Real Time With Bill Maher

Season 2 Episode 7

February 27, 2004

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2004 on HBO

Episode Recap

Bill opened with a spoof lampooning Mel Gibson and his movie, "Passion of Christ," with "Mel" giving an Oscar acceptance speech for Best Picture. He then launched into his monologue covering the week's news topics, including, Alan Greenspan's report to Congress, the "Passion of Christ", Haiti, and gay marriage. He also skewered Smith & Wesson for having to fire their president after finding out he did time for armed robbery.

Bill then interviewed Ralph Nader in the studio, starting things off by asking him to respond to Rev. Sharpton's charge that he and Kucinich are campaigning on the same issues as Nader, and he should support one of them. The overall thrust of Nader's argument was that all the candidates are beholden to corporate interests, and the only way to bring about significant change would be to elect him, who isn't controlled by those interests. Nader then put forth that social security is sound, and that it is the corporate pension system that is in serious trouble. Bill then wished Nader a happy birthday and presented him with a cake in the shape of a pinto with burning candles on the back bumper.

Bill then welcomed Kwame Kilpatrick, Christie Todd Whitman, and Sir Ian McKellen to this week's roundtable. He started things off by bring up how Howard Stern was taken off the air by a broadcast group, largely in response to pressure from the Congress. Bill then switched to a discussion on how a woman portrayed the devil in the "Passion of Christ". Surprisingly, Bill was very supportive of movie because it made him think about (but not necessarily agree with) the issues raised in the movie.

Bill then welcomed Sandy Rios, president of Concerned Women for America, a group supporting the movement for a Constitutional amendment to limit marriage to between men and women. Most of what she had to say was met with jeers by the audience. Sir Ian then launched right in on the issue, noting the first sanctified unions by the church were between same sexes and quoting Thomas Jefferson.

Knowing he claims to not read the papers, Bill introduced an article he felt was worth the President's time. This week's article focused on a Pentagon study that found greenhouse gases are destroying the atmosphere. Christie Whitman strongly defended the White House's environmental policy positions. Bill then closed out the show with this week's "New Rules"
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