Season 2 Episode 2

Dirty Sexy Mongol

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2009 on The CW

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  • Another great episode

    This was another great episode of Reaper I loved the twist at the end with Ben what the hell is going on there, also Sam was great when he faught the Mongol in the Kitchen and Ben was really funny with the rabbit a good episode that didn't dissapoint and kept up the Reaper charm that we are used too, cant wait the nest episode is on tonight hope it is as good as the first two episodes of the season gotta love Reaper. Shame this will be the last season I will be seeing, why why why cancel this show it makes me sad to think I have nearly watched all the episodes.
  • lots of fun

    Fun episode. Sam, Sock and Ben are now comfortably ensconced in Sock's mom's house along with Sock's stepsister. Ben is adorable when he adopts a new pet bunny rabbit. Sam keeps trying to get intel on how that other guy got out of hell and the Devil is keeping a close eye on that one. Demons start coming after Sam. One of them seduces Ben and that seems destined to end badly. Could the demon be working for the Devil? Not much of a leap is it! Sock seems to be reluctantly developing an older protective big brother sentimentality toward his new stepsister, despite himself. The firing of Ted was a little strange- not sure where they are going with that one...
  • This episode was for the boys? Obviously. Too much focus on the wrong character. What happened to the fun of demons and soul chasing?

    What was with this episode? I thought I had changed channels. What is with the character of sock's sister? Has the show lost viewers, therefore turning to irrelevant sexual references? Why does it need to be sleazy? Loved Ben and the demon, keep the adventures of the escaped souls coming, the chase is great. Not much chasing of souls on this episode, too much focus on the body parts of socks step sister. The scene with Sock in the car with his stepsister... who cares what she wants? How does this conversation have any relevance...boring, what has this got to do with Reaper?
  • Sam and the boys must catch a Mongol from the 13th century. Sock is jealous when his "sister" starts dating. Ben has been lonely and it leads him into the arms of a demon. Andi is bound and determined to find Alan to help Sam. Finally Ted gets fired!

    Another pretty entertaining episode from ABC Television and Mark Gordon Productions. Sam, Sock, and Ben are chasing a new demon, a Mongol from the 13th century. All of this is complicated by the fact that Sam is now known to the demon's roaming the Earth as the Devil's son. Because of that he is in danger of being attacked by one and possibly killed when the Devil is busy with other "projects".

    Sam and Andi are looking for Alan who escaped hell last week and gained his freedom somehow from his contract with the Devil. Andi is bound and determined to find him and get some answers.

    Finally Sock is going crazy that his "sister" is dating a sleazebag and Ben finds a rabbit "King Charles" who he keeps as a friend causing strife among the three amigos.

    I like the new Sam better than the one from last season. He seemed a little whipped in the first season and now he's really acting a little more confident. Maybe more like he should considering who he is. I also am enjoying the way Andi is reacting to everything in general. She is pretty much taking it all in stride and there is no fear. I really enjoy both actors work.

    Sock is going crazy for some reason. Tyler Labine does a great job of playing the character, but lets face it the character is getting a little lost. Bashing the other guy with a chair? Refusing to let Ben keep the Rabbit? Sock has always been a physical comedic character and Labine excels in that, but Sock is turning into a psycho unfunny character and I'm not sure I like that direction yet. We'll see.

    Ben finds possible romance with a demon. Jenny Wade plays Nina a demon who is interested in Ben. Remember it's television so we can suspend belief. This could be a great plot line going forward. Ben is a great character and it will be fun to see how this all plays out.

    In a new and possibly important twist Ted gets fired from the Bench for sexually harassing a secret shopper. This could be a bad situation for the boys as they seem to be able to get away with everything with Ted at the helm. It will be interesting to see how that plays out as well.

    The writing on the show is getting better even if it is still a little juvenile in general. I like the Supernatural type feel to a lot of the things that are going on. Ben with a demon, the boys catching escaped souls, etc... This show is getting clobbered by American Idol in this time slot. Hopefully the CW is taking that into account and we'll see more of this next year. In the meantime I will enjoy the shortened season for this year.

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