Season 2 Episode 1

A New Hope

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2009 on The CW
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Sam and the boys return from a road trip and discover that they have been fired from their jobs and evicted from their apartment. Meanwhile, Andi refuses to patch things up with Sam, and The Devil returns with a new assignment.

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  • Great episode - gets things going again

    The premiere episode covers a lot of ground. Charming and funny all along the way. Sam is back from vacation and resuming his bounty hunter duties. The devil is as manipulative and Ray Wise is as fun to watch as ever. The Devil puts Sam in his place by telling him he's just one son of many children the Devil has spawned on earth - no big deal. The scenes with Sock and his stepsister were hilarious especially the tickle fight. I laughed out loud a lot and realized it's been a while since a show has made me laugh that much. I have the feeling that they are downplaying the Sam=son-of-devil part right now but that it will start to pick up steam as it goes along - which makes sense from a pacing point of view I think.moreless
  • Reaper returns and in all its glory...

    First off it is a shame this show got cancelled and second I have only just started watching season 2 so I'm a few months behind. Well now to the review, REAPERS back and as good as it left us, the story moves on a lot in the episode The devil is starting to get more devlish ans Sam is trying his hardest to get out of the Devils grasp. There was some really funny parts to this episode the both disturbing and Funny scenes where Sock LIKES his stepsister, great scenes Sock is funnier than ever and Ben is still chipping in with a joke every once in a while. Love the scene where the lads got drunk. Welcome back Reaper you where missed.moreless
  • A good return

    Its been so long but it was worth it. I really like this episode: a seemingly impossible task of capturing 20+ souls with a cattle prod, a riduculous solution that kin of worked and the gang is back doing what they do. I like the Sock/sister storyline and it was actually hilarious when he threw her off the bed like a ragdoll. The Devil is still hilarious as well but near the end we get a new story-arc building - a man who escaped from his contract with the devil! But how? And Sam is kind of gullible, isnt he?moreless
  • They're back!

    Sam, Ben and Sock return after hitting the road after Cancun. When they return, they're lost their job, their money and their apartment. Luckily, Socks new stepsister is on hand to let them move in. The devil gives sam he task of capturing 20 souls at once with a cattle prod that needs to recharge. Sam captures 2, then it's up to 40 souls. Sam gets them all drunk, then strts getting them. They souls then wake up, he douses them in water and shocks the water, getting all the souls at once, except for one guy, who escaped satans deal/moreless
  • Fantastic comeback, if this is an indication, it's going to be a great season!

    Been waiting impatiently for Reaper season 2 and I am far more impressed with this episode than I thought I would be.

    Even at the end of season 1, it was only Tony's theory that Sam was the Devil's son but in the four weeks since, it's apparently been confirmed because Sam even confronts him about it. He's always favored Sam but not anymore, he gives Sam a massive 40 soul capture and tells him to stop whining. Either he's angry about Sam's time off or this is a test to see if Sam's the Antichrist, after the rest of his children throughout history were a disappointment. Sam just ran out of favors. I always loved the warm and fluffy relationship they had and it's quite disturbing to see it turn like this. Despite that, I like the father/son thing they have going on now, it's quite touching at moments. "Why are you trying to kill me? You're supposed to be my father!"

    Loved the end – Sam gets the job done and Daddy is so proud. Sam's on a high which confuses even the Devil and looks like Sam's finally found something he's good at. He's always shown a real talent for being the bounty hunter and a capacity for creativity which lets him find solutions to unusual souls. This was the big one, which the Devil intended it to be, make or break time to test Sam's worth and he came through – he captured all the souls on his own with Sock and Ben only watching. They've always been of invaluable help but truth is, Sam actually doesn't need their help, he's *really* good at this.

