Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2008 on The CW

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  • This episode was pretty intense. A lot of stuff changes.

    It was lame that they assumed that Sam was the Devil's kid just because the washing machine didn't fall on him. Did it ever occur to them that maybe it wasn't Sam that stopped it? Maybe it was the Devil that floated it. Their little experiment proves nothing, duh.

    Andy said what I figured out as a little kid. Having the Devil prove that he exists is anything but scary. His existence proves the existence of an after-life, Heaven and Hell, God, etc. So it would be a wonderful thing if he confronts you (yes, it would still be a a little scary, but then you just remember that God who was just proven to exist should be looking out for you). This is why the Devil's greatest trick was to pretend he doesn't exist; doubt and fear are much worse than whatever he can do.

    I love the imagery of Sam playing catch with his "daddy". :D

    It was narrow-minded of Soc to think that Marlena would be into a threesome; she is a succubus, not a sexual-deviant-a demon not a perverted human.

    Also, it was interesting that Soc could capture the demon. That really helps Sam out, since he does not have to actually do it himself all the time (I suppose he doesn't technically have to do it at all).

    I can't wait for more.
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