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  • Bill Maher rocks!!!! He's just telling you how it is without the 'BS' we've been spoon fed since 2000!

    Real Time With Bill Maher, is one of the few informational shows that tells it like it really is, instead of the 'BS' our government officials usually try to feed us. I've been a fan of Bill's ever since his show was pulled off regular tv back in 2001. Because he dared to speak his mind. Also because , it's not all about him, he allows others to share their point of view as well. That mixed with his own brand of humor makes it informative and fun to watch. It's like he say's "The humor writes itself. I couldn't make this stuff up!"
  • A very good show that everybody needs to watch at least once. Bill is a good host, fair to all guests, even those who strongly disagree with him. Needs more airtime though! It's the only political show that allows guests to say whatever they want witho

    Bill Maher is a very ballsy comedian, but he's more of a political firestarter. He got canned from ABC because he spoke his mind, but this show is better in quality, but unfortunately it's not on nearly enough. Bill's old show on ABC was 30 minutes 5x a week, this one is 1 hour once a week and is in seasons and the periods in between are too long in my opinion. Too much goes on in between that Bill needs to comment on and we need to have the good rountables that he sets up to comment on.

    Bill's show has had a lot of good content, including 4 star General Wesley Clark basically announcing his run for the Presidency in the previous presidental election (I still think Wes Clark would have been the best choice out of the candidates because of his experience as [i]Supreme Allied Commander of Nato[/i] - he would have been better on Iraq and terrorism by far).

    A former congressman from Wyoming, Alan Simpson had quite an outburst on one of Bill Shows, but has since reconciled with Bill and later appeared on another show which went pretty well.

    Every show is very exciting, and many guests often are more candid than they might be otherwise, which is definately good.

    Bill has made an effort on this, but I think they still need to work on getting a balanced audience. Although I'm a hardcore liberal I definately think it is unfair than 95% of the audience members are liberal and cheer the liberal guests and heckle the conservative guests.
  • Very informative and fun.

    So many times this show can be absolutely fabulous, and, then, out of nowhere, one of the panelists will ruin the hour by making a statement that is so ridiculously out of line that the entire 60 minutes goes from a wonderful episode to an OK (or sometimes, even worse) episode. I love Bill Maher and his thoughts on the current state of affairs in Countries all across the globe. And, in reality, this show is great. Like I said, take what the panelists may have to say at face value and sit back and enjoy the show for what it is: an intelligent look at global issues.
  • Real Time

    My favorite show very informative and funny. BILL MAHER IS A COMEDIAN he says stuff that offends people from time to time guess what u can change the channel. Only someone very lame would go out of their way to go on its webpage to trash a show. Trust me if i hate a show im not watching it. Its creepy how seemingly smart people shut off their brain when religion and politics are concerned. Blind devotion is Creepy.

    For all you wining people that have posted negative messages or statements about Bill or our president for that matter, have you ever heard of or seen a guy by the name of Rush Limbaugh? now this guy rush is just creepy. Im sorry to hear of all the stations that are dropping his program lol.

    Brian B
  • Must see TV regardless of your politics!

    Those dirty, pink-o, commie, (censored by for being politically incorrect) . . . Times stay the same as much as they change, whether you’re writing or reviewing about Bill Maher you need to be incorrect some of the time.

    Real Time with Bill Maher is an influential series bucking the present trends of the right wing religious conservatives. What he has to say isn't always easy to hear by either of the extreme sides in today’s political scene. Sometime he agrees with the President and other times he feels someone should be looking on the President's body for the 666.

    Bill Maher describes himself as a pot smoking Libertarian who feels religion is a mind altering opiate being forced upon the masses by those in power, which for many in this country is scary. He actually believes, though, in true lesser government, not more!

    While he identifies with many of the Democratic Party ideals, he tells them like it is because he isn't a Democrat. On the other hand, when it is obvious the only way to get rid of Bush is for Libertarians and Democrats to come together, he'll push for the combining of forces (e.g. ask Ralph Nader not to run for President and for others not to support him).

    Bill Maher is his own man and I applaud him for his integrity!

    I watch Bill Maher because my husbear (term used in the Bear community for life partner) is a real fan of his. He agrees with Bill on most points, while I take Bill with a grain of salt. (I could just see the art work on that statement or the new rule about salt intake and . . . well, you get the idea.)