    This episode is not only action-packed but is full of hilarious moments (the boys getting drunk, Sock's new sister) and sweet scenes with Andy (she has every right to be hurt and angry and Sam's handling of it was superb, show her how much she means by finding a solution) and the new relationship with the Devil as Sam's father, whom Sam has obviously accepted. So easily, in fact, makes you wonder if deep down he already knew.

    Great episode, fun and some great emotional scenes, and gotta say I love the new confident Sam. Very strong episode.moreless

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    • Sock: All right, look, it's not a problem. We hop in the car right now, drive 90 the whole way there, we'll be there in two days tops. Unless we go to Sea World...

    • Sam: Wait, um, so where did we land on the whole "telling Andi I'm the Devil's son" thing?
      Sock: Oh, I think we decided she was going to be shocked, then confused, then she'd probably stab you in the face.

    • Sam: I wrote you this letter but Sock forgot to mail it.
      Andi: You gave Sock... a letter? To mail?
      Sam: Well, yeah.
      Andi: Okay, well let me ask you this. If there was an emergency, lets say, a life-or-death situation, would you call Sock?
      Sam: Probably not.
      Andi: Say you wanted somebody to make you a piece of toast. Would you call Sock?
      Sam: I would not, no.

    • Ben: My crimper! I thought I lost it. (Sock stares) Yeah, I use a crimper sometimes, okay? It adds to my mystique.

    • Devil: Would you look at that? The Prodigal Son returns. I'm just kidding. I knew the real Prodigal Son, you know. The dude was an ass. Super needy.

    • Sock: You got to check this guy out. Look, look. "Cobrasnake." He used to gouge his enemies' eyes out and then set them on fire.
      Ben: Ughh.
      Sock: Sweet mother. I wish my nickname was "Cobrasnake."

    • Sock: She is so hot.
      Ben: Smokin'.
      Sock: Shut your mouth. That is my sister. I've got dibs.

    • Devil: I just wanted to tell you that your pentagram is a Star of David. Mazel tov!

    • Devil: Holy crap, where did you get this book? "The Devil is attracted to radishes." What does that mean? Like sexually? That's disgusting.

    • Sock: We may not have gone to college, boys, but we can certainly cram like people who did. Bottoms up.

    • Sock: Oh, got it, got it got it got it. We drive a train through the front of the warehouse, capture all the souls in the rubble.
      Sam: Yeah, umm, I don't think there's train tracks going through the warehouse, but, but, but good try.

    • Ben: Guys, this is wrong. It's stealing.
      Sam: Sometimes in order to do something good, you have to do something bad first.
      Sock: I want you to keep that in mind when I eventually make love to your mother.

    • Sam: Our beer mascot is a baby. Isn't that sort of dumb?
      Ben: No, that's not, it's not a baby. It's a leprechaun.
      Sock: Where's his hat?
      Ben: Well, he took it off, it's impolite to have it on when he's drinking.
      Sam: Why is he wearing a bib?
      Ben: Okay, it's a baby. Sheesh. It's all I know how to draw. Are you happy now?
      Sock: Very. Thank you for that.

    • Sam: You think this is going to hold?
      Ben: I was a Cub Scout, Sam. I excelled at knot-tying.
      Sock: Didn't they kick you out of Cub Scouts?
      Ben: It was a very political organization.

    • Ben: Oh my god. This Bentō box Kristen made is so delicious. What's in it?
      Sock: Hmm? Oh, that's, uh, chicken, tapioca, and pickles.
      Ben: You have no idea what's in this, do you?
      Sock: I didn't even know it was food, Benjy.

    • Devil: I think I was wrong about you, Sam. You're not a dud at all. You don't even know what you're capable of. What evil will come your way, what terrible things you will do at my bidding. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship, Sammy. So you go ahead and enjoy your life while you can. Because one of these days, you're mine.
      Sam: You have a good night too.
      Devil: Ahhh. Just for that I'm going to make it rain.

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    • Title
      This is a reference to the first movie in Star Wars saga. Release in 1977 the original name was just Star Wars but afterward was renamed to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.