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Season 1 Episode 13

Acid Queen

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2008 on The CW
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Episode Summary

When Andi's life is threatened by an escaped soul from Hell, Sam must go out of his way to protect her.

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  • Amazing epi!! :)

    Andi finally tells Sam that she likes him. And he just doesn't know what to say to her, very classic-Sam. Off course he wants to tell her that he likes her back, but he's worried about Cady. I really like that the story works as a way to get the story to develop. When Sam discovers Andi's life is in danger, he rescues her, but in doing that he realises that he puts her in to much danger... that's so sad. I really wished they could be together... :(

    Sam realises that not all demons are bad. The two neighbours seem to not like the devil too much, and seem to be a little to interested in the fact that he talks to Sam. I can't wait to see what comes out of that little rendez-vous in the end... :)moreless
  • Perfect


    I really cant think of anything that will make this episode any better. It has it all. Locations are varied and we dont see much of the workbench. The actual reapering is against one of the most dangerous escaped souls so far.

    Dialogue is quirky, funny, informative and expressive through out.

    Scenes are well-paced with an unmistakable sense of growing intensity and trepidation.

    The plot is one of the best storylines so far. Perhaps now that basic char. dev of the main characters is over and a big enough grounding of complex situations between them exist, the writers are free to progress the action?!

    As it is you'll love the danger the trio face. You'll appreciate the conflict between the guys and the gay-demons. You'll feel your heart skip a beat as Andi is put in danger. You'll wonder with excite as to where the very last scene will send Sam... in conflict with the Devil????

    The best episode of my fav. show (at the mo). Without a doubt!moreless
  • Sam, Sock and Benji go after a supermodel demon while dealing with avoiding their neighbors. Sam also finds trouble hitting it off with Andi.

    The Demon: Might I say that the acid-spraying demon is probably one of the most simple, but on the other hand, interesting demons this show has delivered us. Recently the demons haven't just been random demons, they somehow fit into the story weirdly, they don't end up to be so fitting to the episode, good job on this episode.

    The Neighbors: After last episode's discovery, the gang try to avoid their ideal, but creepy new neighbors. They eventually catch on and Sam tells them the truth, he didn't expect the exact reply he thought of, but it sufficed. These new neighbors are getting interesting, especially after the last scene. It could lead to a very epic season finale.moreless
  • Andi and Sam kiss and Sock's Metrosexuality becomes ever more present

    The guys feel freaked out by the fact that their Gay neighbours Steve and Tony are Demons. They end up trying to avoid them at first before Sam just comes out and admits it. Meanwhile Andy admits to Sam that she sees him as more than a friend and the escaped soul is a fashion model who flings acid about.

    Once again another great episode of Reaper (although I found the previous 2 weeks a tiny bit better). What had changed this show in recent weeks and continues to make it better is the increased focus on the characters and decreased focus on the job of reaping. The devil is more in the background in this episode (he doesn't appear till at least 10 minutes in) than he ever has been letting the escaped soul have more importance in the guys lives. The Acid Queen of the title personally comes after our characters, which makes her a far more important foe than previously, and increases the danger. I liked this change in tack. It also makes us understand better the reason for Sam keeping Andi out of the whole Reaper side of his life. She really gets physically hurt from it.

    Steve and Tony once again are an important part of the plot providing us with some of the funniest lines in the episode. When Sam finally reveals to them that he knows they are Demons is a very sharp scene. 'It's not because of anything you've done, it's because of what you are'. Also when Sam meets one of them at the bar to reconcile their differences the mention of demophobic was likewise very sharp. The reveal featuring Tony and Sam at the end may not be shocking but makes perfect sense in the redefinition of this series. With the mention of the Devil having more than a personal interest in Sam (and the way the devil acts almost fatherly around him) you can't help but think, that the devil is actually looking for a replacement, and wants him to take power, otherwise why would he let him mingle with Steve and Tony in the first place let alone get with Cady. Though think back and there is the mystery of Sam's Dad and why the devil won't talk to him that needs resolving - could it play a part.

    Lastly I'd like to mention Sock as a character - he is clearly straight but this episode a hell of a lot of what he did and said came off Gay This is obviously deliberate but has living near Steve and Tony made him more the metrosexual? It would seem so. His counterpart at the Fashion Mag was clearly made to look a little like him with the beard and hair as well. I honestly think that Sock would work there if he was offered it.moreless
  • Sam races to save beautiful women

    Sam, Ben and Sock are desperatley trying to avoid Greg and Tony, the two queer demons. They sort of "break up" with them and annoy them, when Sam finds out they know hes a reaper. Anyway, Sam finds out the next escaped soul is a jealous hot women who uses her acid powers to burn off the faces of the women shes jealous of. Anyway, Andi tells Sam she likes him so Sam invites her to come round the apartment on Friday. The 4 of them then go to a party where the soul will be and she tries to kill Andi. Sam saves Andi from her, but they end up in a car crash and Sam captures the soul.moreless
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Erica Cerra

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Kyle Labine


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Brandi Alexander

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Vessel: A "blowing bubbles" bottle

    • In the last scene of the chapter when Sam is invited to Steve's apartment, Sam's coat keeps changing from being held in his hand in front of him to being held in his hand over his shoulder as the camera changes from Sam to Steve.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Sock: Money. Money, schmoney. Come on, if I'd worried about money my whole life, where do you think I'd be?

