Season 1 Episode 16

Greg, Schmeg

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 06, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Sock offers Sam his Caddy for his date with Andi and Sam eventually gives in. They end up parking and making out, but Andi wants to hear more about Sam's career as a Reaper. They're interrupted when they hear something outside. They turn on the lights and see a chainsaw wielding masked figure, who starts cutting into the car. Sam manages to pull away just in time. The next morning, Sock isn't thrilled at seeing the damage but is happy that it kept Sam alive.

The guys are trying to figure out who the attacker was when Sara stops by to check on Ben. Sock vows that someone will pay, and files a voucher with Gladys at the DMV. She gives them a Most Wanted list but no one matches the attacker. Back at the Work Bench, Ben identifies the killer: a character from a horror movie franchise. Sam spots Andi talking with Greg, her ex-boyfriend. She explains that Greg is having family problems and wants to get together with her for coffee that night. Sam goes along with it, feeling sorry for Greg.

Ben is having another date with Cassidy, at the hospital where she works. He finally tells her he's in a green card marriage and she says she's okay with it, as long as they go on a real date.

That night, Sam calls Andi to check up on her but doesn't get a call. A knife-wielding Devil then teleports Sam to a suburban home and gives him the knife as a present. The Devil says he doesn't know anything about a chainsaw-wielding killer, then takes Sam into the house where Greg and Andi are on the couch. They see him with the knife and think he's violent, and Sam walks out. Andi goes after him and says she doesn't know how she got there or why she was kissing Greg. As they leave, Greg watches from the upstairs window.

The next day at the Work Bench, Sam suspects the Devil was involved but Sock and Ben wonder if he did something to drive Andi into Greg's arms. Ted starts the staff meeting by having Sara announce that she's pregnant. Ben is puzzled, since he never slept with her. Afterward, she explains that she's had a boyfriend Estaban for four years and he's the father. However, she still doesn't' want him seeing Cassidy and mess up the deal with immigration. Meanwhile, Greg comes to see Andi and asks her to go for coffee, and despite her initial refusal, she soon gives in.

The guys get to the condo parking lot when the chainsaw attacker shows up again and starts cutting through the roof. Sock starts driving and manage to knock him off. They go to the bar and the Devil teleports Sam to a rooftop and offers him a view through a sniper rifle of Andi and Greg in the park. The Devil finally admits he's involved and bought Greg's soul in return for giving him mind control powers. However, the Devil says that Sam might still be able to figure thing out… or kill Greg if nothing else works.

Sam confronts Andi and Greg, and Andi says she's breaking up with Sam. Sam tells her the truth and she starts to question Greg, but he then forces her to break up with Sam anyway. Sock is impressed and Sam grabs him and goes to the DMV. She says she has no record of a soul but he insists he needs a vessel. She points out that she responds to bribes and wants someone to watch out for her cat as she goes to Acapulco. The guys agree and she directs them to a guy who can provide them with one. She takes them to a storage facility and introduces them to the demon, Dennis. Gladys convinces him to provide them with a vessel: a Nerf gun. He warns them that it will send anything to Hell, providing a demonstration, and also notes that the Devil can't undo true love.

Cassidy and Ben have a secret meeting which goes well until Ben says Sara is pregnant. Ben wants to break up with them to keep his commitment, and protect himself from Sara, and then just walks away.

As Sam and Sock go over Sock's car, Sam figures that all he needs to do is appeal to Andi's love for him. Sock notes one possible problem: Andi has never said she loved Sam. Sam goes in to confront Andi and straight out asks if she loves him. She says she does and Sam says they have to get away, but she's interrupted when she takes a call from Greg and explains what they were planning. Greg starts to get mad and the chainsaw killer appears and goes after… Andi.

Sam misses with his first shot of the Nerf gun but he shoves the killer away long enough for them to hide. Sam starts sneezing from Greg's cologne, drawing the killer's attention, and they duck into the ventilation shafts. They get through into the next room and the Devil is waiting for Sam and teleports him to a bar. The Devil buys drinks for everyone and explains that the killer is Greg's id, manifesting from Greg's favorite horror movie when he gets angry. The Devil is proud of how he's set everything up, and notes that Sam only has one option: killing Greg.

Sam gets Ben and Sock and go to Greg's house. Sam has Andi's cell phone: he's sent Andi home where Greg can't contact her. Ben provides a shotgun and Sock provides a plastic sheet. They go up to the house but Sam is reluctant to shoot Greg and when the lights come on, he hastily hides the shotgun. Greg spots them and invites them inside, and tells Sam that he can't win. They warn him that the Devil isn't on anyone's side and Andi still loves Sam. Greg realizes that he's been tricked and starts to lose his temper. He levitates into the air and the chainsaw killer emerges from his now-unconscious body. They grab Greg and get him into the bedroom, where Greg wakes up as the killer starts to cut his way in. Greg is so depressed that he wants his id monster to kill him, and Sock is forced to knock him out, making the killer disappear.

Greg wakes up in the hospital with Sam at his side. The morphine is keeping Greg from feeling angry and Sam warns he doesn't know of a way for anyone to get out of a deal with the Devil. Andi comes in and Greg asks her to leave him alone with Sam for a minute. He warns that he's starting to get angry again and admits that he was stupid to give up his soul for one night with Andi. Sam notes that maybe he isn't so stupid after all.

Ben brings Cassidy to the Work Bench and faces down Sara, telling her he plans to continue dating Cassidy. Sara backs down but Ted spots them and thinks Ben is cheating. Sara breaks in and explains they're having a ménage a troi. Ted is duly impressed and offers his assistance: everyone is duly nauseated.

Sam is having a drink when the Devil arrives and notes that Greg is still a danger to Sam and Andi. Sam counters by offering his "Get Out of Hell Free" card on Greg's behalf. Sam figures the card wouldn't work for him no matter what, and the Devil is proud of him for wising up. Sam figures he has plenty of time, but the Devil warns that may not be the case.

Later, Sam and Andi are parking and Andi is thinking about Greg. She thinks it's crazy that Greg gave up her soul for him, and they look up at a shooting star.