Real Time With Bill Maher

Friday 10:00 PM on HBO Premiered Feb 21, 2003 In Season





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  • Bill, you are the only one who will examine health care costs fairly

    Bill, I appreciate that you've touched on the obscenity of US health care costs. But, please devote an entire episode to the costs of health care. This is among the top issues in this off-presidential year. I received a standard doctor's visit and strep test bill for $600, 4x the cost of those with insurance, and 8 times the cost that Walgreens clinic charges. During the doctor's visit, the doctor didn't touch my daughter, but rather had a nurse do the strep test. We just needed the prescription, knowing after 4 times, what my daughter had. I'd like to hear from a provider, an insurance a Walgreens rep, a Medicare rep, and AMA rep to explain this ridiculous charging structure and find some solutions, or at least, have the debate.