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(ended 2001)


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  • Season 1
    • #1020
      Episode 5
      Police set up thieves. A gang of thieves rob a jewelry store. Guy drives car in reverse. A plane that can land upside down is shown. Man goes insane after getting a ticket. Window washer gets stranded. Talking dog on video.
    • #1019
      Episode 4
      A car spins off the track during a race, and into a paramedic. A meteor crashes near a football game. A dog helps find people who fell under an icy lake. A man steals a tank. A horse race accident in Australia. A kid gets his hand caught in a drain.moreless
    • #1010
      Episode 4
      A skydiver gets tangled in his chute, and pulls out his reserve at the last second. Police set up a scandal to capture car thieves. Teenagers drag race for fun, until one driver crashes into another, killing him. A women rides ontop of bi-planes during an airshow. Ice falling into the water do to an avalanche causes a tidal wave that sweeps some people away. A man talks about his show called "Urban Discipline", a show for extreme sports and crashes. Beer ads where the women gets better looking every beer. Footage of the Los Alamitos Wiener Dog Internationals dog race.moreless
    • #1011
      Episode 3
      A plane filled with skydivers catches fire during take off. Police are called to get rid of six alligators in an apartment. Bill and Cindy King shock judges an lawyers after an astonishing announcement. Two lovers get married at Sea World, in a giant fish tank. Storm chasers tape a tornado only two blocks away. A twister is caught on tape, smashing trucks and cars. A woman teaches her dog to count.moreless
    • #1008
      Episode 1
      A 12 year old falls out of a Ferris wheel. A window repair man falls 75 feet. A man robs someone, then brags about it, only to get caught later. A 19 girl loses her leg do to a shark attack. Kids try out for the Oscar Meyer Wiener song.