Real Time With Bill Maher

Season 3 Episode 1

February 18, 2005

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2005 on HBO



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    • Lesley Stahl: Every reporter I know and whom I've worked with, depends on sources... if we're not able to tell the sources that we will not reveal their name, then the whole system begins to crumble. One of the reasons that our government... seem to be a less-corrupt system than others around the world, is due, in part, to this kind of free press, a press that's free to roam around the government and have people come to us and tell us when things don't seem right to them, and allow us to go out and report without fear of going to jail.

    • Bill Maher: I'm going to suggest what that is. Because not only did he have a press pass, but apparently he got scoops that other reporters didn't get. He got the one before anybody else had it on your boy Dan Rather when he got in trouble with the Swift Boat reporting. He got the story on the attack of Baghdad, when we started the war in March of 2003, four hours before anybody else got it. Now, I don't want to start rumors here, but isn't it sort of obvious that he had a boyfriend in the White House? Somebody at the highest level was spilling the beans while he was 'spilling the beans.'

    • Bill Maher: The other story is that we've basically been torturing - if you want to use that word - or interrogating Arab prisoners with what looks to me like a lap dance. It's sexual humiliation. They're very sensitive about women in the Arab world. And by the way, they treat their women horribly. So they have been trying to get information out of these guys by basically doing something that Kid Rock would love. And people are upset about this. And I don't know if that's such an awful thing. I don't know if it's so awful to treat people who are so misogynistic in a way that uses that against them.

    • Bill Maher: And the fact is that this was a big victory for everybody. For Bush, for America, for Iraq. And I do think it's going to change things.

    • Tommy Thompson: George Bush has got to have a lot of credit for this because he had the courage to stand and say that we're going to hold that election. And it was held. And over 60% of the people showed up after being threatened with their lives and with their property. I think it was a fantastic victory.

    • Robin Williams: And now begins the process of protecting the second part of the equation... They have to right a constitution. I said, 'Take ours, we're not using it.'

    • Don Cheadle: It's reprehensible. I mean, we could start with just strengthening the African Union's mandate right now. Basically, there's 3,000-5,000 soldiers there to monitor an area roughly the size of Texas. I mean, you couldn't get 3,000 soldiers to lock down L.A. if something went down, you know. So you really have to - we have to strengthen their mandate. All they're allowed to do now is to observe and basically, you know, take reports and send them back to the U.N. They can't even defend the civilians. They can only defend themselves.

    • Joe Biden: By the way, it did happen before. It happened in Syria. The only difference was, we acted. And we're not acting right now. And it's repeating again right now in Darfur.

    • Don Cheadle: I think that our government has to take some responsibility, too, in the fact that, right now, one of the main impediments to the process is the international criminal court, and that America is very reticent to allow any American citizen to come under that adjudication, which - okay, fine, come up with a secondary system. Which can be done. It was done in Rwanda. It can be done very quickly. It just - there's just no more time to be talking about it and be arguing about it. If nations really are about building democracy and growing and spreading the message of freedom then start there and start now.

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