Season 2 Episode 12

Business Casualty

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2009 on The CW

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  • Evil Inc.

    This was a different direction for the show, with more social commentary than usual. Personally, I thought it was hilarious - if corporations are people designed to behave as sociopaths, then isn't the ideal company one run by the devil, its sole purpose tempting employees to sin their way to the top? And in this case, the exclusive 35th floor is actually a portal to hell. Loved the demon 'stockbrokers' climbing around on chalkboards and yelling into white telephones... sad to hear that the show might be ending (say it ain't so!), as this episode was one of the best yet.
  • not the strongest ep - lacking the crazy humor that usually makes this show a delight. Reaper minus funny = silly/boring

    This episode seemed a bit of a mish mash. The devil's company run by demons seemed really contrived and silly. The elevator to hell, the text messages from Sam's dad from the third circle to hell, the demons working to get people to commit sins...sigh it all seemed immature and silly. the show is always immature and silly but most episodes it has something special that just lets it get away with it and makes it quite funny. i guess what i'm realizing is that this is not one of the funnier ones, and, when it's not funny, all you're left with is this silly stuff. A big part of 'is it funny' is whether Sock's lines come off funny and this time the sock stuff fell pretty flat I thought. I hope that the season (series)finale is just fabulous and laugh out loud funny so that it leaves us with good memories of the show.
  • The Devil gets Sam a corporate gig. Nina introduces a Demon girl to Sock on a blind date. Finally Nina goes to retrieve a message from Sam's Dad in Hell.

    Reaper bounces back with a sort of strange episode where Sam joins the ranks of corporate business. The only problem is we never really find out what he is suppose to do other than corrupt people in general. It seems the main purpose is to get a gold key card that gets you to the 75th floor where all the good stuff goes on. We never ever find out what the corporation does though.

    The Devil explains that corporations are like individuals with the same rights and with none of the moral restraints!

    Sock is not to impressed with the tomboyish Demon girl Nina sets him up with and proceeds to be Sock in general. The Demon girl pulls a fast one on him which is pretty fun. We'll see if this goes anywhere.

    Meanwhile Sam must find a portal from Hell so someone can go get his father out of Hell. When he mistakenly is taken for homicidal maniac by his boss he gets promoted and receives a key card. Low and behold, a portal to Hell. Nina gets talked into going and the ending may have a direct results on next weeks season finale.

    You know I was wondering about the see all know all way the Devil usually is and why does Sam think he is going to pull one over on his father. You'd think by now he would try something else. Well we'll see next week for ourselves.

    Great news this week that Reaper may be picked up in syndication by its production team ABC Television and be sold to local independents and CW affiliates for a Sunday night showing now that CW has abandoned Sundays. Cross your fingers that it happens. Thanks for reading...