Real Time With Bill Maher

Season 4 Episode 13

August 25, 2006

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2006 on HBO



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    • Bill Maher: All right. New Rule: For the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, President Bush must order the Air Force to drop leaflets on New Orleans warning them that it's hurricane season again and he's still president. You know, here's how you can tell when a city isn't ready for the casinos to come back: when the floating craps game involves actual floating crap. It's okay if you're not sure.

      (picture of John Mark Karr flying in)
      New Rule: Confessed child murderers have to fly coach. Of all the people who ever deserved to spend 14 hours listening to a crying baby and having his seat kicked- -number one has got to be that guy.

      New Rule: Don't force your delusions on your children. A company in our very own Third World Country - Florida- -is producing Armor of God pajamas. Yes, what better way to spread the message of Christ than to put your kids to sleep in a Klan robe. "Sleep tight, kids, the Rapture is coming." I guess we should have put a hood on that picture.

      New Rule: If Homeland Security and the FAA five years after 9/11 still don't have a unified passenger watch list, haven't completed installation of explosive detecting machines and have absolutely no system to find liquid explosives, could you at least tell us where we can hide our weed? Because I'm stumped. Up until now, I've been putting it in my hair gel.

      New Rule: The outside world is not your house. Is it me, or will people wear just about anything to the supermarket? When you hear that announcement over the P.A., "Clean up in Aisle 7," they're talking to you! I mean, it's heartwarming that you held onto those comfy gym shorts from high school, but...I can see your balls. Which reminds me, I'm out of kiwi. [slide of kiwis shown] Polar bears love that joke, by the way.

      And finally, New Rule: Now that an international panel of "scientists" has decided to "cut-and-run" on the planet Pluto, I say it's time for the United States to sever its ties with science altogether and withdraw from the solar system! Hey, it worked for Kyoto and the Geneva Convention! Sorry, Poindexters, but this is God's country, and as long as George Bush is president, the science is still out on science.

      Now, I know many of my Republican friends got very excited when all this talk started recently about adding three new planets to our solar system because what could be better in all of life than having three new things to name after Reagan? But then they realized what was really going on. Activist scientists were trying to get away with a little election year redistricting of the universe. Adding new planets when we should be enforcing the planets we already have.

      Goddamn it, why hasn't someone introduced the Defense of Planet Act? To protect the sanctity of planet-hood by defining it solely as the relationship between the Sun and Uranus. Good to give a laugh to a vet, even a cheap laugh like that.

      I mean, Pluto is out, Pluto is in. You let planets swing both ways like that, next thing you know, people are marrying their pets. Not to mention that adding more planets would drastically reduce our chances of winning Miss Universe.

      Now, we have tried to get along with the rest of the stars and the planets and the scientific principals of observation. But, you know, there comes a time when you have to say, "Enough is enough! I want faith. I want certainty. I want Santa Claus." "And the Star Wars Missile Shield, and tax cuts and wars that pay for themselves." "I want our kids to learn that the stars in the sky are really bedazzle beads on the Virgin Mary's sweatshirt." "I want Terri Schiavo to wake up back in Kansas with her little dog, Toto, and a bedroom full of overly familiar farmhands."

      I guess what I'm saying is, "You're either with us or with the scientists." The most important American rite is the freedom to never have to learn anything. "Too Much Information" isn't just a cliched way to say, "Shut up," it was actually Bush's campaign slogan.

      So whenever someone tells you we evolved from apes, or the earth is getting warmer, or they've used something called a "telescope" to learn more about Heaven, just tell them, "TMI, Brainiac!" "Go back to France, or even worse, the Democrat Party." Because this is America, and there's only one question that needs to be answered here: "Are you ready for some football?!"

    • Markos Moulitsas: One thing about the blogosphere that I think is a very solid truism, is that nobody really is in charge. I'm not even in charge of my own site. What I think I did, and it was very effective, was I created a forum for people to participate, and not just to sit there and come and listen to me, but to actually engage with each other and have a back-and-forth conversation. So it's not like me sitting at the top sending out marching orders. It's people talking, engaging and deciding collectively how they're going to move forward, trying to make this a better country.

    • Bill Maher: I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but I swear to God, I think it's in the interest of corporations to keep the people stupid. And the best way to keep the people stupid is by having the people who inform them be even stupider. And when I see this coverage of this guy, this John Mark Karr guy, I'm like, is the media kidding? This guy - how would - how could he be the burglar? JonBenet was not famous until she was murdered. They talk about him like he was the guy who killed John Lennon. But John Lennon was famous before. I think it's just - they just like to go after the story because JonBenet sells papers.

    • Christopher Hitchens: I was at Oxford with Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is more intelligent in some ways, better educated than George Bush, but Bill Clinton would change his mind according to the last expert he met or the last book he'd read. And George Bush knows one big thing, which you don't have to be smart to know: these people mean us harm; they are our enemies; and there is no compromise with them; and there's no co-existence with them. And you don't have to be clever to believe that.

    • Max Cleland: The war against terrorism should be highly - and can be and should be - highly intelligence-driven. Obviously, there's not much intelligence in the White House right now, but you've got to have allies that help you with your intelligence, and you've got to put together a group of people that can infiltrate, which is exactly what Scotland Yard did, with human intelligence.

    • Elvis Costello: An incredibly tardy response at almost every level of government. But the people with the most resources are the federal government. If you can invade a country halfway across the world in a matter of days, you can surely come to the aid of your own citizens in a shorter order of time.

    • Bill Maher: Who takes care of their people better? FEMA or Hezbollah?

    • Spike Lee: It's not just a black/white thing. I think class has a lot to do with it, too. Because, it's funny, I was in Venice when all of this was happening. But when I got to New Orleans, I was amazed to see St. Bernard's Parish got demolished just as much as the Lower 9th Ward, but they never showed the St. Bernard's Parish on television.

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