Season 1 Episode 10

Cash Out

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2007 on The CW
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Sam starts dating a woman that he suspects may be the Devil's daughter. Meanwhile, it turns out that money is the root of all evil when the guys argue over what to do with money recovered from an escaped soul.

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  • Nice to know a bit more about the characters!!

    This was a really great epi. I love the fact that Sam isn't corrupted by all that money, and that he keeps on being "good" even though he has seen and experienced a lot of evil so far. I liked that we got to know the characters a bit better. Sock apparently burned down his old girlfriends apartment, and he still feels bad about it. So he used the money to buy all the stuff that was lost in the fire for her. That was really sweet. It's good to see that he can behave nicely towards her, even if she didn't quite believe it... ;) Sam has a new girlfriend, Cady, who may be the devils daughter. I like that twist, Sam really doesn't seem to believe it until he sees the flowers she has just touched wither and die. But there has been a lot of other deaths as signs before that. But does it really matter if she is the devil's daughter? She is really nice, and not evil at all, and she really likes Sam. Andi is in for some fierce competition... :)moreless
  • Had me in giggles as ever


    The quality established in the first half of this series continues. An added twist increases the source of potential confrontation between Sam and the Dvil 1000 fold!

    On this particular mission, Sam and the team must overcome the feeling of greed as well as the escaped souls. The souls in question are two bankrobbers. The first one is taken fairly quickly and in hilarious circumstances as Ben is phases half in and out of the walls! The way in which Sam overcomes his target admittedly is becoming fairly bland. I can see that the writers probably had ideas to make this a big thing, but lately every "new" method just seem to be an anticlimax - except for the actual cgi effect used.

    Highlight of this show is Sams boss getting strongarmed out of a gambling joint that they must infiltrate to find the other soul.

    Im left wondering when Sam will actually realise that all he needs to do, to defeat the Dvil is to fight evil with good. Not easy I grant you, but the selfless deed at the end of giving the money to the wrongly accused bank manager was a nice if cliched touch.moreless
  • i enjoyed it

    On tonights installment of reaper, sock and ben follow after sam as he keeps secrectly dating cady, the devils supposed daughter. Sam goes through some research and finds the two new escaped souls from hell. he captures 1 of them, but needs to find the other. Also, the guys keep the $6 million that the souls stole. Sock and Ben agree that they believe Cady is not the devils daughter as they did not find a 666 mark on her. The other soul kidnaps Ben, threatening to kill him, wanting the money. They fool him, saving Ben and giving the money to a man they met earlier who lost everything. Cady tells Sam Jerry (the devil) may be her dad, sam reassures her that shes not, but he may have changed his mind when he sees the flowers next to Cady wither and Die.moreless
  • Follow the money.

    It could get old fast, this soul catching week after week but in this episode we find out a little about the characters on Reaper.

    Firstly I like the way the original soul was rejected. I thought wrongly that it was rejected because they were keeping the money but no, there was an additional soul to catch. Because of the money and what Sock does with it we learn about him and his former girlfriend. We see how Andi reacts to the news of Sam and a girlfriend. (I really hope they don't diminish her right off the show, I like Missy Peregrym a lot.) And Sam, trying to figure out if this other young lady Cady is really is the devils daughter. Watch closely for things dying.

    This episode was a good sendoff before the strike. It held our attention with new insight and troubles for each character. ENough that we want to find out what happens when it returns this week.moreless
  • Enjoyed it

    Reaper's fall finale was really fun and adventurous for Sam, Sock and Ben who go through different and more interesting obstacles as episodes pass, and with this new girl playing a part in their lives, things will surely get a lot more interesting for everyone.

    Ben and Sock are worried over the fact that the girl Sam is dating might be the Devil's daughter, but some is in complete denial about that fact until one very moment that actually makes him question the possibilities.

    They take down 2 former bank robbers, which actually causes problems between the especially because there is a huge amount of money involved and they are clueless on what to do with it.moreless
Jessica Stroup

Jessica Stroup

Cady Hansen

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Vyto Ruginis

Vyto Ruginis

Rick Forester

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Byron Lawson

Byron Lawson

Paul Huang

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Christine Willes

Christine Willes


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  • QUOTES (17)

    • (while slow dancing)
      Sam: (about Ben and Sock) I'm sorry about them.
      Cady: It's okay. So they're your best friends?
      Sam: Yeah.
      Cady: They look after you?
      Sam: I guess.
      Cady: So you think they're a bit overprotective?
      Sam: I wouldn't say that.
      Cady: I would.
      (Sam turns around and sees Ben and Sock dancing together)
      Ben: Hey.
      Sock: Hey.

