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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2007 on The CW

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  • Second episode of the Reaper was good. Nothing super but a good episode after a solid Pilot.

    Well after the ok Pilot this episode was good. It's nothing special but hey how many shows are that special in the beginning.

    As for the show how it developed from the Pilot it kind of moved into a general direction. I guess Reaper is a show that you can watch on TV even though you haven't seen the five episodes before that.

    Sock and Ben are brought a bit more into the show and also Andi of course. Sam is a bit awkward with the whole vessel thingy but I bet hell get use to that and make it work with the Devil.

    Comedy in this episode was average. I mean Sock is funny and there is a lot of potential for more you can see it only by watching. I don't mean to judge harshly but I think we'll see more funny things happening as the show develops.

    We'll gotta see the third episode. Dying to see it!
  • As funny, clever and charming as the pilot.

    The second episode proves the pilot wasn't a fluke, it's as funny and inventive, and very enjoyable.

    Sam is still getting used to the idea and the devil's pitch is a clever one: recapturing souls saves innocents. Brilliant strategy since Sam is not a bad person, so playing to the idea that he's actually helping people downplays the fact he's the devil's bounty hunter. Truly Machiavellian.

    Sam learns an important lesson here – he can't run from the job, the vessel will literally follow him around until he opens it. And what an instrument of Hell it is: a remote control car.

    This episode is a perfect example of one of the reasons why I love this series – every episode has a different soul, doing different things and requires a unique and truly odd vessel to send the soul back to Hell. It incorporates the sense of solving a mystery – how to use the vessel (the vessel never makes sense at first, disguised as innocuous objects) and who/what/how to stop the soul. The soul's actions in the present come from it's previous life and that is often the key to figuring the mystery out. The whole storyline about the blackouts/lightning is very good and interesting. The boys use their job at the Work Bench to aid them in stopping souls and usually come up with something both amusing and creative. "I'm gonna die dressed as a condom!"

    Very funny about how Sam's dad's attempt to bribe Sam (not to tell his mother he's still working for the devil) is a hybrid car: the soul they are trying to capture controls electricity and the car tries to kill them! Follow that with working in a store that sells many very dangerous home improvement tools and the entire store becomes a death trap. Haven't the boys seen 'Final Destination'?

    I liked the family scenes – father trying to protect the mother, Sam lying to spare her then later coming clean, his brother's baffled behavior (how does Sam get away with everything?). It's a nice subtle backdrop to the crazier elements of the story.

    A great episode, creative and amusing.
  • Characters in their infancy

    As Id already seen every single episode of Reaper apart from this one it's interesting to see the characters as they were in the beginning. Sock seems to be far more of a scaredy cat and Ben (who for some reason is just on the night shift anyway) seems to be far more the ladies man. I also forgot completely that Sam had a brother.

    A lightening soul is causing blackouts around the city. Will Sam accept his role as the devil's Bounty Hunter and capture him?

    There are some very humourous moments in this episode. As with in the pilot they get dressed up to go capture the soul, this time in what is described by Sock as a giant human condom. By far the funniest bit though is the opening where Sam just wants to get rid of the vessel box but it keeps on stalking him. Sock's reaction is classic.

    The Soul itself is probably the most powerful one they've ever really done as he blacks out the city. Usually the soul doesn't have as much impact and this makes for something different. Something a little more enjoyable as well - watching it post finale this strikes you even more though. He's kind of like a ghost/doc brown type as well with his statically stood up hair.

    Nice little mini RC car as well - would you really need a controller that big to control it though.
  • Great.

    Well to be trualy fair about the classification that I have put down for this episode, the average hasnt exactly been set, with this being a new show and all, but it was better than the Pilot for sure, well in my opinion anyway.

    The story line was very good of this particular episode and about the soul that the guys had to capture.

    This episode lived up the the pilot and will keep me watching furthur episodes to come.

