and what she's doing now to support herself. In the last segment Kyle Lograsso is revisited and we see what the young golf prodigy is doing now.moreless
  • Episode 141
    Episode 141
    Episode 12
    The correspondents break from their usual multi-storied episode format and dedicate the entire hour to their favorite stories of the past year.
  • Episode 140
    Episode 140
    Episode 11
    In the first segment Bryant Gumbel interviews Tim Montgomery. Former top U.S. track sprinter now in prison for drug and weapons possession and distribution charges. In the next segment Frank Deford showcases Andrew Lawson. A high school athlete born with Downs Syndrome but despite the disease is an accomplished tri-athlete. The next segment is about Stephen Murray and his journey from top BMX athlete to paraplegic due to a horrible in game accident. In the final segment we revisit Odyssey House and it's program of taking drug addicts from addition to marathon runners.moreless
  • Episode 139
    Episode 139
    Episode 10
    Stories include a profile on Usain Bolt, star of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Angola Prison Rodeo, a profile on Dr. James Andrews and performance-enhancing drugs in horse racing.
  • Episode 138
    Episode 138
    Episode 9
    Correspondent Bernard Goldberg highlights the problem of child labor in India and it's impact on the sports world. Ten years after an industry ban Goldberg shows us how western companies like Wilson benefit from the cheap cost of low paying and sometimes free child slave labor.
  • Episode 137
    Episode 137
    Episode 8
    The surprising trend of tennis based Internet gambling and it's impact on the sport is explored. Then Donald Trump's battle with locals to build an exclusive golf resort is showcased. Next we have interviews with season ticket holders and team General Managers over the rising cost of attending sport events. In the final segment Josh Hamilton's comeback after ten years of personal and professional failure to Major League Baseball is discussed.moreless
  • Episode 136
    Episode 136
    Episode 7
    NFL coaching legend Bill Parcells discusses life after retirement. Then women's gymnastics and the rigors these young girls endure to compete are highlighted. Next we have the virtually unknown but deadly sport of equestrian eventing and it's high horse and rider mortality rate explored. Finally long distance runner Lopez Lomong and his path from war prisoner to Olympic athlete is discussed.moreless
  • Episode 135
    Episode 135
    Episode 6
    China's view of children in sports is investigated on the verge of the 2008 Olympic games. In another Olympic related the story the ending of woman's softball as an Olympic sport and the reasoning behind the decision are explored. Cyclist David Millar recounts his rise and steroid related fall from competitive bike racing. Finally Triple Crown horse racing horse Storm Cat and his life as a stud are showcased.moreless
  • Episode 134
    Episode 134
    Episode 5
    Matt Walsh former New England Patriots video assistant is interviewed. In the second segment the fate of former thoroughbred racing horses is investigated. Next we get an in depth interview with tennis star Venus Williams and finally the political ambitions of basketball star Kevin Johnson are explored.
  • Episode 133
    Episode 133
    Episode 4
    Stories include Barack Obama's love of basketball and how his journey from Honolulu to Chicago to the national stage been influenced by it. Then correspondent James Brown talks with Torii Hunter and the absence of blacks from Major League Baseball. Frank Delford explores the life and death of Mike Coolbaugh. Who was killed during a minor league baseball game from a ball hit by a non regulation wooden bat. Finally Bernard Goldberg catches up with Lee Benson, Jr. who in 1992 was sent to prison ending his dream of basketball fame but was given a second chance and is now playing in Europe.moreless
  • Episode 132
    Episode 132
    Episode 3
    Stories include a profile of coach Bruce Pearl from the University of Tennessee men's basketball program. Mike Marshall former baseball great is profiled for his second career. Now a doctor of Kinesiology he believes he's discovered a way to end elbow injuries due to constant baseball pitching. Lenny Dykstra is profiled as the most unlikely success story to come out of Major League Baseball. From drug using and boozing party boy to one of the most respected stock analyst in the country. Bernard Goldberg showcases his rise and riches thanks to his new career. Finally C. Vivian Stringer and her journey from unknown to one of the top winning female basketball coaches is explored.moreless
  • Episode 131
    Episode 131
    Episode 2
    Stories include a profile of driver Dario Franchitti who after 20 years of Indy and Daytona racing tries his hand at Nascar. Next a profile of Sister Madonna Buder who at the age of 77 has ran in over 300 triathlons to promote faith and healthy living. Next segment profiles the El Capitan High School basketball program and it's efforts to dispel stereotypes about Mormon culture though sports. In the final segment Pat Summitt and her winning Tennessee ladies basketball team are profiled.moreless
  • Episode 130
    Episode 130
    Episode 1
    The first segment investigates alcohol consumption at football games and the leagues efforts to control unruly behavior. The allegations of Reggie Bush excepting illegal contributions during his collage years are explored. Jon Frankel interviews football wives and shows how on field injuries can result in off field strife for the players families. Finally Mark Roberts the prolific streaker made famous by his nude runs at high profile sporting events is interviewed.moreless