    The series is funny, takes no prisoners, and is outstanding food for thought whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or anyone else who has an interest in or cares about these United States of America.

    This series is must see TV regardless of your politics!
  • Always a funny show...

    Bill Maher always surrounds himself with Hollywood well-to-do's, media folk, and politicians in a roundtable discussion about what's in the news this past week. It's an informative show, but since Bill is a comedian, he's sure to keep it comedic. I wish this show was on more often. I liked his former show, Politically Incorrect, but my interest in the show came too late, shortly before it was taken off the air.
  • This show is much better than his old show.

    His old show, Politically Incorrect, was canceled because Bill Maher made a crude comment about 9/11. Well, I guess that & the fact that supported Ralph Nader during the 2000 election was to much and a certain channel, ABC, canceled his show. About one year later, HBO offered him a chance to have a new show, and that is how this show came about. On this show you can cuss, curse, and say almost anything you like. The format of this show is pretty much the same, a few people come on his show and debate, and he has this "New Rules" thing that he makes fun of current events. The target of most of his jokes is the so-called President. If you are a republican, this show may offend you.
  • The majority of the time this show is superb with only a couple of shows each season being clunkers. Unlike neocon shows, he often has guests who have a different point of view than his and readily gives them equal time to state their point.

    I started enjoying the wit and perspectives of Bill Maher when he first started his Politically Incorrect program on network TV. I thought he and Dennis Miller had the best jobs in America. After a few years Dennis Miller went over to the dark side with his main theme being the same as Kathy Griffith when he just said nasty things about people. Bill Maher and his show Real Time gives a voice to both the rational and irrational and lets the viewer decide which is which. His views on politics, religion, food and the far right, which has become mainstream repuglican thought, are meant to make people think and not just accept what is coming out of either the left or the right. Small, closed minded people will not enjoy this show and should just continue trying to win on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. The rest of us will enjoy his wit and have thought provoking discussions.
  • the importance of words and thoughts

    every time someone becomes loud enough to be heard, when someone (agreeing or not) stops to listen, means only that that person is exceptional. i believe that bill is exceptional, and i do it with objective reasons, i do not do it due to political opinion, social, religious... i do it because it's part of a method called dialectics (has been here for quite some time, since socrates...) Doesn't matter what i think of him to him, matters to me what his message is. the way he delivers and the range of his ideas. i have hear people calling him anti-american (from americans btw), and yet he stands for the basic principle of freedom of speech... a little like homer simpson ""Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand"", or in this particular situation "just because he doesn't like, doesn't mean he doesn't care"
  • I was convinced americans are stupid. If even their president cannot finish a monolog without messing it up. Bill Maher convinced me otherwise. There are a couple people who actually understand what is going on and Bill Maher is one of them.

    I'm not really into Politics and especially American politics, since it is just a theater there. A puppet show. Corporations controlling the governemnt and most of the decicions with their lobbys and buying the officials. More money is being spent on American Poloticians then curing cancer. What can you do about it? Nothing really but make a comedy show about it. The funny part is that most of what is being said on the show is true. It has satire and jokes it all is based on real life politics conducted in the US. Just unbelievable, but still true. The guests one of the best part of the show. People who actually know what they're talking about and people who think who know what they're talking about. Everyone is given a chance to voice their opinion and everything is argued out properly. I probably enjoy it most because I share Mahers political views of america most often, but thats because I'm a realist and thats what he is too. Why is American politics a puppet show? Why is American media just a big gossip corner in Highschool? Why are Americans viewd as complete bafoons all over the world? Tune in to Real time with Bill Maher and you will find out.
  • I hate Bill Maher! However, among the babble of talking heads and the idiots who cover news with a face full of makeup, Real Time is a real standout.

    I have to say, right up front, that I hate Bill Maher. I find him to be an anti-spiritual, megalomaniac, narcissus who is too concerned with his "little head", if you know what I mean. That said, I am a big fan of Real Time. You see, what I hate is the plasticness of today's politics and the people who cover politics and news. What I love about Real Time is that its the polar opposite of that. Its real and honest. When Bill came out and called us cowards for lobbing bombs, that was as real and honest as anyone could get. It was the truth, given that Americans can face the idea of responsibility. Gasp, imagine that, taking responsibility for a mistake made. Sadly, no one is strong enough to hear the truth or take responsibility in the US anymore. That is why on 197 channels, all we get is plastic, polite news where all issues of responsibility (besides the blame game) and truth are washed out.