    The episode had the right amount of action, packed in with the right amount of humour, so it kind of targets more audience.

    Good episode all in all.
  • Sam gets a new power and a new soul to collect.

    I really liked this epi, just not as much as I liked the pilot. Sock is still really funny, he still has the best one-liners, and the way that he can't stop laughing when he is nervous is hilarious... :D
    But this episode feels too much like a continuation of the pilot. Sam is still not sure whether he wants to be the devil's bounty-hunter, and the devil has to pay him alot of visits to convince him to do his job. It seems like the devil has nothing better to do...??
    I still laughed a lot, and I'm definetely going to watch the next epi's... :)
  • Very slow-paced and essentially a copy of last week's episode.

    Another episode with a lot of potential but a boring execution. Really "Charged" had the same plotlines and jokes as the pilot: Sam gets a weirdass vessel from the Devil, angsts about opening it (for a whole ten minutes!), tells the Devil he doesn't want to do it and then, finally, hunts down the Soul and takes him out pretty fast. Bo-oring! There was a lot of sillyness and there were definitely campy moments, but none of them made me laugh out loud. Some of Sock's lines were just plain lame. Can somebody explain to me how this show will survive its first season if every single episode will have the same old structure? Without moving along an overarching plot, having any real character development or without even a couple of funny jokes?
  • Static Electric episode

    This new show is so witty and resplendent. I intensely enjoy the creativity of the writing and the banter between the characters. Sam is an extremely fun character. The episode was interesting. I enjoy the fact that the writing in reference to the escaped souls can go just about anywhere. In addition, there's a 'character' that can't be discounted. That would be the vessel box itself. As it appears to have a mind of it's own, getting in Sam's way whenever the opportunity presents itself. The Devil character is equally humorous. I really think each character and all the aspects of this show really work. This week was a well plotted episode and I can't wait for more.
  • awesome-o!

    Sam wakes up one day and finds out he has electricity powers. satan tells him that the powers are to help capture the next being, an escaped soul who absorbs electricity. sock is still as funny as he was in the first episode and ben still gets hurt during the battle against the escaped soul from hell. to contain the evil soul that escaped from hell, sam gets a remote control. this episode was so cool, it was shocking! why does ben always get hurt? andhe doesn't even help at all. whats the point of him? sock was so hilarious when he was smashing the wood things.
  • I think this episode was better than thee pilot...

    Sam wakes up to find that everything he touches gives him a shock. Satan tells him that this "power" is a gift related to capturing his next target - an escaped soul from hell who was once a crooked energy trader and now sucks electricity from power lines with which to kill his victims. Sam must use his new vessel in order to capture the escapee: a remote control monster truck. If only he can figure out how to use it. Sam enlists Sock and Ben's help and the three gear up in wetsuits to take down the angry soul. This episode really impressed me it was fast and funny, loved it much better than the "Pilot" episode of the series, I give it 9.1 out of 10.
  • first fire, now electricity

    I've watched the first two episodes today, and i think this show is promising, altho im not sure how theyre gonna make more than 2 seasons out of this idea.. its gonna get dull after a while.
    sam is a geek, which is the new pink nowadays. working as a salesperson with his hilarious best friend, who laughs when hes nervous which ive found quite funny. the soul Sam has to send back uses electricity to kill people with lightnings. i always found lightnings to be scary sunce i was little, but even so i liked the episode.. the escaped soul was angra and scary, but as always the good won.
    i liked the fact that sam got a hybrid car from his dad who tried to buy him off with the car. go hybrids!
  • Wonderfalls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Dead Like Me. This is a very good thing!

    Regarding Reaper's originality -while there are elements that are like other shows; this show puts an excellent spin on the theme. All the characters are well cast, likable and believable with in the context of the story lines. The actors are growing into their roles in a way that makes me want to keep tuning in; for example, Raymond Wise's portrayal of Satan and Tyler Labine's Wysocki are some of the highlights. What can I say? I like'm BAD and these guys know how to do it well! Rick Gonzalez's Ben adds a nice balance to the team giving his rational take on Sam's bizarre job as a bounty hunter for Satan. The comedy is silly with edgy pop culture references that are particularly enjoyable.

