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  • Misleading in every way

    Not funny, not intelligent, not respectful. Being outspoken does not require being insufferable (see John Critical thinking is questioning broad strokes and superficial ideas, not just promoting new ones the public hasn't seen before. Heavy-handed, almost bullying behavior does not lend itself to wit.

    I personally have a huge problem with his coverage of Islam. Rather than fleshing out a complex debate, he takes another overly simplifying stance and is singlehandedly responsible for a new, very common argument among Islamophobes, while refusing to consider the outcome of his (immature and ignorant) rhetoric. It's funny how much a self-proclaimed liberal echoes the voices of people like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.
  • Typical liberal non-critical thinking.

    Requesting liberals to become introspective in their thought processes is obviously a mythical request. Bill Maher validates the foregoing each and every time he opens his mouth. He attempts to pretend he is sophisticated and informed but the antithesis is apparent due to his "bucket-over-his-head" concept of reality.
  • Maher Is A Scumbag

    They ought to call this show Real Slime Is Bill Maher. This lowlife greasy headed weasel is such a hate monger like Rush Limbaugh is for the right. He like Chris Matthews are such in the tank for Obama that they are not objective. Bill Maher does not hide his hatred for George W. Bush and Fox News and for that I applaud is honesty but it gets repulsive and incredibly hard to watch. He always has his fellow leftist celebrities in his weekly bashfest. Since Real Time With Bill Maher is on HBO which is owned by Time Warner who owns CNN don't expect to see any fairness in the future. I only wish he can get a score of 0.0. Bill Maher has reached a new low by calling God a mass murderer. HBO should fire this scumbag now.
  • But,he IS wrong!

    If ever there was a Reason to listen to Rush Limdah,This Moron is and Pro-Censorship,The things he says about Conservitive women makes anything Rush says about Liberal women seem tame by comparason.
  • ***y bill sucks ass

    I would like to stoop down to Bill's level and call him a huge ***. That bigot is trying to destroy what made this country great. Its not like he matters though, now that people are waking up and the presidents approval ratings are at ~40% its not like any democrat has a chance. Im not a republi*** btw, I wouldn't be surprised if the repubs turned into the new whig party. Lrn2history liberal ***s
  • i am done

    Bringing Julian Assange to the show is the final straw. I will no longer watch Bill's show. I generally love him to death but he has gone way too far this time.
  • Crap!

    I don't know how people watch this crap, let alone how it actually made it to a second season. It's a shame that this takes the slot time for something else with substance. HBO, please get rid of this "crap".
  • Why does this man exist??

    He is the biggest creep on television. He isn't even funny. Disgusting piece of work. I can't even believe he gets away with the things he says. His followers must be brainwashed.
  • Bill's humor is sick

    Bill Maher's humor is sick... and not even funny. Perhaps he should take some lessons from Ann Coulter:
    "Unluckily for McCain, snowstorms in Michigan suppressed the turnout among Democratic "Independents" who planned to screw up the Republican primary by voting for our worst candidate. Democrats are notoriously unreliable voters in bad weather. Instead of putting on galoshes and going to the polls, they sit on their porches waiting for FEMA to rescue them"

    His continued acusations of Republicans being gay sounds like he "doth protest too much". Hmmm... how about it Bill? Are you gay?

    Your comedy is pathetic, Bill. For your sake you better hope the writer's strike ends soon.The only reason my rating is above 0.1 is the page wouldn't accept anything less than 1.
  • left wing nutcases love this show because it is left wing. Boring, repetitve and not funny.

    I used to like politically corret when it was on ABC. I think the strictures of network television actually helped him. The guest were funnier and more diverse. It was fun watching comedians and models pretend they were smart for a half hour.

    Once on HBO, Maher was "free" to do what he wanted, and it isn't pretty. The show is always the same with him and two other guest (with the audience) beating up the lone conservative who is either too stupid to know such a forum will make him/her look bad, or is such a media whore they don't care. Maher is supposedly libertarian, but he does not share the beliefs of the libertarian party. I think he says that because leftist are too dumb to know what libertaians are and it has the word liberal in it, while conservatives who don't know better are fooled into thinking he shares some of there beliefs. Traditionally, libertarians are anti-government in all forms, not just on social issues. they are against mandatory health care, most taxes and regulations. He is none of that. That would be fine if the show was entertaining, but it isn't. His set pieces are really no funnier than Leno's and his guests are the same every episode. How many times has Arianna Huffinton been on, 1000? Wasn't she conservative before being a media whore and deciding at age 45 she was born again liberal? The new rules scetch was done before and better by Dennis Miller.

    In conclusion, if your a cool aid drinker who wants the daily kos' talking points, this and MSNBC are your shows.
  • The poem "The Emperor of Ice Cream" by Wallace Stevens should be used one day for his eulogy should an audience remain.

