Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2008 on The CW

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  • The demons target Sam when they fear he may pose a greater threat to their rebellion than the Devil so a trap is set, bringing surprising allies to Sam's side and leading to shocking revelations that could have explosive implications for his future.

    This was an absolute awesome episode! Definitely one of my favorites! We, of course, had our usual soul-of-the-week with a baseball as the vessel, which was completed fairly quickly, but a majority of the episode was dedicated to the story arc. The episode immediately begins by raising the question I'm sure we've all wondered: is Sam the son of the Devil? Tony and the other demons perform a little test and even answer our questions about his powers, which we haven't seen in awhile-he can't control them! Duh! I loved the whole cage bit, and we even got to see Steve, again! An angel finally got his wings. Not to mention Sock's usual humor, although I didn't quite get the whole ultimate battle unicorn vs. werewolf bit...I also loved the other side stories, poor Ben-forgotten at the jail and his "murder suit"-and Sock and his trip with the girl demon (I think her name was Marlena?).

    Now...what was the deal with Sam's parents? How did his dad manage to survive being buried alive? was it part of their deal with the devil that he couldn't die or get hurt? Or are they demons? Unfortunately, we never really got the yes-or-no answer about the truth of Sam's father, and now we have to wait 'til probably January of next year for the next episode. I really hope the CW changes their minds and gives this series a full season, like it deserves! At least it'll be coming back, otherwise I would have been furious, especially after an ending like that!