    Reaper has a good formula. Thanks -just what my TV's dance card needed!
  • Isn't this show perfect? A fantastic way to start season 1! Hilarious, adventurous, with action and so perfect!

    A great enterteining second episode... Well, I saw a thread before I saw this one and it said it was boring and the same that the premiere and the third one. What do you want me to say? It is not! I know that the whole theme is kinda the same but that happens in all the shows, if you say "it is boring because he always get the box and haunt" you would have to say it with all the shows in Tv. That is the theme that does not mean it is boring at all.

    I really like this episode! It was so fun and it had action. All in 50%. He got a new power... That is something I was not expecting, I thought his powers would not change in the whole show, anyway I think this make that show more fun and it is a way to make the episodes diferent. The whole lighting idea was fantastic even I did not understand it very well... The camera job was... let's say not the one I like to see. Comparing it with the one in the premiere was really week, anyway the premire had an awesome camera and photography. This one had some camera moving around and that is really anoying (well, that is only my opinion, some people love that kind of camera) The scene in the car was weak (I mean how the filmed it) and some scenes at the end. Anyway the rest is good enough.

    About the characters... Why now the girl is another one? I really liked better the first one, it was intelligent and caring, this new one is hotter and that makes her a little strange for the role. I will get used to it I get... And about Sam, his hair is blonder, I was all the time seeing that! Xd I really liked how he does his job, he is real and makes his character real. So what about that last scene "You cannot kill people... you did it to yourself" well, let's say I did not like that Well, the good thing about it, it was hilarious! I think I have not laughed so much since Desperate Housewives. It has that kind of silly comedy that is great! I really loved when he said "come on, come on" to the bad guy. Besides the other one laughing when they were being attacked was amazing.

    I remember some things that are great too: The scene were the stuff in the store start moving! It was so original! A thing that I did not like was the bad guy, it was not that real, it seemed like children-book character, anyway the other bad guys in the premiere and the next episode were better.

    well, that is all, I give it a 9.5 because of the camera and some pieces of the written but I still think this show is wonderful and that is going to be my favorite soon... well after Charmed of course Xd
  • Sam is quite shocking.

    I enjoyed this episode as much if not more that I thought I would. I am now hooked and looking forward to next weeks episode. Sam has got to make the moves on Andi, she basically is and he isn't. There were a couple things I did notice that didn't go with the show, like their friend's eyebrows growing back so fast after they were burned off last episode, plus when they were on the dam with the lightening guy and the truck ran over their remote control, it was like, where did that truck come from, it was the only traffic in that whole scene, and just like that, they could of ruined the remote control car in another way.
  • Stayed the same as the first episode, no improvement and it didn't go down either.

    How is this show going to work with a repeat of the 5 steps of God's call over and over again, but in this case the Devil's call. It has been the same for the past two episodes, they seriously need to ditch that pattern.

    Sam is set up to send a soul back to hell again, but this time he ain't on fire anymore, he's being electrically charged. The soul is a very angered soul who has been killing people all over town, and it is up to Sam and Sock to take him down. He also finds trouble at home when he and his father are struggling to keep his mother in the dark about the whole situation.

    Overall, the episode was still enjoyable and still good enough for me to keep tuning in, but I would like to see some improvement though, seeing as this is one of two new show sI have chosen for this Fall season.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Ben): Oh my God! We're going to die dressed as condoms!
  • Seems a little monotonous.

