Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2008 on The CW

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  • Succubus and Solomon's Cage. A fantastic end to season 1 that leaves you wanting more.

    'What took you so long?'

    This is a question to the show more than anything. Whereas I have enjoyed it up till now it hasn't been amazing just good. With all the answers and questions this is the best episode yet and one hell of a cliffhanger.

    It helps that the characters are coming into their own. Ben seems more confident, the pointless relationship between Sock and Josie ends (for some reason as soon as they got back together we saw less of Josie - what was the point in that?) and we are given more info about pretty much everything/everybody, even if some aren't completely clear yet. Throughout the latter half of the season the show has been building to the assumption that Sam is the devil's son. Personally I hope that isn't the case but it seems that he could be his grandson or hopefully something else entirely. With the existence of Heaven and Hell confirmed by the appearance of Steve as an Angel (his killing the devil with kindness obviously paid off) and therefore the existence of God who's to say that Limbo and the actual Grim Reaper (or the first Grim Reaper) doesn't exist as well. Biggest question is who are Sam's parents and in particular, who is Sam's dad? But then again that's just me trying to think outside the box.

    The Reaper universe has been opened up even more in this episode, as well as the introduction of Angel's we now have different types of Devils as well. Sock's flirtation with Marleina the Succubus was really funny and progressed his character a little. Yeah it was obvious and even stated that he was basically on a drug high but it was just like him to be reckless like that. He didn't care that the temporary superhuman strength took a year off his life every time they kissed, it was a rush. Plus it leads us to Sock the superhuman, Sock the hero (of the hour) and, Sock the Pimp (very in-line with his character). Best visual gag was when he walks across the construction site carrying a giant wooden beam. We didn't see this kiss which made it funnier. Although the weight lifting with the Budha while Sam's hanging from an invisible hangman's noose was great comic timing as well.

    The escaped soul of the week was not of much major importance at all this week but was rather used to further integrate Andi into the group. Sam's now delegating which was nice to show he's now taking more of a leading role in the group. Andi also seems more rounded, as does Ben. The actual sole was only in a couple of scenes and was interesting as she progressed plot, something that doesn't usually happen with the soul of the week. A fortune teller saying there is a lie about Sam's birth - Death inverted. The resulting chase and capture by sock with Sam on his shoulder's (because of the hangman's noose) was great as well. Especially the superhuman throw of the baseball vessel to catch her.

    Other highlights included Sock asking Sam to scratch his junk draw which was really funny and the firework wicker man to cheer up Sam after the apparent death of his father being buried in Solomon's cage. A line that also stuck out for me because of it's poignancy was Andi's 'Maybe they need to prepare you with signs...'. Will there be more preparation and more signs in the 2nd Season, I can't wait to find out.