Season 1 Episode 9

Ashes to Ashes

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2007 on The CW

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  • Sam discovers something new about the Devil!!

    So who knew that the devil had a mistress called Mimi, and might possibly be the father of her child...?!? Very funny stuff, I just loved when Sock was dancing with her on the floor, until he freaked out... :) Poor woman, she just doesn't have a clue... :)
    I liked that Ben finally confronted Andi about Sam, and how she feels about him. Allthough it might be too late for Andi. Sam sure did seem to find he devils love-child very interesting... ;) It's good that he is finally trying to forget about Andi, that storyline has been a bit slow over the last epis, but now it really looks promising...!! ;)
  • Just love the change of pace from this show

    Another great installment from a class show. Never trying to be anything other than what it is - low brow entertainment!

    This episode works particularly well because the focus is more on the spirit and a good portion of the tv "devil" and his private life. Again, the plot is well concieved, hidden behind what we seen on screen. In this case the so-called girlfriend of the "devil". She is actually the target that will get Sam into contact with his target. Shes a real hottie too!

    Furthermore a well placed break from Andie means we dont see virtually any of her in this episode (not welcomed) and her constant moaning (which is welcomed)! The grandma angle puts polish on the whole episode.

    With a bad ash monster to deal with and a nice little hook to watch the next episode, when Sam findsout that the "devils" ex has a daughter - it really is an almost perfect episode to watch.

    Just beautiful!
  • the next episode, involving a soul thats a spirit.

    Sam is upset over the fact that Andi and him are only friends. The next spiritisa soul who kills people with the Ashes of those who have been cremated. The devil sends Sam to do some handyman work at a womans house (shes dating the devil) Sam, sock and Ben gets all of the ashes of the people on the hit list and then go to Bens family party where his grandmother stabs Sam in the hand and calls him "El Diablo". They then capture the spirit in a hoover who then merges with all of the ashes, they then capture him withn the vessel. also, the devil could have a daughter
  • funnny...

    Sam has to fix appliances at a lady's house and this lady apparently has the devil as her boyfriend. Interesting. Sam has to capture a spirit that is invisible and is out to get all of the families that had someone cremated at his funeral home. In the end, the spirit went to the devil's girlfriend's house to kill her, but Sam stops him. Oh, then the lady breaks up with the devil and we find out that she has a daughter. Interesting. Oh, the grandmother was halarious. Overall, good story, funny, character development and introductions and another good episode of Reaper.
  • The devil has a soul?

    This was an interesting episode. The Devil has a girlfriend and even - maybe a child? Mimi is off to NM with a daughter that could be the child of the Devil. The Devil is more explained in this episode. It was nice getting to know him a bit more. There was some hilarity with Socks and crew and the man they were hunting down to return to Hell. I laughed and am glad to see this show is getting better and better with each new episode. Here's hoping for another season pick up and full season this year - hopefully!
  • So Devil may have a kid ???

    The Devil has a girlfriend and Sam meets her.

    Ben's grandmother can see evil spirits and she didnt liked Sam.

    The soul doesnt have a boy so they boys dont get to see it.

    Sock is annoing Sam coz he's "acting like a girl" hehehe those parts were very funny.

    "Waves of Sam" was very funny too.

    Also liked the scenes where the boys collect the ashes.

    Sock dancing was hilarious !!!!

    "Protect your orifices" hehehe
    I just love Sock hehehehe Is it just me or the things he say are getting better in each episode ???

    Overall this was a good episode, not a lot of suspense or comedy, but was good and we got to know more about the Devil.
  • One of the better ones this season!

    I enjoyed most of this episode mostly because of the amazing soul that they had to capture. Starting from there, I already started to enjoy this episode, but something made it more special, a very special guest star that I haven't seen in awhile. It was, to my surprise, Melinda Clarke! The amazing soap actress, who I have never seen in a soap, but she was one of the decent actresses in The O.C. She also played an amazing character in Reaper. I also liked the way the Devil plotted everything, sheer evil!

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Sock): She's acting like a dude. You know, anything gets too emotional or too hard, you just ignore it, right? Eventually it'll go away. Which makes Andi even more perfect, if that's possible. (Sam glares) Except for the part where she ripped your heart out and stomped on it. That was rude and lame.
  • Sam meets the Devil's "girlfriend," a younger woman who spends most of her life waiting on him. He convinces her to move on with her life, and at the end of the episode takes his own advice. The gang also captures a soul that is after cremation ashes.

    This episode was definitely pivotal for several reasons. The Devil gets even more character development when we meet his "girlfriend" of approximately 20 years, and find out that she has no idea who he is. She thinks his name is "Jerry" and he's a hsrmless guy. I suppose it's kind of on par for most people's generic vision of the Devil. He has a powerful hand on the act of seduction, and pulls it off very well. We also saw more of his moodiness, with him going off on Sam for pracitically no reason at all several times. We get the impression that the Devil has something more to hide.

    I felt that one of the best parts of this episode is that we get way more character development from Ben. Until then, he has been a very background character, and this episode gave us a chance to see what he was like. His family was pretty crazy and unique, and it definitely gave him a chance to come into his own.

    The soul this week had an interesting concept, but it was nothing special. It was hilarious how the guys went around to all the houses collecting ashes though. A very morbid, dark form of humor, but humor nonetheless.

    Sam and Andi's relationship is at a virtual standstill. Andi can never figure out what she wants from Sam, and at the end of the episode, Sam finally gets fed up. He takes his own advice that he gave to the Devil's girlfriend, and realizes that no matter how great Andi is, he can't spend all of his life waiting around. Next week seems to show a possible love interest, which should incite some drama and make things even more interesting.
  • Awesome!

    this episode was excellent. The demon was really creative. I thought it was really cool to see that the devil had a girlfriend. I'm glad Sam is moving on with his life instead of waiting for Andi. I mean she should just tell him that she does or doesn't have a chance. I liked how Mimmie represented Sam and how she always waited for Jerry. It was really good and when Sam told her that she needed to move on with her life he understood that he should take his own advice. I thought when the grandma said Sam was evil it kind of seemed like Sam was the devils son
  • The devil has a heart, or does he?

    We find that the Devil has an old flame pining for him. The guest star (Melinda Clarke who had a great role on CSI as Lady Heather) is Mimi, old flame to the devil and he doesn't want to have anything to do with her.

    Sam is up to his usual hijinks chasing down the soul of a former despicable undertaker. It's the ususal cute premise with his cohorts playing it up, acting silly, but they eventually get their man.

    While Mimi is pining for the dark one, Sam is pining for Andi and she is confused because he always seems to send mixed signals.

    Plot twist at the end...Mimi is forgetting about the devil and is headed for New Mexico. But she has a daughter (could it be the devils???) a cutie annd I bet there is more mischief and sexual tension with her as well coming up.