    After the pilot, I thought this show had major potential. But I guess I was wrong. This episode seemed kind of dull to me. Yes the comedic elements were there. But I mean Sock (I think that's his name) was, IMO, the post entertaining part of the show. In this episode Sam was pretty uninteresting. I think focusing more on Sam's situation with Andi, as well as creating situation with his coworkers will prove to be far more entertaining. I'll give it one more week, and hopefully I won't find it completely repetitive/redundant.
    Who knows, maybe it was just this one episode. Anyways I hope so.
  • This is turning out to be one of my new favorites!

    I was really unsure of this series, but I'm really liking it. Yeah he's the devil's bounty hunter, but it is in no way disrespectful of my beliefs. In fact, the Devil routinely comments on God's beautiful handiwork, or trys to get the main character to be honest with his mom etc. Sock continues to be quite funny, and the other friend is okay too. The boss is a dick, but won't fire them, and the hot friend is hot. Special effects are not bad, the story is fun and overall it's a funny show that I'll probably be watching for as long as it lasts. The brother has been underutilized so far, but I'm sure that will change. (I almost forgot he had one until the end of the episode) As another plus, it's cool to see that the show is set in Seattle, which is closer to home for me than most shows.
  • Men dressed like condoms.

    I have one concern about this show. Is this going to end up being beat-the-evil-soul every week? If it does, it is going to get old, quick. Unless they have figured out a way to build the main characters while catching the evil souls, like Supernatural. Then I will be Ok with it.
    Again this show performed beautifully. Great character development, good action, and Ray Wise as the devil is the best new character of this TV season. There was no drag in the story, except for my concern above, and I am pretty sure I grinned through the whole show. This show has potential and I can't wait to see the next episode.
  • "We are gonna die dressed as condoms!!!"

    Interesting episode, the boys are getting more familiar with their new job, actually, is only sam's job, but it seems that the other two will always join him and try to help, but eventually he will work it out by himself.

    Sam and Andy get closer, and she seems more interested in him, and thats nice.

    My favorite line on the episode was definetely "We are gonna die dressed as condoms!!!" heheheheheh that was just awesome!

    So, it seems so far that this is going to keep up as a nice, interesting and fun show to watch and kinda expect every week, hope it stays that way.
  • epp 2

    Okay, the way that the plot of the whole show is going right now doesn't seem to be the greatest, but it's a comedy, right? Once agian, I like the laid back humour that just kind of reminds me of just hanging out. But, I thought that Sam had kind of accepted being the devil's bounty hunter in the last episode? Okay, maybe not. I'm looking forward to the next episode, because I think that this eppisode was some lump that the producers needed to get over. He told his mom about being the devil's bounty hunter and accepts having his soul sold to the devil now... hopefully. Although it was hilarious when they tried to outrun the box.
  • Episode 2 : Electric Boogaloo

    Episode 2 had a few things riding on it. Would it keep up the momentum from the pilot with Kevin Smith out of the director's chair?. Would it stay steady in the ratings?. I don't know about the latter, but the episode wasn't too dissimilar from the Kevin Smith directed Pilot. In fact, in parts of the episode, it seemed like we were seeing the same old thing from that Pilot!. More on that later. "Charged" was not a bad episode. It wasn't as good as the first one, but still decently enjoyable in a slight way. It certainly wasn't new or out of the ordinary for this kind of show. A few things still remain from the pretty good Pilot. One - Ray Wise still owns this show. The show lights up and flies whenever he is on. Not as much when he isn't. Two - Sock is still funny, although sometimes it seems like he(and the writers)are trying too hard. More on that later too. Three - There is still no use for Sam's brother. Again, more on that one later. And four - Missy Peregrym is still hot and beautiful, and Andi is still not given anything to do but be beautiful window dressing. That about covers it. With Gossip Girl and the Sunday night shows tanking, Reaper has the best possibility of being the only new CW show of striking some sort of chord and possibly sticking around. I hope it does. I enjoy this show, and find myself looking forward to it more and more. It will never be a Buffy, Angel, or Supernatural, but it is a fun show that I think can last a little while. But after this episode, there is going to have to be some changes. You guessed it, more on that later. Anyways, here we go with the episode itself....