    • Sock: (to Sam) Whatever, I stopped listening to you about a year ago.

    • Sam: How did you find me?
      Sock: We followed you, Sam. Ben drove here with his headlights off the entire time.
      Ben: It was very stressful.

    • Sock: Free booze, hot Asian girls, and the smell of grease. I am home!

    • Sock: We know what you're up to, Sam. We saw you with Beelzebabe.

    • Cady: You want a drink? It's on me.
      Sock: Okay. Yes. I will... drink... on you.

    • Andi: So what's wrong with her?
      Ben: She's a huge fan of Lionel Ritchie.
      Sock: Isn't that messed up?
      Andi: Oh yeah.
      Ben: All Night Long.
      Sock: We think she's the spawn of Satan.
      Andi: Later. (leaves)

    • Sock: We need proof.
      Ben: Yeah, he doesn't want to babysit your kids with horns.
      Sock: No.
      Sam: Yeah, well you're not going to have to worry about that, because I would never let you babysit my kids.
      Sock: Smart.

    • Sam: Hey, Gladys, can I place the vessel on the mat?
      DMV Demon: Place the vessel on the mat.
      Sam: Yeah.

    • Sam: Hell is like the worst run business ever.

    • Sam: Gladys wouldn't take the vessel.
      Devil: That's because the vessel was only half-full. Or half-empty if you're Catholic.

    • Sam: Oh my God.
      Devil: Hey. Easy on the "G" word, buddy. It's rude.

    • Sock: Do you remember a few years back, when there was a fire at Josie's apartment?
      Sam: Yeah, right before you guys broke up.
      Sock: Do you remember it was around the time I was exploring my feminine side.
      Sam: No.
      Sock: Well, mostly I was into jasmine-scent candles.
      Sam: Did you burn down Josie's apartment?
      Sock: It's a dark part of life, Sam. I'm not proud of it!

    • Sam: Are you trying to get back together with Josie?
      Sock: What? I... I am trying to make amends, Sam, okay? And if she chooses to thank me in a naked or partially naked way, well that's okay too. I'll take it.

    • Cady: Great hot tub, Sock.
      Sock: Yeah, I know. Hottubbing is a passion of mine.
      Sam: But why is it in your front yard?
      Sock: Hmmm? Why would I put something this awesome in my backyard?
      Sam: Privacy?
      Sock: Privacy is for idiots.

    • Sam: I thought Forester deserved the money. I did the right thing.
      Devil: You know, you sounded just like Jimmy Stewart for a second. I have chills.

    • Sam: So that's what 6 million dollars looks like, huh?
      Sock: Yeah. I was gonna get naked and roll around in it, but I didn't shower today. I didn't want to get the money dirty.
      Ben: Thank you for that.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: July 18, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Latin America: August 22, 2008 on Universal Channel
      Sweden: January 23, 2009 on Kanal 5
      Norway: Saturday, March 7, 2009 on TVNorge
      Germany: June 29, 2009 on ProSieben
      Australia: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 on 7TWO

    • Music:

      Cold Hands by Black Lips
      Nobody Wants U by The Dollyrots
      Top of the World by Kate Voegele
      About a Girl by D2 Music Library
      New York Summer by Mink
      Satellite by Guster

    • Andrew Airlie is credited but doesn't appear.


    • Sock: For you I will, because you remind me of Mr. Sulu, who I love....a lot.
      This is a reference to George Takei's character Lt. Hikaru Sulu, who was a helmsman on the U.S.S. Enterprise on the T.V. series Star Trek, which ran from 1966 to 1969. He also reprised the same role in several Star Trek movies.

    • Sock: Maverick, Ice Man, Goose.
      Referencing the 1986 movie Top Gun, dealing with an U.S. Navy flying school. Tom Cruise played Maverick, Val Kilmer played Ice Man, and Anthony Edwards played the doomed Goose.