    I have a few old friends still living who are much like Bill Maher. After many years of being narcissistic, paranoid dope smokers they remain disturbed and confused by the cause and effect of poor moral judgment and the consequences of denying the existence of morality, a higher power and faith.

    Happy people are not bitter or derisive of the values of others. Bill is derisive and bitter because he has no values. He is not a happy person. Bill wants to be what he denies-God. His bitterness stems from the frustration of his failure to meet that need and his derisiveness issues from his jealousy of others who have found their way. The poem "The Emperor of Ice Cream" by Wallace Stevens should be used one day for his eulogy should an audience remain. The Emperor of Ice-Cream

    Call the roller of big cigars,
    The muscular one, and bid him whip
    In kitchen cups concupiscent curds.
    Let the wenches dawdle in such dress
    As they are used to wear, and let the boys
    Bring flowers in last month's newspapers.
    Let be be finale of seem.
    The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream.

    Take from the dresser of deal,
    Lacking the three glass knobs, that sheet
    On which she embroidered fantails once
    And spread it so as to cover her face.
    If her horny feet protrude, they come
    To show how cold she is, and dumb.
    Let the lamp affix its beam.
    The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream.
  • This show has become a complete farce, imagine a show where everyone agrees and pretends they are having a serious political debate. Thats this show!

    I've followed bill since his politically incorrect days which was unfairly removed from air, and back then at least he used to put on a few token conservatives so the discussion would be something other than a giant circle jerk. He's just been getting worse and worse with every season. His conservative guests have seen a reduction in quality and its just been set up as a rather unfair fight. Now he doesn't even pretend to have a debate, his guests are now 3 people who all agree with him.

    and now after seeing his past treatment of Hilary versus Obama and now his treatment Palin, i can see that he is sexist. Take his Palin jokes for instance, which if facts are taken into account apply to Obama much more, the equivalent jokes he would never think of telling about Obama. Before Palin he couldn't even get a serious Hilary supporter on his panel. At best it was some soft support ninny who would easily be run over by the rest of the lot. It was just a pathetic fixed fight. Its something you'd expect from fox news. So i guess there's a deep element of hypocrisy going on with this show.
  • Friday, August 19, 2012

    I usually ADORE Bill Maher. We saw him recently at the Melody Tent in Hyannis, Mass and loved him. He is a talented genius. Friday's show for me was significantly less than that. The reason: Rehan Salam. I LOATHE that guy. His visuals are the same as what I perceive his Beelzebub soul to be. The man looks like a cross between a vampire and a Pitt Bull and his opinions reflect how he looks. He is impervious to reason, looks sullen and furiously angry, he interrupts like a child in third grade needing to go to the bathroom. His only response to a progressive like the lovely Alex Wagner was NO NO NO, no matter if she said the sun is shining, he interrupted and did not let anyone get a word in. So I muted or fast forwarded everything he said which meant I left 3/4 of the show on the cutting room floor because he let no one speak. He is uncontrollable.

    I will turn that show OFF if and when Salam is on again. He is the reason our politics is so rancid. I suppose it gets good ratings. As for me I will in the future turn the show off if Salam the evil is given a format he should not have. Conservatives on the show while often I am not thrilled SOME evoke a reasonable response and one can learn. From Salam one learns hate -- hate of him, hate of the so called "conservative" cause and by extension hate by me of that particular broadcast.

    Let him GO and never hire him again. Tell him to leave and sin no more although I am sure he would say NO NO NO to that too, waive his hands like a child whose bladder is full and then talk over everyone to get his view heard. Well, it will NEVER be heard by me. Bill you can do better than that ugly inside and out humanoid. In his case beauty is not just skin deep it is metaphor for the essence of that JERK!
  • I blame you for the legalization of pot!

    I agree with a great deal of what you say. And you say it in a funny way, which always gets through to people. You know, "Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand" has always been my favorite Mark Twain quote. However, your constant nagging and going on about legalizing pot is doing a great disservice to America and young people. What you forget is this is a drug. A hallucinogen drug at that. And one that has grown 1000 times stronger than the stuff we smoked in HS. Like all drugs, it works on people in different ways. I can tell you, everyone I know was frightened on it. Paranoid, scared. Who wants to feel that way for God sakes? Some kids have even wound up in mental hospitals because of it. Anything that can make you feel paranoid like that, cannot be called an 'innocent do no harm' drug. Now thanks to you and your influence, I get dizzy shopping in the food store b/c the clerks are in back smoking that 'innocent drug' and people passing by get contact high. I have a right to NOT feel dizzy, which I feel trumps your "RIGHT" to smoke weed and not be arrested. Sure, it should be decriminalized, but not legal! Don't we have enough hell with drunks on the road? Now I have to worry about my kid getting a hold of this DRUG when he goes Trick or Treating!? Is this REALLY what you want to be known and remembered for? Seriously!? An intelligent man like you harping on such a childish "HIGH SCHOOL" topic is ridiculous! Grow up already Bill! Who cares that you have to stand outside to smoke? It's not all about you! Remember you are not always right, I think you think you are. You aren't. Look at Donald Trump. Is he intelligent because he runs successful businesses? No, he's as dumb as a stump! But he is smart in some areas... grow up! Stop harping on about your damn weed! Kids should be considered!
  • Jealous of Maddow?

