Reality Bites Back

Thursday 10:00 PM on Comedy Central Premiered Jul 17, 2008 Between Seasons





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  • I Hate reality television, this show bash it, what's not to love???

    Tha pretty much sums it up, I love the show for the simple premise that NOTHING is to be taken seriously, While I'm not a super fan on our host, I found his cynical humor just great, because pretty much all his comments are the ones I have in mind whenever I happen to see a glimpse of those horrible shows,I wish I could have created this show myself, that would be a sweet revenge on a certain ex-girlfriend that forced me to watch "Survivor" and "American Idol" while I was expecting to make out... I only have missed one episode, and while I gotta admit that I didn't know some of the comedians prior to this show, I can tell that pretty much every single one of them made my Honor List just by being on a show that bash my most dreaded t.v. genre!

  • First episode was pretty good, second episode was awful. I've got my fingers crossed that the next ep is better.

    First off, I love Michael Ian Black. I think he is undervalued, and I'd like to see him back on an hour long dramedy. He was brilliant in "Ed."

    With that being said, I love the idea of this show, and thought the first episode was somewhat clever. So, I was extremely disappointed and outright disgusted by the second episode "Shock of Love." It takes a lot to turn my stomach and gross me out-but this episode really did it.

    I was really bummed about it, because I admit-I watched "Rock of Love," and if that show doesn't beg for a parody-I don't know what does. Although, if you think about it, "R-O-L" is such a trainwreck-if you parody it-wouldn't you then have a drama? Something to ponder.

    I'm still watching the series-I've committed myself to it-but I'm really hoping it gets better.
  • This is a hoot if for no other reason than it makes fun of all the pointless reality shows out there.

    You cant knock this show until you try it at least once. This show is good for people who like to laugh, feel good about themselves by watching other people make goofs out of themselves, or just like bashing all the really crappy, pointless, god forsaken reality shows out there. The funny part is, reality shows are so stupid, I didnt notice right away that it was making fun of them. The only thing I would really change is the host. He way over strokes his own ego. I know that thats the point, but he still over does it. But if you like to watch a bunch of alcoholics make total doofuses of themselves on basic cable for a mid-to-low sum of cash, and get a few cheap laughs along the way, this is the show for you.