Season 1 Episode 15

Coming to Grips

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2008 on The CW

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  • The truth comes out

    yeah, Andi learns the truth about Sam. Even though it took about 15 episodes for her to follow him. I mean seriously, what type of person waits that long to find out someones secret. This of course puts a damp on Sam and Andi's relationship (what doesn't) and Andi becomes a ally. Whatever the demon got defeated way too quickly. I know he showed up later again, but that demon couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. Andi really annoyed me this episode, i hope that she dies soon. That would be pretty cool, so this episode sucked and I'm starting to lose faith in the show.
  • Fantastic episode!

    I love the way the story keeps evolving!! After Andi by accident sees Sam "killing" a soul, she is terrified of him, and threatens to go to the police. In order to stop her, Sam strikes a deal with the devil (not a good idea...) so he can tell her the truth. Off course she doesn't believe him, until the guys take her to see Tony, and he turns into a demon in front of her. Sam finally tells her that he loves her... that was so sweet... :)
    The sidestory is that now both Sam and Sock have a girlfriend, they want to find one for Ben. Ben has a list over qualities he wants a future girlfriend to posses. While pondering if it's too specific, he ends up marrying a girl for her to get her green card!! Off course she ends up being quite a b*tch. I can't wait to see how he's going to get out of that... ;)
    The deal that Sam made with the devil turns out to be that he has to spy on Tony and the new rebel-army. But if the devil can't see anything inside the circle, can't Sam just lie...?? I expect the devil wouldn't mind a bit of double-crossing... ;)
  • Not as exciting as it promised to be

    Good idea for the plot which sees the Devil up to more conieving tricks as he lays a trap for Sam. With Andi in danger does he have a choice? - Of course he does. He can defy the devil and pay - but no, otherwise the setup for the next couple of episodes wont happen.

    Im wondering if Andi finding out is such a great idea, so early on. However, in terms of this episode its necessary as most of the dramatic action and conflict stems from her seeing what Sam does and only knowing half-the-truth! As they argue about him going to the police, the devil seizes on the chance for more manipulation of his favourite employee to get Sam to a make promise w/o considering the consequences - placing him in more jeapardy that possible!

    With the remnants of the rebellion regrouping, the writers do a clever misdirection by keeping out focus on the Andi situ and making us think that the Devils favour will have something to do with her. Instead it isnt.

    The episode takes place away from the apartment and the Workbench, mostly taking place at the office of the latest escaped soul, the bar and the new location for the new rebellion.

    The capture of escaped soul is merely there to provide Andi the chance to spot what Sam's secret is and unfold the story. As for the Ben storyline - ? Why?! A real filler device that doesnt add much to the storyline.

    Im afraid that with the stakes not rising, the show's ability to keep me caring about Sam and what happens is starting to dive. Im not sure its going to be enough for me unless we see more of a "divine goal" for Sam and more conflict between him and the Devil with ever-rising stakes.

    Still a high quality episode with good dialogue and a decent plot. However, nothing really to get excited about!
  • Andi finally learns the truth

    Sam is planning dinner with Andi when Tony appears in demon form. At first he wants to kill sam, then he sighs and bes friendly again. Andi sees Sam cutting off the head of the semen demon and thinks sam killed the guy. Sam has to explain to andi about it. the devil lets him, but then says sam must do him a favour. Sa,m tells andi, she don't believe him. Andi sees tony in his true form, she believes. the demon reproduces himself many times, so sam captures him again and again and again! andi and sam then reconcile. aww.
  • It was fun and unpredictable.

    Sam chases a narcissistic demon who loves having kids. No, he doesn't sleep with women, he probably thinks he's too good for most of them, but instead, he tricks women who need sperm donors to take his sperm. It isn't that hard, considering he is the one advising women on which sperm to take.

    Andi finally discovers Sam's secret, but not before being gravely freaked out a number of times as well. It's going to be interesting for me on how Andi will assist in capturing demons, I'd definitely love to see her kicking some demon's bee-hind.

