Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2008 on The CW

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  • One of the best (and most cleverly subversive) shows on television.

    This episode just showed off why it's a good idea to watch "Reaper"...and an even better idea to renew it for next season. Well-written episode this time, good characters always, interesting plots.
    It could be assumed that this episode, being the season finale, would focus on the story arc of the whole season/series. But instead, it was more character-driven. Andi takes an interest in Sam's demon-hunting activities, he tries to get to the bottom of his parents' deal with the devil, Josie breaks up with Sock and he starts a relationship with a demon (which is probably not good for him...). In short, they decided to focus on what's made this one of the best shows on telly this season: the characters. Their personalities are so unique, yet they go so well together. Who would have thought that Tyler Labine and Ray Wise could do so well in the same show together? So, this episode was just another showcase of how good "Reaper" as a whole is. I also loved the return of Steve. Steve and Tony were one of my favourite parts of this show since they appeared on it. They're SO cute together, and very good characters in their own right. (I cried when Steve died, to give you some idea of how attached I am to them...) So I was very happy with how they handled his return as an angel. Turns out his plan to be "good" worked after all. Did anyone (but me) happen to notice the subtle subversion inherent in sending Steve to Heaven in the end? Everyone's focused on how he, as a demon, made it to Paradise. BUT...I can't imagine the writers didn't realise they were also sending a gay man to Heaven at the same time. Love them for it, of course!! Great show, great characters, great acting. Can't wait till next season.