Season 2 Episode 1

A New Hope

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Sam, Sock, and Ben are on the road and Ben reads Sam's letter to Andi. Sam comes out to discover they're reading it instead of mailing it. They've gone been for four weeks and Andi has no idea where they are. Sock suggest they either drive back right away or go to Seaworld.

The guys arrive at the Work Bench and Sam wonders how to approach Andi with the news he's the Devil's son. He finally goes in and finds her in the employees' room. She gives him a box of his stuff and informs him and the guys have been kicked out of their apartment. She's not too thrilled with Sam and is even less happy to hear that he gave the letter to Sock to mail. Finally she tells him that Ted has fired all of them and will have them arrested if they trespass.

At the Brickhouse, the guys consider their options and they decide to stay at Sock's house, despite the fact his mother kicked him out. Finally a girl answers the door: Kristen. She refuses to let him in and they break in to the Work Bench after hours to sleep. As Sam pushes the door back into place, he finds himself on a rooftop with the Devil. The Devil asks how he's been doing but admits it sounds boring. He drills a hole in the warehouse wall and shows him Derek McCarthy, a former gang leader and escapee from Hell who now street fights. The Devil gives Sam a cattle prod as a vessel and tells him that everyone at the fight is an escaped soul and Sam has to capture them all.

The guys go over the file on McCarthy and the others. Ted finds them and prepares to call the cops, but Sock threatens to call Corporate about the fact that Ted is running a scam. Ted dares them to do it but Sock reveals he knows about all the other scams Ted is running. Ted quickly folds.

The next day, the guys are back at work Sam tries to get back together with Andi but she refuses to go out with him for lunch. Sock goes home and tries to get Kristen to let him in. She finally confronts him and tells him that she's his stepsister. She's housesitting while their parents are on their honeymoon. They start to get along, and Sock starts to find himself attracted to her.

The guys check out the warehouse where the souls are brawling. Sock is more concerned about whether he should date his stepsister. They're interrupted when two of the souls come out into the alleyway and attack them. Sam manages to send one of them back but they realize the battery takes a minute to recharge. Sam and Ben hold the second soul long enough to activate the prod and send it away. They guys realize they're in over their heads and run for it.

The guys regroup at Sock's house and Kristen comes in dressed in a bikini. Sam figures that the Devil wants him dead and Ben suggests that Sam try to take advantage of their relationship. Sock is more concerned wondering if Kristen is falling for him.

At the Work Bench, Ben and Sock try to apologize to Andi and read the letter back to her as best they can remember. Andi appreciates them trying to help but says that it's between her and Sam. Meanwhile, Sam is in the back trying to summon the Devil. The Prince of Darkness appears and Sam tries to appeal to him as a son but the Devil refuses. He explains that he's sired thousands of children in the hopes of finding the one that will bring Hell to Earth. The Devil tells Sam to stop whining and tells him that now he has to recapture forty souls, and if he doesn't figure it out then the Devil has no use for him.

Sam tells Ben what happened and Sock suggests they drink heavily and try to come up with ideas. It doesn't go well. They wake up the next morning and Ben has one good idea: they get the souls drunk. Step one: they have to steal a beer shipment. They lock the driver in the store only to discover his co-driver in the cab. Sam tries to explain things but the co-driver notices Sock yelling to Sam to drive away. Sam makes a hasty exit.

Next, the guys paint a Work Bench truck as a beer truck. Inside, Sam tries to talk to Andi who wonders why Sam ran away instead of coming to her. She admits that she thought one of the souls killed him. Sam apologizes never to put her in that position again but Andi warns that he'll never escape the Devil.

That night the guys buy enough beer to fill the truck and park it outside the warehouse where the souls have gathered. As they wait, Sam tells them about Andi. The souls come out and take the beer, then turn over the truck and set it on fire. Later, the guys go to the roof and check to make sure that all the souls are passed out. Sam lowers himself down on a rope and he starts capturing them into the vessel one at a time as Ben and Sock swing him back and forth. However, Ben's knot doesn't hold and Ben falls on top of a soul. He sends that one back but the others start to wake up. Sam runs for a ladder and climbs up to the catwalk. The souls follow and Sam goes to the window. He ties himself to a fire hose and jumps out a window, swinging down to the ground floor. As the souls come after him, Sam turns on the fire hose and sprays them down, then thrusts the cattle prod into the resulting puddle, capturing them all simultaneously.

As Ben and Sock come down, Sam sees one last soul. The escaped soul, Alan, explains that he got caught up with the others and is glad they're gone. Sam uses the prod on him but nothing happens. Alan realizes that his plan worked and he beat the Devil. Alan explains that he sold his soul to the Devil and Sam wants to know how he got out of it. The soul asks for the cattle prod so he can explain, and when Sam does so Alan knocks him out and flees.

The next day at the Work Bench, Sam asks Andi if they can talk and tells her that Alan broke his deal with the Devil, and all they have to do if find him and figure out how Sam can get out of his deal. Andi agrees and they kiss.

Ben and Sock are eating at Sock's house when Kristen asks Sock to give her a hand in the bedroom. Sock goes in and offers to help her use the bed controls. She thanks him when he gets it just right and they talk about how natural they are together. Kristen admits that she's glad that she has a big brother. Sock tries to convince her that he's just a stepbrother but she insists she plans to be the best sister ever for him and starts a tickle fight.

Sam leaves the Work Bench and finds a happy Devil waiting for him in a hot car. As they start to leave, the Devil congratulates him. Sam suggests they go party and the Devil wonders why he's so happy. The Devil admits he's not feeling it any more and tells him to get out, but notes that Sam doesn't know how capable he is and is looking forward to all the evil Sam will do at his bidding. The Devil makes it rain and drives off, but Sam refuses to get depressed.