    Ben goes out there and tries to find his Ms. Perfect, but after a talk from Sock on how impossible it is, he decides to settle with a girl who actually needs to get married. But what happens when he eventually finds the girl of his dreams? This came off as a bit corny, but it had its moments.
  • not sure if i am supposed to summarize my review or the ep, but to summarize the episode itself would be stupid and full of spoilers, so read on, and don't expect much from me in this box. and in case this is a summary of the review: [SPOILER ALERT

    First review, how 'bout that? I hope you don't expect much from the reviews, as I am a lazy underachiever, in fact I would've won the award, but I decided not to go...
    I liked this ep, it had two or three (if you separate one) major elements in it. A vital ep in the series and I really hate those red lines under ep.. in fact i might misspell the rest of the review to make it even....
    Decided against it;
    All I wanted to say was I feel bad for Sock in this ep because of the whole undead man-junk bit in the hospital. there he was minding his own business, hunting a damned soul's hand and a naked guy falls from the roof! I'm sure had the last surviving gay neighbor-daemon been there he would have been happy as it actually rained men in this episode. But with so many things goin on at the ranch, i guess he had his hands... claw-thingies.. full.
  • This is an excellent series - well written, funny, quirky, and extremely entertaining. It just keeps getting better and better. Exactly why I keep watching it.

    With all the ridiculous mind numbing programs on television right now (especially reality shows)it is extremely refreshing to find a series like Reaper! The plots are very imaginative and the characters are realistic and likeable. It would be an incredible shame for this series to be cancelled. I have not missed one episode since the beginning and find that I am totally addicted to this series and find each episode more enjoyable than the previous one. The ratings remain constant and I truly believe that Reaper should be given a second season. Please keep this series alive it is too good to be "axed".
  • This is the best episode so ever... I love every moment the episode.

    Wow! This is the feeling. Coming to Grips is the best episode so ever... Very funny, scary in some moments. The dialogues are amazing: Sam: I mean, what is he, a serial rapist?
    Devil: Wow, you go to the dark place fast.
    The relationship between sam and Andi gets another step, now she's know everything. The soul was very funny.... when the soul jumped on top of the Sock... i laugh very much.
    Without doubt that the series has improved considerably since the pilot episode and means that each week and enjoy even more is why I remain anxious for the next episode.
    Go Sam, Sock and Ben!!!!!!!!!
  • X Files ripoff. Very non-funny episode that's pretty insulting to Andi. *warning -spoilers*

    Reaper is just so uneven/unoriginal. The plot is a ripoff. Um, vaguely supernatural storyline where an employee at a sperm donation clinic is impregnating women... um, done that in XFiles many years ago already.

    Or after the earlier standard dramatic Godfather-wannna-be scene:"Someday... I'll call upon you to do a service for me" is then used later the same episode. Sam has to betray the demons. Again. Just like last episode. Yawn. Not sure I'll bother watching it...

    My biggest problem w/ the show in general is that it's also aimed only at a male audience. Andi is so one dimensional. Sock is such a selfish greedy a$$ you can't figure out why his ex got back together with him or why anyone is his friend/lets him work. Really Sock, a song about shooting a woman is on your 'HUMPing' mix? The rather homophobic panic Sock experiences at having come in contact with a naked guy - not funny.

    It really took THIS long for Andi to find out? And why did all three of them come to break the news to her? Sam should be an adult enough to speak to his girlfriend on his own.

    Sticking her in the trunk *TWICE* was so not cool, not funny and truly sick. Keeping her in their for hours, abducting her. SCARE her into believing is the most kind way?

    Sam's "sick of being patient"? He's been lying to her, evasive standing her up and then he's impatient with her refusal to quickly accept a pretty ludicrous situation?

    Anid should have been a member of the team from the beginning. I don't remember Sock & Ben getting this kind of treatment when they joined up in Episode 1!

    I hoped she would never forgive Sam for her treatment. But of course since obviously this is written by guys for guys, she forgives him 3 seconds later.

    And then reveals SHE'S too weak/scared to deal with the news? I know this was just to set up the later scenes - but it was still pretty lame and NOT funny.

    Nice to see Duala from Battlestar Galactica and Dawn from (the original UK version) the Office in bit parts as Ben's "women". Too bad they had to make her 8itchy, controlling & clingy. Will they ever write a good/believable female character?

    This is why I watch Chuck normally instead, to get silly geeky action show but without being annoyed by unoriginality or the fact that they realize women watch tv too.
  • The Devil, You Say?

    In my last review, I boasted how Reaper was finally on a roll and looked to be getting out of the repetitive rut the show has pretty much been in for most of it's short run so far(while still fun and entertaining). Thankfully, last week's wonderful episode proved to be no fluke, as last night's episode kept up the momentum the series has suddenly found itself in and, in my opinion, was even better than last week!. Things are really starting to heat up and get very interesting with the show, so it would be a shame if the series, still ratings challenged(but has a season average that's better than "Gossip Girl", which has already been renewed for some reason), got cut down right as it was becoming something. It definitley deserves a chance to keep growing. It needs a second season. Are you listening, CW?. The mistakes you seem to make on a daily basis need to stop!. Without Supernatural, Smallville, and Reaper, the network would look like the N crossed with a younger version of Lifetime. Not everything needs to be more predictable "young" soap operas that seem to be cliched rip-offs of "One Tree Hill" and "Gossip Girl", themselves cliched rip-offs. But no need to continue ranting about the bad. Let's get on with the good....

