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    [1]Aug 9, 2008
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    I've always thought I was good at math and pretty observant, so someone clue me in about this show. This guide states that the first episode was a parody of Big Brother, but the graphics I read on screen, not to mention the listings on Comedy Central's web site, say that the Episode 101 is called Extreme Makeover: Home Manipulation, meaning it's a takeoff on Ty's show. Secondly, they also advertise 10 comics competing, but when I observed the eliminations, I saw Kyle get bumped in show 1, Donnell in show 2, Tiffany in show 3, and Red in show 4, but I only count 5 remaining comics-- 5 + 4= 9. Where Is Jeff Garcia? Did they have 2 eliminations in the first show that I missed, or did he just wise up and say, "What am I doing making up this schlock when I could be earning millions doing voiceover work for Nickelodeon?" Could somebody clue me in as to why his absence is not mentioned?
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    [2]Aug 10, 2008
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    Jeff Garcia left the show during the first episode. For whatever reason, I'm not sure, they joked about it in the first episode, saying they weren't even sure if they had enough footage for slow-motion montage of him.

    As for the episode title, all the sources I've seen has called the show "Big Mother." It's clearly a parody of Big Brother, if it was a parody of Extreme Makeover, they would have built something. But, they answered questions about themselves, as they to on Big Brother.
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