    Rachel's viewers will decide when the Christie scandals are not of interest. I think you are just jealous because a smart woman journalist is doing such a great job reporting on this scandal that impacts the lives of many people in New Jersey.
  • Poor Judgement

    I use to enjoy watching your show, but as lately you seem to have become overly opinionated on matters without having all the facts, it's one thing to be funny and yet all together another when not showing good judgement and responsibility.

    I would like to think that a person such as yourself who reaches millions of households would be more responsible when talking about issues like as the Zimmerman case, or is it anything for a laugh, even when it's at the expense of others, specially in this case which is so sensitive!

    Your better than that Bill
  • Give Him Credit

    Bill has hit an artery for the nation and has indeed put allot of mainstream personalities on the air to air their personal points of view or vendetta.

    Personally do not like his show, barely make it through the monologue, which he delivers with great timing.

    Do not share his point of view, his liberal brain washing, his denial or mouthy, outspoken agnostic preaching. But, realize he may be spouting many of these controversial contrarian comments merely to invoke listenership.

    Overall, it is good the dissident point of view can be voiced even if it only supports the other half of the pre-paid two party one beneficiary system.
  • Half or Half Cracked

    Watched the segment on police response to catching the "alleged" bomber in the boat. Bill, FYI. There is not a single "half track" in any photo you showed. Those were armored Humvees. An image search on Google would have shown you a half track, thereby not making you look, HALF CRACKED!
  • Harpers Bizarro Poll

    That Harpers poll you used last week in your rant on "seniors" was a little bit off the mark. Social Security isn't government spending , per se, on "seniors" and shouldn't be included in spending comparisons to children, defense, agriculture, welfare, etc. And ,for the record Medicare doesn't cover Viagra or Cialis. By the way, . Cupp , is the only female "conservative " commentator I can take or that I like.

    Thanks, Joe
  • Just watched 9/14/12 Show

    Love your guest commentators. I wasn't sure what Costa was going to say on a Political Show but he actually added to the show with his comments.

    I love Chris Hayes. His show on MSNBC is very smart and informative and he brought some common sense to what the topic was about on your show.

    The reason I am writing a review to say Thank You for telling the people that Homeland Security is the Biggest, Most Expensive New Government Branch since the Pentagon was created. I love how the Repubs are always reducing government in our lives and the Repub Prez Bush created the biggest Big Brother in our government. Thank you for stating this fact. I have been telling people that for years and they respond the US needs that department. If I were Prez that would be the 1st bureaucracy I would shut down. They invade lives and hold secret files on innocent people without a trial.

    But the Great Republican Party wants to shut down Dept. of Commerce, Education, EPA & some stupid ideas. These departments actually help Americans but the Repubs don't care about any of that stuff. Let's spend money on killing people in wars but not in the womb. That is against God's plan for human life. You know what, I would rather kill a sperm/egg than wait till they turn 18 and kill them during a war. I think my approach is more humane.

    Love always,

    Vicki in NJ
  • The sequel to Politically Incorrect which was canceled by the political correct police at ABC following comments made about the September 11th terrorists.

    Going back to it's beginnings on Comedy Central, Bill Maher takes his irreverent views HBO where he can let it all hang out. This show runs in eight to twelve week installments about three time a year. (I think)

    Bill is an outspoken opponent of the Bush administration but he prefers to provide some balance to the panel portion of the hour. Unfortunately the audience tends toward the left and many conservatives refuse to join in the fun. Those that do are treated by the host a whole lot better than guests who disagree with the company line on FOX or right wing talk radio. I am sure you know who I am talking about.

    the highlight of the hour is the "New Rules" segment that wraps up the show where Bill can vent his spleen over the topical and typical items he has gleaned from the weeks (low and) headlines.
    This is a can't miss item on my weekly viewing schedule.

    Bill Maher is back and better than ever. I love this show. I especially love the panel discussions. Bill presides over a diverse panel from both sides of the aisle, and the show sizzles when the panel goes at it. I can't wait to see what Bill and his guests are going to say. Bill is extremely funny and smart, and I miss him when he's not on. You rock, Bill.
  • Occupation not dead but indoors.