    Real Time is a breath of fresh air. I frequently disagree with the things that comes out of Bill's mouth, but Real Time is a place of truth among 197 channels of plastic and whitewashed garbage. And, hey, its pretty funny too.
  • Bill Maher is very entertaining and very opinionated but hey you got love him.

    I like this show because Bill Maher clearly isn't an idiot, granted he's a left-leaning person (who has claimed to have voted for Dole in 1996). Although he doesn't identify himself as a democrat or a republican, though he has a democratic bias. Like most commentators he did suck up to Obama during the election only to take him apart during his series but that's what makes him great. He creates entertaining political conversations. I also like the points he makes on political events, and the dumb people on both parties (Left and Right). Bill Maher isn't for everyone but his monologue and his new Rules segment are probably two of the funniest things on television. He has a very brash style and I like that a lot. Nowadays a lot of people on TV try to act nice and sweet to try and not say something controversial, Bill Maher doesn't care he's willing to go out on a limb and say what he feels. He also allows his guests to speak unlike Mr. Bill O'Reilly. Very entertaining series and Bill Maher speaks the truth, love him or hate him.
  • Eating Trump crow

    It's about time, after months of badmouthing to the tenth degree, Maher is now the Whiney little bitch. In fact he is Trump's little bitch. After being so wrong, this elitist,millionaire could barely get his million dollar donation to appear on his show. Now who is the Huge loser? Suck it up and admit you were so wrong and miscalculated the intelligence of the American public. Go ahead and have a good cry and remember when President elect Trump runs again in 2020 that eating Trump crow is beginning to taste awfully good.
  • I love Bill Maher, but Bullsh-t Bullsh-t Bullsh-t about 911 investigations!!! Get your facts strait, Please!

    There were bullsh-t investigations into the 911 debacle. The government paid off the insurance claims for almost everyone in those buildings. These were for the most part, fairly well paid people that worked in the World Trade Center. They likey almost all had some sort of life insurance. But they never let the insurance investigators do their job. If the Bush administration hadn't bailed out all these peoples insurance policies, there would have likely been literally hundreds of independant investigations into this incident! We didn't bail out the victims of Oklahoma City, so why the World trade Center full of well to do workers. Maybe I'm talkin Bullsh-t, but you simply cannot say that 911 was truly investigated. The only thing we can truthfully say about 911 is that we don't really know what happened, and we probably never will know! In my humble opinion. I better shut up or Cheney'll blow my A-- up!
  • Political commentary by the star of \"Pizza Guy\"

    This is why people continue to plunk down cash for HBO. It\'s not about crappy old movies rerun ad nauseum - It\'s about great original programming of which Real Time is a major component.

    I\'ll be the first to admit that Bill\'s panels generally lean very far to the left, but you know what? Who cares? It\'s great! We liberals deserve our own show, so go watch FOX News instead if you fall into the other camp.

    The \"New Rules\" portions of the show are simply genius.
  • Great social and political commentary show and in many ways better than Bill's first outing with Politically Incorrect.

    Great social and political commentary show and in many ways better than Bill's first outing with Politically Incorrect. Perhaps equal credit should be given to the time since the political system of America in 2003 gave him more than enough material and public outrage to work with. Even though Bill is a liberal I never felt that his positions were biased in anyway. The show excels in not taking the popular White House line. He proved his lack of bias with criticisms of the current democratic administration just as he did with the republican one. The show is the closest to fair and balanced I've ever seen in the political commentary forum and for the most part it's rigid conservatives who can't see the fairness of the show.
  • Friday, August 19, 2012

    I usually ADORE Bill Maher. We saw him recently at the Melody Tent in Hyannis, Mass and loved him. He is a talented genius. Friday's show for me was significantly less than that. The reason: Rehan Salam. I LOATHE that guy. His visuals are the same as what I perceive his Beelzebub soul to be. The man looks like a cross between a vampire and a Pitt Bull and his opinions reflect how he looks. He is impervious to reason, looks sullen and furiously angry, he interrupts like a child in third grade needing to go to the bathroom. His only response to a progressive like the lovely Alex Wagner was NO NO NO, no matter if she said the sun is shining, he interrupted and did not let anyone get a word in. So I muted or fast forwarded everything he said which meant I left 3/4 of the show on the cutting room floor because he let no one speak. He is uncontrollable.

