Season 1 Episode 3

All Mine

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2007 on The CW

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  • stinks

    this episode wasn't that good. It was just kind of boring. Oh wow same formula, same plot line. Now Sam has to deal with a demon and his love life. Actually what love life? he didn't get one until episode 12. So for the first tweleve episodes he was a loser. In fact he's still a loser. Anyways i totally didn't see it coming! i mean i had no idea what was going to happen except for the fact that pratically the same thing happens in every episode. I want the last hour of my life back after watching that pile of junk
  • The requisite bug episode. Not great but good.

    This week's soul: kills with bugs. Who isn't squeamish about being attacked by bugs? Yuck. The Devil seems to have such a sense of humor when handing out the vessels – this time it's a toaster! That needs to be plugged in, no less. As always, the boys use their jobs at the Work Bench to assist in soul capture, getting extension cords for the toaster. As always happens with the first try with the vessel, one of them screws up and this time it's Sock. Followed by the genius of leaving a Work Bench flyer behind so the soul now knows where they work. Sock has issues with bugs and says he can't help on this one, but just can't stand around and watch Sam, so rejoins the fight. I always find that so sweet, Sam's friends automatically want to help even though by right it is Sam's destiny.

    The story has a twist though – the guy is not actually the soul, instead the soul is a woman obsessed with him. "It was more fear than love… actually, it was all fear." Very funny when he tells her he was in it just for the sex!

    Andi decides to quit the Work Bench and return to school and Sam torments himself about whether he should advise her about what's right for her or what's right for him. But the decision is taken out of his hands when the Devil decides to play Cupid. Despite what the Devil said about coddling Sam, truth is he really does – he's got a definite soft spot for Sam.

    Sam's hybrid car makes it's first appearance since it tried to kill him. Personally, I'm not sure I would have driven it again!

    Not as good as the first two episodes, but good.
  • Worst episode of the season.

    I have already seen the whole season, and this has to be the worst one, but to be fair, not by far.

    The let down had to be the storyline, I just dont think it lived up to the standard, which was very quickly set by the first episodes, which I thought was quite high for this genre of show.

    Comedy is hard to pull off, because if you do it just sligtly wrong, you will miss out on a whole lot of viewers.

    Luckily, I didnt judge the show off this episode, because if I did, I would have stopped watching definately in my opinion.
  • Sam has to collect a soul that kills with insects...

    This show just keeps on making me laugh. I just love Sock, and his lines... He cracks me up! And I'm just amazed why they all haven't been fired yet from the Work Bench, they just keep stealing stuff... ;)
    This time the vessel was a toaster. It's really funny to see their reaction to the vessels, the devil just keeps on coming up with rediculous ways to collect souls... :)
    I like the hole Sam and Andi plot. It is so obvious that she also likes him, so I'm wondering how long it can be before something really happens between them?
    A great epi! :)
  • devil comes through for sam again

    sam has to catch a soul that uses bugs to kill people. sam gets the vessel which is a toaster but they find the bugs and the bugs kill an exterminator. andis going back to college full time which is sad for sam. sam finds out the guy (something bunsen) is not the killer, but a woman who is made up of bugs. she killed bunsens wife cos she thought she was comingbetween her and bunsen, but bunsen was in it cos she was good in bed. sam realises the faulty toaster is actually like a bug zapper and breaks it, capturing the soul. then the devil makes it so andi doesn't go back to school. things are getting better
  • Great episode...

    The Devil shows Sam photos of several people who have been killed by insect bites and stings. Sam, Sock and Ben discover the soul is an angry mistress who sends bugs to attack anyone who gets near her former lover. Meanwhile, Sam is devastated after Andi meets a new guy at college who encourages her to quit The Work Bench and go back to school full-time. This episode was great, it was very funny, the three of them were great Sock is so cool, Sam and Ben are great aswell, the show gets better and better each week, another cool episode of Reaper.
  • Bees abuzz

