Real Time With Bill Maher

Season 4 Episode 11

May 5, 2006

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 05, 2006 on HBO

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  • Overall, more informative than comedic, but I figured Bill Maher would get more that way as the 2006 elections get closer.

    He always opens up his shows with a parady with the major event of the week: The Immigration Rallies. The "Day without Jews" parody with a little blah.

    Maher started his standup with a joke about Pat Kennedy crashing his car. I like that he is willing to make fun of liberals. And the Ambien drug jokes--Bill Maher two biggest peeves are the lobbyists and prescription drug manafacturers so no surprise there.

    Then he had an interview with retired Gen. Wesley Clark. I am nervous about any career military person getting involved into politics but Clark made some good points. I have met Gen. Clark once and he seemed to be a good guy.

    Then the panel discussion. Questions: Is Bradley Whitford a permanent guest now? Once the West Wing is done, is he going to be on there every week? Be a co-host? I would like to see some different people.

    Bill Maher likes to harp on global warning and the oil industry. I think with the Republicans still in charge that and everyone else's complaints will far on deaf ears.

    The Mission Impossible/Mission Accomplished parody was cute.

    Bill interviewed Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) on immigration issues. I like that he interviews conservatives sometimes, but of course they have to be moderates. Ann Coulter was on there a while ago I think it will be awhile before she is willing to come back.

    The New Rules for this week were average for Maher. But I will say.....JC's Girls..I was curious enough to check out their site (! How freaky is that?

    I look forward to seeing what Real Time does in the summer. It will be one of the shows with new episodes during that time.

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