    The basic premise of this episode has Sam trying to hunt down a ghost of a man using electricity and such for revenge to what happened to him. Blackouts are going off all over the city(which we discover is Seattle or, at least, Vancouver substituting for Seattle)and innocent people are dying. What does the Devil give Sam to use to dispose of this one?. A remote controlled toy truck. Not as effective as the dust devil in the premiere episode I must point out. The episode also deals with Sam and Sock at work. It appears that there are some things possibly growing even more between Sam and the lovely Andi, but he and Sock get late shift duty, ruining the chances of Sam and Andi spending time together at work. Okay, "Reaper" seems to of not yet perfected the balance of the show too strongly yet. We got Sam's work, his relationship with Andi, the devil and demons, and what not. To me, it seems that the powers that be are still ironing out stuff because it isn't as tightly structured as it could be. There seemed to be too much time wasted on what the Devil is going to give Sam as a tool to dispose of the escaped souls, and Sam not wanting to accept it or even open the box. There wasn't as much a problem with the dust devil a week before Sam, so why now?. When he finally doe sopen the box and sees the toy truck, it's kind of silly, really. Sadly, I think this gimmick, while fun, can get old and fall victim to lameness pretty quick. The toy truck is nowhere near as affective as the dust devil. After all this time of trying to get rid of the truck and not wanting to open the box, it turns out Sam didn't even need the truck itself. Okay. The escaped soul himself was not bad, but not entirely new or creative. Maybe he could of been if there had been more time spent on him and more effort on his story, but it seems to come and go and not be handled too significantly. The effects were not bad, but pretty average. The fire effects in the first episode were a lot better and more impressive.

    Sam's work/Andi. This part of the story didn't really go anywhere. We see the interest in each other between Sam and Andi, but the chemistry isn't quite there. At least not yet. The comedy aspect of this with Sock being Sock and the two of them getting the late shift because of Sock's showy antics getting a customer hit on the head, kind of reeked of "trying too hard". The show is witty and pretty funny, but sometimes it seems it tries too hard to be funny or witty and it is as if the characters look at you afterwards and say "Wasn't that witty and/or really funny?!". A lot of the time it is, and a lot of the time it seems forced. Obviously, Sock is the big favorite here, and I have no qualms about that, but sometimes it seems his comedic relief is the only reason he's there. As for Andi, I hope they do something more with her down the road. They can only go so far with the little interactions that she has with Sam before people start falling asleep. Okay, she's hot and beautiful and it would be hard falling asleep whenever she is on screen, but there needs to be more added to her character and that storyline pronto.

    "Charged" was an episode that had a feeling of "Been there, saw that last week" to it, only not as good. Sam still reluctant to do his job, still saying to the devil that he isn't the one for this job, and all the time spent on the device to send the souls back to where they came from. The episode also had some of the same cons I wrote about for the Pilot episode. Sam looks like a 21 year old slacker(although I think Bret is really 25), but his annoying younger brother looks like he's 26. I said this before, the show doesn't need Sam's younger brother at all. For that matter, it doesn't appear like they need Sock's ex girlfriend, whose limited appearance on the show is just that I can't even remember her name. If I were these two actors, I'd be bored. There doesn't appear to be much to do with the younger brother, and I still think it would be wise to discard that character. The show has enough going on with enough people. The same can kind of be said about the parents as well.

    In the end, "Charged" was a perfectly serviceable episode, just didn't have much in the way of development. It was all fun and games, but it could definitley of been better instead of kind of feeling as if it were standing in place. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but I think the show could still use some tinkering and tightening. And next week?. Doesn't exactly have me excited. Bugs?. Been there, seen that.
  • Sam receives his next bounty hunting assignment from the devil. His next target? A soul that has electric shock powers and is using them to wreak havoc on the city. Reaper continues to amaze.