    As usual, there are a couple different storylines running through the episode, so let's begin with the biggie, shall we?....

    Sam gets his latest mission from the Devil. The escaped soul is a man running a sperm clinic who's only donor is himself. A specimen he thinks is nothing but utter perfection in every way. He can also reproduce if you don't catch all of him. Makes sense with his occupation, huh?. The vessel is a scythe and it's about time!. The show IS called Reaper, after all. Lol. Anywho, Sam and his pals go to confront the soul and do their thing. In doing so, Sam chops the man's head off with the scythe. What he wasn't counting on was Andi, who followed them to the man's office and saw Sam chop the man's head off in the window. Naturally, she is freaked. Wouldn't you be?. She confronts Sam about it and says she will go to the police. He goes to the Devil for help, who allows Sam to tell her the real story. Of course she doesn't believe it. Sock and Ben take it to themselves to help out and kidnap Andi before she can go to the police. In trying to help Andi believe him, they take her to see Tony(Ken Marino), the only survivor from last week, who is holed up in a private cabin in the woods and trying to put together another army against the devil. He transforms into his demon form to show Andi, who rightly freaks and leaves. Andi confesses to Sam that she believes him now, but that she can't handle all the incredible new information she has just received about Sam and the world. When he tells her that he loves her, she responds by saying that he scares her. In the end, Sam finally gets the soul, and Andi comes around.

    I'm glad that they finally got Andi in on the secret. It needed to happen. The secrecy and going around behind her back was already old, so this is better. It was sad when she tells Sam that he scares her, but she thankfully comes around and all seems fine. It would of been a letdown if they continued with Andi being afraid of Sam and put up yet another wall between them finally being together. We've seen it a hundred million times. We don't need to see it anymore. Get together!. It will be fun and interesting to see how the dynamic of the show and the relationships go from here now that Andi is in on the mission. This was a great storyline and a brilliant move in the right direction the show has been going in here lately.

    Speaking of relationships, Ben has his own side B storyline here. Ben has a list of all the qualities he is looking for in a woman. His friends make fun of him for not only having such high standards, but listing qualities they don't think exist in any woman!. So, imagine their(and our)surprise when Ben is suddenly married the next morning to a british girl from work. They only got married so she could get a green card, but apparently the girl thinks it's much more than just a simple nice gesture. While in the action of catching the soul at the hospital, Ben meets a receptionist who seems to be everything he is looking for. He has found her!. Unfortunatley, his "wife" forbids him to go any further. They are married now!. What's Ben to do?. It was light filler, but funny and enjoyable filler. Ben is a good guy, and it was nice to see him have his own thing going on that wasn't just about helping Sam or getting injured. The humor from Sock about having a wife was funny too. And speaking of Sock, he and Josie, after their little "tryst" in the last episode, are seemingly together again. Sadly, nothing much was made of this except for a little thing early on that was only a few seconds long. Where is this relationship now?. Who knows. I guess we will find out later.

    "Coming To Grips" bests last week's episode, and is easily the best episode of the series since the Pilot episode. Things finally happened here that we wanted to happen, and more exciting and interesting things have been set up. The Devil and Sam have a new deal that they made in order for Sam to reveal to Andi their secret, and the favor that Sam has to do for the Devil involves Tony and his new resistance army. What is to become of this, and will things get bad and messy with Tony?. Only time will tell, but I am afraid we and the show may not have time. Do the right thing CW!.
  • The secret is out.

    Sam finally tells Andi who he works for other than the Work Bench. Missy Peregrym plays mortification very well as she witnesses Sam at work for you know who, chasing down a soul.

    This is a fine storyline they've got going. There are some demons that are looking to usurp the devil. Sam is blackmailed so to speak by the devil to spy on them in exchange for letting Andi know the truth. In actuality it is a Godfather-esque type of favor the Devil is seeking. This is building to a climax of Devil versus demons, which side are you on Sam, kind of thing.

    In amusing side stories, Ben is looking for Miss Right, finds her but there is a little problem standing in the way. Sock is Sock which means he's hilarious.

    Next week should be even better.
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