    I will turn that show OFF if and when Salam is on again. He is the reason our politics is so rancid. I suppose it gets good ratings. As for me I will in the future turn the show off if Salam the evil is given a format he should not have. Conservatives on the show while often I am not thrilled SOME evoke a reasonable response and one can learn. From Salam one learns hate -- hate of him, hate of the so called "conservative" cause and by extension hate by me of that particular broadcast.

    Let him GO and never hire him again. Tell him to leave and sin no more although I am sure he would say NO NO NO to that too, waive his hands like a child whose bladder is full and then talk over everyone to get his view heard. Well, it will NEVER be heard by me. Bill you can do better than that ugly inside and out humanoid. In his case beauty is not just skin deep it is metaphor for the essence of that JERK!
  • Misleading in every way

    Not funny, not intelligent, not respectful. Being outspoken does not require being insufferable (see John Critical thinking is questioning broad strokes and superficial ideas, not just promoting new ones the public hasn't seen before. Heavy-handed, almost bullying behavior does not lend itself to wit.

    I personally have a huge problem with his coverage of Islam. Rather than fleshing out a complex debate, he takes another overly simplifying stance and is singlehandedly responsible for a new, very common argument among Islamophobes, while refusing to consider the outcome of his (immature and ignorant) rhetoric. It's funny how much a self-proclaimed liberal echoes the voices of people like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.
  • Never miss a show

    Keep up the great work. Entertaining, interesting, and thoughtfully presented topics are always on no matter when I tune in. Bill Maher rocks!
  • Great Show

    You have an Outstanding show... thank you for always telling the truth.
  • Absolutely Agree with your support of Ron Paul

    I am glad Bill Maher that you endorsed Ron Paul and that you bring up important issues in your show. I wish people would bring up the fact that Iran is none of our business and vote for Ron Paul. They will never get nukes, Israel will not allow it they have better intillegence than us. Why are we doing the dirty work with our peoples lives and money? If Iran attacked Israel Congress could declare war and it would be all over and the world would be behind us 100%so elect Ron Paul. He will take us out of unneccesary war!! Please bring this Iran/Israel issue up because people forget that there are other countries out there that can handle the job, it doesnt have to be us. Vote Ron Paul give him more air time, dont use national polls to exclude him, since we can see how wrong those polls can be. I implore you, don't let these first three states and unreliable polls decide our next President. If Ron Paul was on the fox debate, he woulda done way better in New Hampshire. For Gods sake bring up these issues why are people ignoring the only man that tells the truth. He gets cheers and support because he tells the truth and has the actual solutions for everything and can fund everything by leaving the wars, while other candidates only give false hope and advance more war. It is not too late, bring on Ron Paul. We need him to balance out the spending crazy Congress, even if you don't agree with some things he wants to do like get rid of the FBI and CIA, he cant do it !! the congress wont allow it, but he can bring our troops home and cut spending. Its checks and balances! He is what we need. I have typed all this in about one minute because I speak straight from the heart, as does Ron Paul. He's an expert on the economy and the only one talking about our dollar going down and how to fix it, how to reduce spending, how to solve our foreign problems. Leave the middle east and they will stop hating and attacking us. Don't people understand we will be safer? And if we stop chasing oil, our companies will be forced to make alternative fuels and a cleaner environment. Ron Paul is a genius, listen to him.
  • We need more shows like this.

    It's sad that I see words like "cutting edge" and "controversial" as I scan the reviews here. That says a lot about the sad state our country is in. Bill Maher and most of his guests are smart and logical human beings. Really just common sense stuff.

    It's a step in the right direction for TV. What qualifies as news today is pathetic. With the media as timid as ever and journalism in the gutters... the best source of real news is coming from shows like The Daily Show. Religion, a flawed system, and stupid people in general are screwing up America and we need to take action now or the twinkle of freedom and democracy our forefathers managed to pull together from an endless stream of oppression will be gone before we know it.

    Bill Maher is doing the human race a huge service.
  • It's the bomb.

