Season 2 Episode 12

Business Casualty

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Equipped with a bicycle horn as a vessel, Sam is on his own and goes into an old asylum. He calls Ben and Sock, who admit they've been unavoidably detained. Someone knocks Sam out and straps him to a bed. A figure is behind a curtain sharpening his blades. The Devil appears and wants to know how it's going, and insists that he has something to show Sam. He puts the bed control in Sam's hand and disappears. Sam lifts the bed up until it falls over and drops him onto the nearby vessel, resting on the floor. The soul comes out and turns Sam over… and Sam captures him in the vessel. Once the soul is gone, the Devil reappears and teleports Sam to a business office… and reveals that Sam will be working there. The Devil figures that the best way to instruct Sam in evil is to introduce him to Corporate America.

The guys stop in to visit Sam in his new office. He explains that as long as he works there, the Devil won't make him catch soul. Avery, Sam's new personal secretary, brings him a suit and sends him to a meeting held by the CEO, Walter Randall. In the real estate development meeting, Randall puts down the presentation of staff member Phil and wants to hear what Sam has to offer. Sam admits he has nothing, but Randall decides that means they should start over from nothing, and he wants Sam to lead the project. He gives Sam a couple of days to come up with something.

At home, Sock arrives to find Nina working on Ben's hair. Sock is angry since he and Ben give each other their haircuts, and considers Ben letting Nina do his hair a betrayal. Ben says he needs a girlfriend and Nina offers to set Sock up with a demon, Maggie. Ben suggests they can then double date and Sock reluctantly agrees.

At the company, Randall asks Sam how his first day is and puts Phil down again. Once Randall is gone, Sam apologizes to Phil, who isn't impressed. As he smashes his way through the lobby, Sam gets a call from his dad, telling him he's trapped in the Third Circle of Hell. He has what Sam needs to get out of his deal, but needs someone to rescue him.

Back at his office, Sam video-calls Tony, who explains that humans can't go to Hell. Tony can't go to Hell because he's taking care of his daughter, and needs an active portal to Hell. At the bar, Sock is starting to look forward to the date and Nina and Maggie arrive. Sock is less than impressed with the frumpy Maggie but covers it up well at first. Once Maggie goes to the restroom, Sock knocks over tables and tells Nina and Ben to say there was a fight so he can leave. Maggie comes back for her purse and Sock makes an excuse to leave, claiming he's a surgeon. Maggie doesn't believe it but Sock leaves anyway.

Phil brings in his project model and talks about how all of his dreams are being crushed. He breaks open a window and prepares to jump. Sam tries to stop him and says Phil's project is brilliant. Phil believes him and decides to throw Sam out. In the struggle, Phil accidentally falls out the window to his death. The Devil appears to congratulate him, and then explains the company exists to produce sin. He produces his executive card to go to the 75th floor. As they go up, the Devil admits that his tailor died. On the 75th floor, demons are running numbers and making calls, coordinating sin. Randall is in charge of the entire operation and the Devil explains that the company funnels souls into Hell. A door opens revealing an active portal to Hell.

At the Work Bench, Sam explains what he saw but Ben and Nina are busy flirting with each other. Sam asks Nina to rescue Mr. Oliver but she refuses, saying it's too risky. Ben backs her but Andi wants to know why. Nina explains that it could drive her back to her old habits. Andi points out that Nina doing it to help her friends would prove she's overcome her old habits, and Nina figures she can hold it together for one day. Now all Sam has to do is impress Randall, get promoted, and get the executive card to gain access.

Maggie comes to find Nina at the Work Bench and meets Sock. She points out he walked out on her and he admits he doesn't find her attractive. He point out she looks rather frumpy, and Maggie explains that she can look like anyone she wants to. She just has her current form because it's low maintenance. Sock, intrigued, pursues the matter and Maggie agrees to change for him. Sock asks for three months to come up with a perfect woman. Maggie gives him a day and Sock agrees.

Ben offers Sam his genius architectural designs, but they're all underwater. Sam is ready to admit defeat and kicks over Phil's model. He gets an idea and gives the presentation to Randall using Sam's model. Randall easily figures out he stole Phil's model and concludes that Sam murdered Phil. He admits he's impressed with Sam for being so ruthless and gives him an executive card.

Sock takes photos of parts of attractive women in the store and cuts-n-pastes his perfect woman. Ben thinks it's unnatural and notices there are normally attractive women. He actually finds one at the bar and Sock goes over to talk to her. She's flattered… until he starts taking tape measurements of her face.

That night, Sam, Nina, and Ben sneak into the company and go to the 75th floor. They promise to be at the portal to bring her back in 24 hours and Ben says his goodbyes. As she prepares to step through, Ben assures her they might be able to get in the tub together if she takes a shower first. Encouraged, Nina enters the portal and goes to Hell.

The next day, Sock meets Maggie and gives her his portfolio, one of the only things he has finished in his life. Maggie admires the composite drawing and says she can do it, and they agree to meet that night to see the results.

Sam is in his office when the Devil arrives to praise him for getting to the 75th floor so quickly. The Devil has a new suit but Sam warns that ascots aren't his look and the Devil considers getting his old tailor back. Sam gets a call from an angry Randall demanding to see him. In the conference room, Randall points out there are surveillance cameras throughout the building. Sam thinks he has a recording of Nina going to Hell, but the footage is of Phil accidentally falling to his death. Sam realizes he's mad because he doesn't think Sam is man enough to actually kill someone, fires him, and takes his key card back.

With two hours until they need to meet Nina, Sam, Sock, and Ben follow Randall to his gym. Once he goes into the steam room, Sam sends Sock in to keep him busy while Sam and Ben try to break into Randall's locker. Ben claims to be an expert at lock picking and they try his system: dialing numbers in sequence. Meanwhile, Randall is ready to go back to his locker so Sock stalls him by offering him a business venture. Outside, a janitor comes in and the guys lie, claiming it's their locker. The janitor buys it and opens the lock for them with the master key. Randall isn't sure about Sock's scheme to flood the Grand Canyon, but Ben comes in to tell him they're done.

The guys go back to the company and Sam and Ben go upstairs while Sock and Andi keep watch. They hide when Randall arrives and prepares to go the 75th floor. Andi leaves Sam a message and they figure Randall can't go up without his key card. However, Randall transforms into his demon self, breaks through the elevator roof, and starts climbing the cable.

Upstairs, Sam and Ben open the portal and call out to Nina. She finally emerges, holding a scroll. Ben hugs her and Nina explains that Mr. Oliver had something important to do and stayed behind. Sam examines the scroll and discovers it's now blank, even though Nina says it had writing on it when she received it. Sam gets Andi's message as Randall starts to break through the elevator door. Sam asks Nina to fly him and Ben out and they head for the roof. Randall starts to go after them but Phil escapes through the portal. When Randall comes after him, Phil goes back through the portal.

At the bar, Maggie visits Sock and is the same as always. She says she never planned to transform and she wanted to teach Sock a lesson. He accuses her of being sadistic and she thinks he's a pig, but she admits that she might have gone overboard and projected her insecurities on her. Sock admits that he gets judged by the way he looks. He comes up with a new plan: she turns into his dream woman and gets over his insecurities. She says he's an idiot and leaves.

The gang gathers for a BBQ and Sam hasn't been able to figure out any way to bring the writing out. Nina realizes it needs to be exposed to heat. She throws it in the BBQ and the writing appears. However, it's in ancient demon text that she can't translate. If they can find someone who can read it, then Sam can reclaim his soul.