Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel - Season 15

Tuesday 10:00 PM on HBO Premiered Apr 02, 1995 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Real Sports: Ann Wolfe
    An update on boxing trainer Ann Wolfe as she tries to become the first woman in boxing history to train a man for a world title.
  • Real Sports: Qaddafi
    The strange quest of Saadi Qaddafi--third son of Libyan ruler Muammar Qaddafi--to play pro soccer.
  • Real Sports: 1-Leg Runner
    An update on the amazing story of two-time paralympic track champion Marlon Shirley.
  • Real Sports: Money Game
    A look at the question of financial compensation for college athletes in light of the pro-type revenue they generate for their schools.
  • Real Sports: Band Hazing
    An investigation into the troubling issue of hazing in collegiate marching bands.
  • Real Sports: Falconry
    A journey to Falkenstein, Austria for a look at the ancient sport of falconry.
  • Real Sports: Geno Auriemma
    A one-on-one conversation with the top women's head basketball coach today: Geno Auriemma of the UCONN Lady Huskies.
  • Real Sports: Hoyt Family
    An update on the inspiring story of road-race regulars Dick Hoyt and his wheelchair-bound son Rick.
  • Episode 164
    Episode 164
    Episode 11
    In this episode topics include the ancient sport of Falconry, University of Connecticut coach Aurimma, hazing by marching bands and revisiting the Hoyt family from earlier episodes.
  • Episode 163
    Episode 163
    Episode 10
    In the first segment debate over the proposed Marlins baseball stadium is discussed. In the second segment Josh Luchs and his actions as a NFL agent are profiled including the events that lead to him being suspended from the sport. In the third segment Marc Buniconti and Jacob Hermann are profiled and the life changing tackle that altered their lives is discussed. In the final segment George Karl and his sons struggle with cancer is revisited.moreless
  • Episode 162
    Episode 162
    Episode 9
    In the first segment New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia is profiled. In the second segment Jim Thorpe's son Jack Thorpe is profiled and his struggle to move his fathers burial place is discussed. In the third segment the on and off field antics of sports mascots are discussed. In the fourth and final segment the return to baseball of the troubled once up and coming star Josh Hamilton is discussed.moreless
  • Real Sports: Jim Thorpe
    The story of Jim Thorpe and his son's mission to move the sports legend's final resting place.
  • Episode 161
    Episode 161
    Episode 8
    In the first segment the link between concussions and Lou Gehrigs Disease is discussed and what the medical community is doing to help athletes. In the second segment the infamous Salahis couple and their crashing of the White House dinner and how the incident has affected their Polo Club of America fund raising is discussed. In the final segment of the show Robbie Tolan and his life since the trial of the Bellaire police officer who shot him is discussed. Plus we find out how he's faring with his return to minor league baseball despite his injuries.moreless
  • Real Sports: Women
    Real Sports: Women
    Episode 8
    A look at the good, the bad and the bizarre in the world of women
  • Episode 160
    Episode 160
    Episode 7
    In the first segment women's body building is explored. In the second segment golfer Erik Compton is profiled. In the third segment sports agent Lloyd Lake is interviewed and in the final segment of the show Seattle Sea hawks head coach Pete Carroll is interviewed.
  • Real Sports: Erik Compton
    An interview with golfer Erik Compton who has played through two heart transplants.
  • Episode 159
    Episode 159
    Episode 6
    In the first segment Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden is profiled. In the second segment chess prodigies in Brownsville are interviewed. In the third segment rugby player Gareth Thomas is interviewed. In the forth and final segment the issue of racism in professional soccer is analyzed.
  • Real Sports: Chess Kids
    A visit to Brownsville, TX where young chess prodigies have given the impoverished town national recognition.
  • Episode 158
    Episode 158
    Episode 5
    The first segment discusses the current anti-sports shoe movement which advocates abandoning high price footwear in favor of barefoot running. The second segment controversial college football coach Lane Kiffen is profiled and the fans reactions to his constant leaving for better coaching opportunities is discussed. In the third segment dog racer Lance Mackey is profiled and his journey from troubled kid living in his famous fathers shadow to Iditarod champion is discussed. In the final segment Kyle Maynard who's manged athletic prowess despite being born without legs or arms is revisited.moreless
  • Episode 157
    Episode 157
    Episode 4
    Tonight's episode is devoted entirely to boxing. In the first segment Arturo Gatti is profiled. The legendary fighter's career and unexpected July 2009 death are examined in the story. In the second segment the shooting of Vernon Forrest is looked at and how it impacted his son, who was with him at the time. In the third segment Alexis Arguello is profiled. The feature looks at how he balances boxing, and a political career as the mayor of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua.moreless
  • Episode 156
    Episode 156
    Episode 3
    In the first segment coach Tom Izzo is profiled and his champion Spartans basketball team and why he continues to be the best man for the job of bringing home another NCAA win. In the second segment trans-gendered sports journalist and their struggles personally and professional is showcased. In the third segment Mike May who was once blind and recovered his sight after stem cell surgery is profiled and his former life as a champion skier is examined. In the fourth and final segment Boby Duval and his journey back to Haiti to help the earthquake ravaged children though soccer is profiled.moreless
  • Episode 155
    Episode 155
    Episode 2
    In the first segment American figure skater Johnny Weir is profiled as he prepares for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. In the second segment surprise drug testing by Olympic officials and their D.C.O doping control monitors. In the third segment the unique and lesser known sport of curling is profiled. In the final segment former top skier Bill Johnson and his decline from skiing champ to victim of accident related mental illness is profiled.moreless
  • Episode 154
    Episode 154
    Episode 1
    In the first segment the collapse of the Dallas Cowboys' practice facility during the 2009 training camp is looked at. In the second segment golfer Ken Green is profiled. In the third segment concussions in the NFL are analyzed.