    This was just an okay episode for me. It seemed to plod along, the story itself was okay about a soul disguised as bees to kill some folks. Since there's not much I can add there, let me talk about the charachters a little. The Devil is the Devil, played perfectly by Ray Wise. Sam, the main charachter is someone i've never seen on TV before but he plays the part of the goofy, slightly nerdy fellow who has wacky friends and is pining for a cutie. The cutie in question is Andi, played by Missy Peregrym and while I may have a crush on her she does well as the coy one who while not playing hard to get, is interested in Sam. Sam gets sidetracked by his two friends. Ben a latino/Hispanic (forgive me, I don't know the correct PC term here) is more the straight man side kick, played well by Rick Gonzalez (hailing from my hometown-Brooklyn). If memory serves last I saw him was on The Shield. Sock is the real comic foil here. Very funny, silly, able to laugh at himself...we've seen this guy before on Invasion where he played a straight role. This kid, his name is Tyler Labine has acting chops. It is my belief that he is the driving force of the show. He gets most of the comic lines and always seems to be involved in anything action related.

    With this cast it would seem that every episode should be a winner. For this episode, these guys did the best they could with what they had.
  • This was a painfully slow show.

    I am getting addicted to Sock. I think the character has a lot in the way to offer. Some serious character development is needed here. The show was slow and how long does it take to nail a demon? I don't mind the creepy crawlies too much but last night's episode was a bit too much! The tempo of the entire show was slow and I almost rated low, but there is potential there and I have seen later shows to prove the writers got it together eventually. I am glad I caught this show on the rebound. Else I may never a tuned in again. And, the toaster deal was awesome.
  • College is hard.....

    Ok, the bug thing grossed me out and didn't seem that original (think X-Files & a bunch of other shows).
    However what disappointed me was the decision to portray someone deciding to go to college as a bad idea.
    The scene where she reads off the summary of the statistics class sort of struck me as sad (and I only had a vague understanding of it myself and hate stat classes!) If he really cared for Andi I think he'd see that it's better for her than staying in a minimum wage paying job. I'm not saying he shouldn't be sad, but maybe he should get motivated too instead of sabatoging her chances. I know it's just a plot point in one episode but it was kind of annoying.

    I hope they address Andi's 'fear' of college and of 'change' that she confides in him and grow her more in subsequent episodes.

    And Sock is starting to grow a little annoying, I hope they tone down his character a bit. Nonetheless, it has potential, I love how he has to figure out how to use the soulcatcher each time and Ray Wise really is an excellent casting for the devil.
  • Descent

    This episode was okay. They were really creative with the demon and how they had to find out how to use a toaster in order to capture the demon. It was pretty cool as well that they wanted us to believe that the old guy was doing all of it. I thought it was great how Soc was hitting on the demon and the look on his face when he realised that it was the demon was priceless. Anyways it did take a long time to go after the demon so i do think they need to pick up the pace of i won't tune in
  • A strong, unique and interesting story premise is being defeated by weak character portrayals.

    It is difficult to understand how executive producers of SVU, a serial that revels in strong characters, could create a program where the principal characters are portrayed as weak and incompetent, and passing that off as humor.

    Sock mimics Bob Denver's Gilligan without his innocence. His meddling is almost camp except for that his performance is not quite enough of a caricature to be funny, just irritating.

    On the other hand, Sam's adolescent behavior becomes tiresome quickly. He is not quite photogenic enough or charismatic enough to cause the audience to overlook the weak "boy trying to become a man" portrayal.

    Missy Peregrym plays a passable love interest, but it is Ray Wise that carries his character with his impeccable trademark smile.

    This story has possibilities, but while it continues to stress the stultifyingly formula behavior of the main characters, it will fail.
  • Mistress of the bugs.

    I have to admit that this week's episode wasn't too good. It seemed like it was just a filler episode in my opinion. Once again he doesn't want to collect the souls and once again he wants to tell the girl that he likes her and doesn't. I think it's about time to move the story along a little because it's too soon into the season to have filler episodes. I like the way the devil is portrayed in this show. It makes more sense than to think of the devil as red, with horns and a pointy tail. I do like the friends and how they all are sort-of working together to capture the escaped souls. I'm also a big fan of the guy who is the best friend. I can't remember his name (I know, nice fan not knowing his name) but I liked him in Invasion because he gave the show a touch of comedy. He seems to work much better with this show and in this last episode he was very funny. When he was hitting on the bug mistress he was cracking me up. Overall, I hope the series isn't in a downward spiral because I really like the whole premise of the show.
  • I was just so grossed out for some reason.

