Real Time With Bill Maher

Season 4 Episode 5

March 17, 2006

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 17, 2006 on HBO

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  • Belzer gets out of line early on, but Maher scolds him.

    Ileana Ros-Lethin -- the Republican senator from Miami, FL -- was on the panel trying to get a few words in edgewise around the liberal blowhard Richard Belzer (Det. John Munch on "Law & Order: SVU") who promptly dropped the F-bomb to such to such an insulting degree, Sen. Ros-Lethin was visibly shaken. She seems like a decent lady, has been on the show before, so it was a nice surprise to see Maher tell his self-described mentor Belzer that he was way out of line. RB eventually apologized, if grudgingly. One of the better episodes this season, actually.