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Official Discussion Thread: Business Casualty (possible spoilers)

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    [1]May 19, 2009
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    Please direct all general and specific discussion of the 5/19/09 episode "Business Casualty" to this thread.

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    [2]May 20, 2009
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    All in all it was an alright episode, though I was expecting more.

    I missed a few minutes, was there every any follow-up to the Devil's bit about ressurecting his taylor? The last scene I recall he implied that bringing back the dead wasn't a problem and let the conversation die.

    I think it's interesting the father is choosing to stay down there to take care of something. I'm sure they're going to pull SOMETHING out of their hat about the father, as there's something going on that's more than meets the eye.

    1 - A "seemingly" normal human (err, zombie) was able to find secret information in a short time, that not even demons knew about? Hmm.

    2 - Why was the Devil so emotional when Sam mentioned that the father wanted to meet with him back in Season 1?

    3 - What were the father and mother talking about in the Circle in Season 1?

    4 - There's apparently more going on with the contract than what we've been told.

    5 - I still think there was a reason we learned about half-angels.

    6 - Now the father is choosing to stay in hell for some unspecified re ason. Unless it's an actor-availability thing, it raises questions.

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    It's so cute the way Sam is starting to dress like Daddy.
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