    I really hate all sorts of insects, but when this episode viewed on a really big tv, really, really, creeped me out. I cant even comment on the episode seeing that i hat to change the channel after the first minute or two. I was really trying to like this show because the reaper guy was really funny in The Loop, the show he previously started in. I mean his character is almost the same which some people might think is a bad thing but i would enjoyed the comedy before and was really hopping to now. Still really a stupid episode.

    p.s I still don't understand the whole powers thing. Does he get to keep them or they do they go away with the souls. They really should have at least built some sort of a base to explain all this.
  • Yucky bugs.

    I did read the other reviews on this episode and agree with one thing, that this show needs to grow more with the characters then the cool special effects (even though I like those too). Sam needs to move in on Andi, he's just not going any closer than the first episode, because of the simple fact they focus alot of the storyline on them, but they are going nowhere. My favourite line was when Sock was with the bee chick and she had a bee on her forehead and he said 'I'll get that....I guess you already did' (after it disappeared in her forhead. Keep up the humour.
  • This one was just ok!

    I started watching the Reaper because i always loved the main actors in other series and movies.

    The first 2 episodes were great, and had some VERY funny moments, and that was what i missed the most in this episode.

    Right now, i cant remember even 1 funny line or moment in this episode.

    Was good the fact that Andi is not goind back to college, so she and Sam have another chance, was kinda nice the moment when Sock was helping Sam to find something to kill the bugs, but.... that was pretty much it.

    There were no funny scenes with the devil, not much interesting stuff with the soul he had to get back, anyway, i hope the next episodes get better.
  • Sam's new assignment is to capture an escaped soul that is using bugs to murder people. Sam and Andi's romance moves forward a little bit as a new guy in her life tries to convince her to leave The Work Bench and go to college full time.

    My opinion of this show is staying the same. I love it, I think it's hilarious, and I will definitely keep watching.

    However, this episode kind of fell off a bit. I agree with some of the reviews that say the episodes are becoming a bit repetitive. It's never boring though, because there is always a fresh amount of humor to lighten things up. This episode also had some development with the romantic side story between Sam and Andi. Granted, the ending left us hanging kind of, but I think that's just going to make things interesting in the next few episodes. I'm betting we'll at least see a kiss before too long. The acting continues to be great, and the writing funny, despite being slightly repetitive.

    Based on the preview for next week's episode and what I've read of it, hopefully things will get back on track. I don't want Reaper to get canceled at all, I think the show is wonderful.
  • Still remaining the same (going nowhere)

    So basically, the show is going nowhere. I don't really see how the show could go anywhere though, but I'm hoping they can cook up something better than every episode seeming like this. So it is a bug episode, and I personally hate bug themed episodes because I spend the whole 40 minutes of the show scratching myself and being paranoid since I just really hate and despise bugs. Though the episode wasn't that bad, the fact that it had to do anything with bugs bothered me a lot.

    This show will get canceled soon if tit doesn't start thinking of more creative and fun themes.
    Episode Quote (courtesy of Sock): Die toaster, die!
  • I like this show. But...

