Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Sam is at the Work Bench as Tony and another demon arrange for another demon to drop a washer on Sam to test and see if he has Satanic powers. The demon drops the washer and Sam manages to stop it long enough to get out of the way. Tony is convinced.

Sam, Sock, and Andi spot a stain on the ceiling, a stain that Sam thinks looks like Steve the demon, and paints over it. Ben has been released from prison and arrives on his own, since everyone forgot to pick him up. Sam heads home with his laundry to find his mom and dad arguing outside. His mom walks off, furious, and Mr. Oliver lies badly that it's nothing. However, Sam notices that he's standing in a chalk circle and doesn't believe him.

As Sam loads up his laundry, the Devil teleports him to a lottery office and Sam asks how he met his parents. The Devil simply says that Sam's parents must be telling the truth, although he notes that most people that make a deal with him don't have much integrity. He then explains that Sam's newest escaped soul is Madame Ozera, a fortune teller with actual powers.

Back at the store, Josie confronts Sock and accuses him of not taking their relationship seriously. He's not particularly interested, figuring it's too much like work, and she breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Sam is working the counter but notices a security camera monitor that shows Steve in the store… even though he isn't there. He goes back to look at the stain, which has appeared despite the paint. Tony arrives and asks to meet with Sam privately for a favor. They meet inside a circular tent in the store and shows them a plan for a cage designed by King Soloman that can contain the Devil himself. Sam doesn't want to be involved but Tony just wants to use Sam's employee discount. Sock volunteers his instead and while they're loading up, Sock notes Marlana, an attractive female demon helping Tony. He flirts with her and she appears impressed. Sock goes inside and the demon follows him in and demands he kiss her. He eventually gives in and then collapses. Ben wakes him up a few later and Sock feels energized, filled with strength.

Andi has been checking the advertisements for Madame Oreza and Sam suggests she keep doing the research, claiming he can't read. Andi doesn't believe that, and Sam admits that he saw Steve. He wonders if it's all in his head but she concedes that anything could happen. She doesn't know what it all means, but suggests that Sam ask Steve the next time he sees him. After she leaves, the vessel appears on Sam's checkout counter: a baseball. The Devil teleports Sam to a baseball field and they play catch. The Devil asks about Tony's rebellion and when Sam lies, the Devil crushes is hand until Sam tells the truth. The Devil notes that the cage can't hold him as the Prince of Evil, and buys Sam a beer.

Tony and his rebels are busy assembling the cage within a large circle, but Tony notes that it wont' work on the Devil… but will hold Sam.

Later at the Work Bench, Sock is coming down from his "high," while Andi reveals that she has a list of suspects. Sam and Sock figure the hot one is the escaped soul. Sam goes to clock out and Steve appears to him in the break room. He tells Sam to "Ask about Cancun" and then disappears. Sock arrives and insists they drop off supplies to the demons, including Marlana. The guys drop off the supplies and Sock talks to Marlana about the kiss. She apologizes, saying it was selfish, but he says he likes it even though he blacked out. Marlana explains she's a succubus who feeds on the human life force. However, every time she kisses someone it takes a year of their life. Sock is fine like that but Marlana says it can never happen again. However, Sock makes a proposition that they hook up once a year and Marlana agrees. They set up a date for New Years in seven months, but then decide not to wait that long.

Sam talks to Tony and tells him that Steve has been appearing to him, but Tony wonders Steve wouldn't appear to him. Sam wonders if Steve might have made it to Heaven but Tony doesn't believe God's compassion will ever apply to demons. Sam then suggests the Devil probably knows what Tony and the others are up to but Tony is okay with that, since they figure Sam would talk to the Devil and they haven't told him everything. Sock shows up… carrying a huge wooden beam.

Sam and Sock arrive at Madame Oreza's fortune telling shop and Sock is ready and raring to go. They go inside to test her abilities and she sees Sam first. She does a reading and notes he has come into conflict with his father, and there is deceit between them. However, Oreza keeps turning up the Devil and when she realizes Sam is the Reaper, she flips over the card for the Hanged Man, suspending him in mid air and strangling him. She leaves and Sam drops the baseball, which rolls into Sock. He comes to investigate and holds him up, but he can't lower him. Sock puts Sam on his shoulders and they chase after Oreza together as she drives away. Sock runs to cut her off while Sam wonders what is up. Sock explains on the run as they get ahead of Oreza, who tries to run them down. Sock runs away and Sam grabs a cable and holds himself up while Sock gets out of the way. Sock then throws the baseball with all of his strength, nailing Oreza and freeing Sam from her spell.

Later at the Work Bench, Sock explains to Ben what happened, and Ben figures Sock is on drugs. Sock explains about Marlana and Ben wants a taste. Sock sets up a meeting with Marlana and Ben, and tries to set up an arrangement. Marlana is angry, because she was actually interested in Sock and doesn't appreciate being "shared."

At home, Sam asks his father what he's lying about. Mr. Oliver insists there's nothing they can do about it but Sam points out his life is at risk every day. His father finally breaks enough to admit he's forbidden from telling Sam and it would all fall apart if he does. As Sam prepares to leave, he gets a call from Tony asking him to stop by the site.

Sam arrives at the site where the demons are burying the cage within their circle. Tony shows it to him and Sam explains that his father isn't telling him something. Tony shoves him in the cage and explains that Sam is the son of the Devil. His parents made a deal to bear the son of Lucifer, and Mr. Oliver ripped out all of the pages referring to Sam's true father in his contract. They then start to cover over the cage, but are interrupted when Mr. Oliver arrives. He tries to explain but they knock him out and throw him in the cage. Sam tries to claim that Steve is protecting him but Tony doesn't want to hear it. Sam asks him about Cancun and Tony remembers that Steve described it as Heaven. Steve then appears to Tony in a glowing white light and waves to him. Tony realizes Steve made it to Heaven after all and realizes they can't kill Sam. He reverts to his demonic form and gets Sam to safety, while the unconscious Mr. Oliver is buried.

Sam returns home to tell his mother that Mr. Oliver is dead. She wants to keep the police out of it since there's no good explanation. Sam asks her if Mr. Oliver was his real father and she says he was, but she doesn't seem particularly upset. As Sam goes outside, the Devil appears to pay his respects but Sam doesn't believe him. He gives Sam some time off, but Sam needs a straight answer to a question. The Devil warns that he's an inherent liar and just walks off.

At the bar, Andi tries to console Sam. Sock and Ben take Sam with them to where they've prepared a funeral pyre in honor of Mr. Oliver. Sam explains the Devil might be his dad and he's destined to end the world. Sock notes that Sam would probably screw that up like everything else, while Ben wonders why Tony saved him. When Sam explains, Ben figures that's a good sign but Sam warns that the other demons will keep coming after him. Sock doesn't want to hear it right now and has Sock set the pyre on fire, lighting off the fireworks.

In the field, Mrs. Oliver digs up the cage to reveal that Mr. Oliver is still alive, and wondering what took her so long.