    The second episode of Reaper is amazingly just as good as, if not better than the first. It's weird because episodes that follow the debut are almost always not as strong. But this is Kevin Smith, so he's as consistent as ever.

    This episode finds Sam and his friends going toe-to-toe with another one of the damned, this time a guy who can use electricity. He's been wreaking havoc on the city using lightning strikes, killing lots of innocent people. The vessel this time is a remote-controlled monster truck.

    The humor this time around is just as strong, with most of it coming from "Sock." It's witty and clever, and easily memorable. That's one thing that I've noticed that sort of sets apart Reaper from most other TV shows. All the humor in the show is funny enough that it stays with you long after the episode is over.

    The special effects continue to be impressive as well, especially considering the show's satirical nature. The producers probably could've chosen to go with a more lighthearted approach to the escaped souls' powers, but they are every bit as sophisticated as more serious "bounty-hunting" shows like Buffy and Supernatural.

    This show is impressive in every aspect. It has action, humor, romance, family situations, a good message, satire, great acting, and a good storyline. I can slowly feel myself becoming obsessed.
  • Sam takes on Soul # 2

    Well, let me just say that last week's pilot episode was better than this week's and leave it at that. At least, for now. However, I shall still try to give credit where credit is due as much as I can. After all, it wasn't a terrible episode, but it lacked greatly in order for it to really shine.

    The first thing I'd like to get out of the way is the one positive entertaining effect of the ep. That would be the way the new vessel box "followed" Sam throughout the day. I so enjoyed watching how that box would show up, and even though you knew it would, it was HOW and WHERE it would show up. Funniest example has got to be when Sam and Sock leave it in the woods and when they arrive back at work it is waiting for Sam outside his car, thus he inadvertently trips over it. But what most interested me in this whole scenario was the fact that the box wasn't opened until halfway through the ep. Therefore, it made me curious as to what the devil (pun intended) was inside it and at one point I even screamed at the tv screen: "Just open the freakin' thing already!" And my anticipation was paid off when it was discovered the new vessel is a toy remote-controlled truck. [As I stated last week, the stupidest, tiniest things grab my fancy the most at times.] As for the overall picture, umm, let's see...dialogue sucked many a time (except for Ray Wise, who, in my own humble opinion, totally stole the ep whenever he was in it anyway). One example: when telling mom the truth, there was just no drama. Maybe there wasn't supposed to be, but a storyline like this had mucho potential. I felt that mom learned the truth way too early, and not just because it is only the 2nd ep of the series, but they could've done tons with this down the road. And also, what up with the bit with dad trying to buy his son off for selling his soul to the devil? Uh, yeah! Why else? But come on! Could Sam's reaction to this whole ordeal be any more blase? I mean, sure this is a comedy, but even something of this magnitude should at least warrant a heartfelt, tear-welling, painful "How could you?" Oh well. I guess looking at it from its comedic standpoint as the premise for this show, I guess I'll just have to be patient. Maybe the writers have some pretty good stuff to unleash later on down the lines (as well as the fact that I'm pretty much used to nothing much more than drama shows anyway, so patience is a virtue here for me). Despite the title of the show, I shall nevertheless keep the faith.

    I've been noticing around that some people aren't too thrilled with the character of Andi. Or, more precisely, the actress that portrays her. I gotta agree to this one for the time being. She's okay, but she's just gonna have to grow on me. Otherwise, her story's not taking off too well. I mean, it's one thing to tell mom the truth, but why not the girlfriend/love interest? Unless there's something perilous in store for Andi later on that will kick this into higher gear and make it more interesting, it just bugs me that Sam won't at least tell her since Sock and Ben and now his parents know. It feels like nothing more than a setup arc for something that's been done on other shows zillions of times. Plus, Sam, though he seems genuinely interested in her, doesn't seem to have his full heart into the pursuit of her. Of course, given his newfound destiny to deal with, I guess it's forgivable. For now.