    I hate to say it because I Really like this show but I found myself mildly dissapointed. I just kept wondering where the comedy had gone. I can't figure out what exactly it was missing. I do think they tried way to hard to be funny and it just became silly. To be fair maybe I didn't like it because I'm just a serious bug-o-phobe but I don't think so.
    I do have to say The Vessel never ceases to amaze me. This time I expected a fly swatter. How unimaginative of me. The toaster really threw me. That deffinately got a laugh out of me. It's as I said I like this show and one slightly dissapointing episode isn't going to stop me from watching.
  • Been there, seen that, don't wanna go there again

    Not to compare, but "Supernatural" did it better with the whole man vs. bugs plot. And even then that ep of that show was mediocre. But this? Oh well. What's done is done, and the show must go on. This week's episode had no real drive forward. I know it's only the 3rd ep, but the early episodes of a new series are what truly tell the tale of a show's future fate. And if things don't start to pick up a little, this one's ain't gonna be pretty. First off, the whole bug theme. Uh, I think I've made my point on this already, so I'll move on. Second, I'd actually like to at least try to do this ep a tad bit of positive justice by focusing on what I thought was (for this show right now, anyway) an important factor. That would be the whole Sam/Andi dynamic. Up to now these two have been presented as being the obvious "love story" of the ... well, story. More like loveLESS. I get a weird vibe of a Clark/Lana thing happening between them regarding anything resembling a relationship at this point. It's obvious these two are into each other, yet neither seems willing to make a move. Yet, anyway. But this is where the REAL issue comes in. Right now both are preoccupied at looking at their own lives and what they should do. Both feel stuck in dead-end jobs and fear what their futures hold. Sam's, of course, is a little more radical than Andi's, but that's not to say he's wrong in still wanting "something that doesn't suck". But because of his newfound destiny, he's pretty much left trying to figure out how to juggle this around his normal life, hence he's stuck for a while. But Andi actually takes a step to better her life this week. And Sam even helps her with his little pep talks, which shows how much he really does care for her, so this is actually a leap forward to their story from last week. However, her endeavors leave her in the end with a feeling of fear and confusion that she resorts back to her old job at the Work Bench, something she says she's comfortable with for now. Then again, maybe she's really waiting for Sam after all.

    If there's one highlight I can say about this ep it would have to be Sock. His humor and dialogue were just so over the top this week that some of it even bordered on risque (sort of). He was very entertaining this round and I just gotta give the guy major props. I also have to give Ray Wise his usual credit as he just steals about every scene he's in. I'm still loving my gal Valerie Rae Miller's Josie character. She's got the beauty and grace, and she's great with the bantering with Sock and I still enjoyed her screen know, for all 2 of the scenes she was in this week. Wish they would show more of her. And as for Ben, well, he's still coming off as the common sensical one of the trio, but at least he didn't get hurt this week. One thing of interest is the minor character of Ted, the Work Bench manager who appears to be the typical pain-in-the-rump kind of boss. He comes off as an arrogant little toad, but God help me, I like the character. Some of his sayings tend to have double meanings (such as when he told Sam that if he wanted to move forward in his promotion he had to have special skills, which of course if Ted really only knew!) This reminds me of Joyce Summers, who would say things with double meanings around Buffy many a time. Eh, whatever. Odds and Ends:
    - So Sam's parents and brother weren't featured this week. At this point, not so sure that's a bad thing.
    - A toaster as a vessel was cute, but just didn't work well this week.
    - Speaking of the vessel, I actually missed seeing them turn the vessel in this week to Gladys at the DMV.

    I'm rating this a solid 6. Just...not very good. But not necessarily a total bomb, either (Sock pretty much saved it for me this week). Next week's ep's preview left us seeing that Sam will be taking on a soul with a sword. Hope it's better than this week's.....
  • nothing really happened...

    i like ben, i was irritated with sock, andie is sweet and the devil guy was cute! hehehe...

    the reason i watch the series is because of andie, i liked in heroes...but i guess it's still too early to tell whether the series will be bad or good. however, i'm minutely entertained though if not for the devil.

    sock is really irritating in this episode i guess it also goes with the previous episodes. i like ben better, glad that he wasn't injured now. i think ben is the conscience of the group. while sock is the impulsive one, ben is going to be the one who will think twice before doing something..
  • This Bugged Me....