    • Ben: "Something we'll regret?" What the hell does that mean?
      Sock: It means we're about this close to becoming demon dinner. Hey, you guys want a Sock, Sam, and Ben Muffin? They're nutritious and delicious.

    • The Devil: Ah, narcissism. One of my favorite virtues.

    • Sock: So we're dealing with a hot soul that kills even hotter women? Is there anything wrong that I'm aroused and disgusted at the same time?
      Ben: Yeah, probably, but you shouldn't beat yourself up over it.
      Sock: Thanks, Benjy.

    • Steve: Okay, the homophobe thing, all right, I don't agree with but I understand. But... fallen angels, doomed to walk the Earth for eternity. That weirds you out?
      Tony: Racist.
      Sam: It's not normal.
      Steve: Biology vs. society, what's normal, Sam? You're a Reaper? I play racquetball with Gladys, she told me.

    • Sam: Have you guys eaten anybody?
      Tony: That's offensive.
      Steve: We don't have to listen to this.
      Tony: That's offensive.

    • Sam: Sock! Focus!
      Sock: I'm sorry, Sam, I couldn't help but notice that poor Brazilian super-model isn't wearing any underwear.
      Ben: Geez, woman, show some respect.
      Sock: Really.

    • (capturing the soul)
      Sam: Say goodnight, bitch.

    • Sock: Hey, did the doctors x-ray you?
      Andi: Yes.
      Sock: Good. I have a theory about radiation. You're exposed to enough in your lifetime, you have a greater chance of getting... cooler mutant powers.
      Andi: Yeah, but I don't think I really want mutant powers, Sock.

    • Sock: Hey, why don't we go and scope out some candy-stripers. Childhood fantasy of mine

    • Ben: I mean, they're like our cool, fun uncles.
      Sock: Benji, have you ever had a cool, fun uncle?
      Ben: Uncle Hector.
      Sock: Uncles are creepy by definition, okay? Have you not been watching your SVU?

    • Devil: Serious question for you. Are you a boob man, ass man, leg man? What's your preference?
      Sam: I'm not having this conversation.
      Devil: I've always been more of an ass man myself.
      Sam: Would you stop it?
      Devil: Come on, what's a little locker room talk between friends?
      Sam: We're not friends.

    • (at a gay bar)
      Sam: Of course you swing both ways.
      Devil: Hey, at least I swing, baby.

    • Sam: You think you could get me and the guys into this party?
      Steve: Well, aren't you the little heterosexual?

    • Devil: Oh, come on. A lifetime of meaningless, cheap, one-night stands won't be so bad. Who knows? In time, you may learn to enjoy yourself, like moi.

    • Devil: Hey, good boy, Sammy. My heart's bursting with pride. Want to go to a strip club? I know one with a great free buffet.

  • NOTES (5)

    • This episode was nominated for the 2009 Leo Awards for Best Direction In A Dramatic Series, and for Best Costume Design In A Dramatic Series.

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: July 23, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Latin America: September 12, 2008 on Universal Channel
      Sweden: February 13, 2009 on Kanal 5
      Norway: Saturday, March 28, 2009 on TVNorge
      Germany: July 20, 2009 on ProSieben
      Australia: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 on 7TWO

    • Music:

      Don't Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult), Tight Fit (New Young Pony Club), Pretty Pictures (Little Barrie), What Chu Wanna Do? (Mobonix), Sexy Beast, Bongo Fury (Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra), Waste My Life (Love Arcade)

    • Andrew Airlie and Valarie Rae Miller are credited but don't appear.

    • Sock (Tyler Labine) sees Kendell and says "I know a brother when I see one." Kyle Labine, who plays Kendell, is Tyler Labine's real-life brother.


    • Acid Queen
      The episode is named after a song from the Who's rock opera Tommy; in this particular song, Tommy's parents take him to see a gypsy (or, as she calls herself, Acid Queen) to cure his condition, which she attempts to do by loading Tommy up with hallucinogenic drugs. In the movie version, the Queen was played by Tina Turner, who also sang the song.

    • Sock: Uncles are creepy by definition, okay. Have you not been watching your SVU?
      Referencing the spin-off series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The NBC show is about a squad of detectives who deal with sexually-based crimes.

    • The Devil: I thought you'd never ask, Dorothy. Hold on to your ruby slippers.
      Referencing the classic The Wizard of Oz (1939), starring Judy Garland as Dorothy. Later in the episode, the escaped soul being swept up in a bubble resembles Glinda, the Good Witch, arriving in a magical bubble.