    As for the weekly freak, when first presented he was an alright villain. But last week's arsonist soul was still way cooler in my book. Still, special effects were pretty neat and stunts worked very well throughout the action sequences. Speaking of villains, Ray Wise was the total cream of the crop this week. He plays Satan with such a delectable, diabolical charm. For instance, when he tells Sam that lightning had just hit what Wise described as a "good woman", we know that Satan doesn't give a flip about said good woman. He was merely playing on Sam's conscience and guilt and sympathy to coerce him into doing his bidding. From what we all know from religious texts and theologies around the world, Satan can use any and every tool for his disposal. And so far we've seen him interact with Sam with a fair range of emotion and means: comedy, advice-giving, encouragement and even serious intimidation ("I don't accept failure"). I guess bottom line is if not for Mr. Wise, this ep would've bombed lower for me.

    Rewinding back for a moment on the weekly vessel, as funny as it was, I felt that the destruction of the toy truck before it had a chance to capture the soul was also done a wee bit early in the series. Don't get me wrong, it was still cool how Sam saved the day, so to speak, but it still would've been hilarious and enjoyable to watch that bad monster truck junior smack down on some hell-soul booty. I mean, this is something that would be expected later on down the road for shock appeal (come on, who hasn't thought about what would happen if a vessel got destroyed before a soul was captured since last week's ep?), so now that it's happened already in the 2nd ep, I won't be so stunned at it in the future - unless they come up with something totally better and less expected. Otherwise, give an audience time to adjust to the fact that these vessels are to aid Sam in his endeavors (much like Buffy's stakes) and show them to be reliable until the time comes when it makes it alright to hinder them or make them useless in some way that incapacitates Sam.

    Odds and Ends:
    - First, my complete and total bad for a grave mistake made on my part last week. Sam's brother's name is 'Kyle', not 'Keith'. So I hereby correct this and shall assert the chap's appropriate name from this day forth.
    - Sam's hitting his alarm clock and the digital numbers turn red and display the numbers 666. *chill*....
    - Absolutely gotta love the fact that Sock laughs when he gets nervous.
    - This is the 2nd time in a row Ben gets wounded while on a mission with Sam and Sock. Hope this doesn't get trendy or anything.
    - Would still like to see more of Valerie Rae Miller's character.
    - Forgive me, but how grotesquely awesome was that very last scene when Satan pushes the shopping cart into the car in the Work Bench parking lot, thereby reminding us of who exactly this is?
    - And we get another short scene in the DMV when Sam returns the soul to Hell. And the demon woman's name is Gladys, so this is a nice plus.

    With all said and done, I'll give this ep a solid 8. Another thing I've found people talking about online is how much this show is compared to "Supernatural". I personally don't see it, but judging by the looks of next week's ep to "Reaper", it may not be such a far leap after all. It seems as if Sam will be dealing with a lot of bugs (which is something the character Sam of "Supernatural" did during that show's first season). But, sticking to my giving credit where credit is due theme, I shall tune in and watch and make my judgement from there afterward.
  • Hilarious show i couldnt stop laughing

    I think everyone plays there part very well even when it comes to the funny stuff,Definitely going to follow this one for a while and see where it goes. I think the vessels are nice little twsists that way its not always the same thing over and over when it comes to trying to take them down. Although i hope they have diffrent ways of capturing the souls other then doing the soul suck tecnique. All in all i think it was a great show to and i love all the characters ive seen so far, cant wait for the rest.
  • It was pretty good

    This episode was pretty good i just couldn't give it a ten though. I didn't see the pilot but i saw this instead. I liked how the devil pushed the cart into the car and then laughed. The only thing i don't like is that the demon was a little too easily defeated. I find it interesting how Sam has to balance his normal life and his secret life. In a way its kind of like what a super hero does. This episode made me laugh a few times. It was a little bit of a let down but i will tune in next week.