    Episode 3 of Reaper and things haven't much approved. While there was some development going on in the Sam/Andi department, there was little else going on here that pushes the series to the potential that was created in the pilot. Every subsequent episode from the pilot has not been anywhere near as good, although it still carries it's charm, humor, and the always great Ray Wise. The fact that Missy Peregrym continues to get more and more beautiful every week is also a plus. "All Mine" was a predictable episode that we have all seen in various other sci-fi/supernatural shows that have had episodes on bugs or other assorted creepy crawlies. "Supernatural" had a bug episode in season 1, and it was my least favorite episode of that season. Still, it was better than this. While other writers and directors seem to have found the voices of it's main characters, maybe they need Kevin Smith on board more regularly?. Reaper has been fun so far, but it doesn't seem to be moving forward much. This is something that I talked about in my review for "Charged". It has an interesting formula and premise, but it's starting to wear thin, and it's way too soon for it to start doing that. Not a good sign I'm afraid. "All Mine" was watchable, as Reaper always is, but there was not much else going on. It was a pretty weak, file and forget it episode. Even the humor wasn't as strong or as abundant in the previous two episodes. Things need to be shaken up pretty soon before Reaper falls into the 'mundane'. That all being said, let's get into the episode itself. I liked that there was some kind of action with Sam and Andi, and I liked seeing Robert Foxworth as a guest star. Other than that?. Well, let's get into it first....

    First of all, let's get into the "relationship" aspect of the episode first instead of the big bad. For the previous two weeks, we have seen some flirting and some signs of interest between Sam and Andi. In those 2 episodes, it moved at a snail's pace between the two. The chemistry was not all there, but it's gradually getting there. Here, Sam blows off another chance with Andi when he doesn't want to attend a seminar at college. If a girl like Andi asked me to go with her to a seminar on dirt, I would go!!!. Jealousy rises when he sees her with another guy, who tries to talk Andi into going back to school and leaving The Work Bench. Andi has taken this all to heart and decides to leave to go back to school. She wants a career, not a job. During the events that Sam is going thru with this week's escapee, he comes to realize something that they said about the man they were trying to help. He didn't say anything and lived a miserable life. Sam decides he IS going to say something and he ISN'T going to live a miserable life. He goes to tell Andi how he feels, only to find that classes have been canceled for the year. Needless to say, our devillish little friend with the million dollar smile(and suits to go with it)had something to do with it. Both Sam and Andi agree that they want things to stay the same right now. So, back to the work bench. Does this also mean that things will stay the same between them?. Obvious interest but no action?. The storyline here moved along a little bit, but it isn't quite clear where the two now stand. They definitley have to get this part of the show moving and more interesting before the audience no longer cares.

    Sam's mission this week has him going after an escaped soul who is using bugs to kill people. At first, Sam and his buddies think the culprit is a man living in an apartment building. Soon, the Work Bench squad find out that the man is innocent, and the real culprit is his former lover who is attacking anyone, no matter what the intention is, who gets close to him. It all adds up to a big ho hum. This storyline was not very interesting or showy. It was pretty simple and average. We've seen it all before. Like iin the previous two episodes, the escaped soul part of the show haven't ben as good as they should. The fire guy in the Pilot was pretty cool, but it's dropped since then. The storyline here and the outcome was pretty weak and borderline average. Still, it was nice to see Robert Foxworth. He is just one of those guys who's been around forever. You either know his name or his face. He did a pretty good job. Otherwise, there was not much else to recommend here. The vessel this week was a toaster, and like with the remote controlled car last week, there were some complications. That whole part was rather slight and reeked of "didn't we see something like this last week?". Like other things going on in this series, the vessel is something that can run out of steam fast.

    In the end, "All Mine" was a rather disappointing and unsatisfactory episode. On the plus side, Ben didn't get hurt in this episode. That's gotta make the actor happy!. Also, no sign of Sam's brother or parents. As I've said before and will probably say again, there is no need for the brother. His abscene here barely registered. Same goes for Sock's ex, whose name I can never remember. There's a sign, folks. "All Mine", like the previous episodes, was uneven. This is a problem that I thought has plaqued the series since the start. It still has a problem finding that right balance between everything that is going on and what kind of a show it wants to be. There is a lot of potential in Reaper. The makers and cast have said that they don't take themselves or the show very seriously. Maybe it's time they start.