    As a member of the local town Occupation movement we are doing well and getting bigger, and the age is even getting older, and a good mix of Americans. We have just moved to the meeting room in door and the library's.

    Just fyi
  • Tonight's show 1/27/12

    I love your show and I recognize that you try to equalize the guests. But the one guest, Kennedy was the most annoying personality on the show in a very long time. She offered nothing but fingernails on the chalk board. She was a constant distraction throughout that segment.
  • Very informative and fun.

    So many times this show can be absolutely fabulous, and, then, out of nowhere, one of the panelists will ruin the hour by making a statement that is so ridiculously out of line that the entire 60 minutes goes from a wonderful episode to an OK (or sometimes, even worse) episode. I love Bill Maher and his thoughts on the current state of affairs in Countries all across the globe. And, in reality, this show is great. Like I said, take what the panelists may have to say at face value and sit back and enjoy the show for what it is: an intelligent look at global issues.
  • fix the episode listing!

    please take your time and fix episode list... this is not terrible show you like to write about.. this is real time with bil maher.. you will respect the work and take your time and fill the info about every episode...

    start working.
  • Great social and political commentary show and in many ways better than Bill's first outing with Politically Incorrect.

    Great social and political commentary show and in many ways better than Bill's first outing with Politically Incorrect. Perhaps equal credit should be given to the time since the political system of America in 2003 gave him more than enough material and public outrage to work with. Even though Bill is a liberal I never felt that his positions were biased in anyway. The show excels in not taking the popular White House line. He proved his lack of bias with criticisms of the current democratic administration just as he did with the republican one. The show is the closest to fair and balanced I've ever seen in the political commentary forum and for the most part it's rigid conservatives who can't see the fairness of the show.
  • The majority of the time this show is superb with only a couple of shows each season being clunkers. Unlike neocon shows, he often has guests who have a different point of view than his and readily gives them equal time to state their point.

    I started enjoying the wit and perspectives of Bill Maher when he first started his Politically Incorrect program on network TV. I thought he and Dennis Miller had the best jobs in America. After a few years Dennis Miller went over to the dark side with his main theme being the same as Kathy Griffith when he just said nasty things about people. Bill Maher and his show Real Time gives a voice to both the rational and irrational and lets the viewer decide which is which. His views on politics, religion, food and the far right, which has become mainstream repuglican thought, are meant to make people think and not just accept what is coming out of either the left or the right. Small, closed minded people will not enjoy this show and should just continue trying to win on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. The rest of us will enjoy his wit and have thought provoking discussions.
  • Great show Bill, just a note on the MJ issue.

    Dear Bill Maher, I've been a fan of yours for many years and I really appreciate that you speak your mind, know your facts and make it funny too! I know you are very in favor of legalizing MJ but I have to respectfully disagree. If it's true that western culture is already dumbed-down, then smoking up isn't going to gain us any prizes in critical thinking or advanced science. Perhaps some people, like yourself, can use MJ responsibly and cause no harm. However, I have observed that many people are not even close to being responsible users. My old chronically high neighbors used to get so high that their kids were grossly neglected, the baby was running around outside in freezing weather with only a little t-shirt on and when the mother wasn't asleep and incoherent she was screaming obscenities at the kids and ruining their little lives with vicious abuse. I've seen the same type of stoned out of their mind people jump behind the wheel of a car and if they didn't take out a family on the road that day it was a miracle. I think one mind numbing drug (alcohol) is enough; I really don't think that our culture is mature enough to handle another one.
  • A very good show that everybody needs to watch at least once. Bill is a good host, fair to all guests, even those who strongly disagree with him. Needs more airtime though! It's the only political show that allows guests to say whatever they want witho

    Bill Maher is a very ballsy comedian, but he's more of a political firestarter. He got canned from ABC because he spoke his mind, but this show is better in quality, but unfortunately it's not on nearly enough. Bill's old show on ABC was 30 minutes 5x a week, this one is 1 hour once a week and is in seasons and the periods in between are too long in my opinion. Too much goes on in between that Bill needs to comment on and we need to have the good rountables that he sets up to comment on.

    Bill's show has had a lot of good content, including 4 star General Wesley Clark basically announcing his run for the Presidency in the previous presidental election (I still think Wes Clark would have been the best choice out of the candidates because of his experience as [i]Supreme Allied Commander of Nato[/i] - he would have been better on Iraq and terrorism by far).

    A former congressman from Wyoming, Alan Simpson had quite an outburst on one of Bill Shows, but has since reconciled with Bill and later appeared on another show which went pretty well.

    Every show is very exciting, and many guests often are more candid than they might be otherwise, which is definately good.

    Bill has made an effort on this, but I think they still need to work on getting a balanced audience. Although I'm a hardcore liberal I definately think it is unfair than 95% of the audience members are liberal and cheer the liberal guests and heckle the conservative guests.
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