    I wouldn't miss this show for the world. Bill Maher is the best. But i think it's missing a picture of George Bush next to the picture of a monkey. Then everyone can know for sure that we are decendents of the monkey. They almost look like He is no smarter than a monkey. I would even say that you are insulting the monkey. A monkey looks alot better and at least the monkey learns from his mistakes. But with George Bush the country learns because they pay for it. So the message is, never put someone dumber than a monkey for president.
  • Love it!!

    I love Bill Maher. He's not afraid to tackle any subject and always does so with plenty of wit, sarcasm and humor. H e always had a variety of guests and I love that he always includes a guest with an opposing viewpoint.

    Bill Maher always asks the questions the rest of the media is afraid to ask. He tells it like it is and while he may be a liberal he is not afraid to point out what the democrats are doing wrong. This show is awesome and I never miss an episode!!!!!!

    xxx x x x x x x x
  • Bill Maher lays it out as it really is. I have been watching Bill since he came to HBO, and find his views on our current White House administration right on the money. If we had any left because the morons spending it on this stupid

    Bill we think your show is great! I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your candid honesty and opinions about our politicians,our political issues, and especially this war!
    I especially liked the last two weeks when you stated how our (buckle brained) President should not have the right to question the integrity and loyalty of the citizens he has lied to. I also liked when you explained exactly what rights we have given up under his administration.

    As far as Political Partys go... If the Circus is going to be in town...We have the Elephants and the We obviously need the Circus Clowns..The Clown Party!

    If we have to lied to,at least we will laugh as while being screwed!

    Robbin Williams for President!!! I know you stated you would
    never run for office Bill, but maybe President Williams and you would consider you being our next Secretary of Agriculture.
  • Great show Bill, just a note on the MJ issue.

    Dear Bill Maher, I've been a fan of yours for many years and I really appreciate that you speak your mind, know your facts and make it funny too! I know you are very in favor of legalizing MJ but I have to respectfully disagree. If it's true that western culture is already dumbed-down, then smoking up isn't going to gain us any prizes in critical thinking or advanced science. Perhaps some people, like yourself, can use MJ responsibly and cause no harm. However, I have observed that many people are not even close to being responsible users. My old chronically high neighbors used to get so high that their kids were grossly neglected, the baby was running around outside in freezing weather with only a little t-shirt on and when the mother wasn't asleep and incoherent she was screaming obscenities at the kids and ruining their little lives with vicious abuse. I've seen the same type of stoned out of their mind people jump behind the wheel of a car and if they didn't take out a family on the road that day it was a miracle. I think one mind numbing drug (alcohol) is enough; I really don't think that our culture is mature enough to handle another one.
  • Tonight's show 1/27/12

    I love your show and I recognize that you try to equalize the guests. But the one guest, Kennedy was the most annoying personality on the show in a very long time. She offered nothing but fingernails on the chalk board. She was a constant distraction throughout that segment.
  • Just watched 9/14/12 Show

    Love your guest commentators. I wasn't sure what Costa was going to say on a Political Show but he actually added to the show with his comments.

    I love Chris Hayes. His show on MSNBC is very smart and informative and he brought some common sense to what the topic was about on your show.

    The reason I am writing a review to say Thank You for telling the people that Homeland Security is the Biggest, Most Expensive New Government Branch since the Pentagon was created. I love how the Repubs are always reducing government in our lives and the Repub Prez Bush created the biggest Big Brother in our government. Thank you for stating this fact. I have been telling people that for years and they respond the US needs that department. If I were Prez that would be the 1st bureaucracy I would shut down. They invade lives and hold secret files on innocent people without a trial.

    But the Great Republican Party wants to shut down Dept. of Commerce, Education, EPA & some stupid ideas. These departments actually help Americans but the Repubs don't care about any of that stuff. Let's spend money on killing people in wars but not in the womb. That is against God's plan for human life. You know what, I would rather kill a sperm/egg than wait till they turn 18 and kill them during a war. I think my approach is more humane.

    Love always,

    Vicki in NJ
  • Jealous of Maddow?

    Rachel's viewers will decide when the Christie scandals are not of interest. I think you are just jealous because a smart woman journalist is doing such a great job reporting on this scandal that impacts the lives of many people in New Jersey.
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